Andrew Cuomo Now Second-Favorite to Be Democratic Nominee

Cuomo wasn’t on the board a week ago. Now he has the second-best odds to win the nomination, behind only Joe Biden. Is there good value betting on Cuomo to go head to head with Donald Trump in November given his tremendous leadership during the coronavirus pandemic?

Cuomo for President? NY Governor Opens at +2500 Odds

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has shown great leadership as the state of New York gets hits hard by the coronavirus. He’s performed so well that many people feel like he’s a good option to win the 2020 elections if he got a chance to go head-to-head against Donald Trump.

Odds Trump Institutes a Nationwide Mandatory Quarantine Set at -135

While at least 22 states have issued “stay at home” guidelines in efforts to suppress COVID-19, a national mandatory quarantine has yet to come. Will President Trump follow the leads of Italy, India and the United Kingdom in recent days of shutting things down nationally? We analyze and make a pick.

Which European Leader Will Leave Office Next? Odds Favor Merkel

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the entire globe, leaders around the world have been put on the hot seat: lead throughout this crisis and they’re going to gain plenty of support. Fail and they’ll get voted out. Europe has become the epicenter for the coronavirus, so let’s take a look at which European leader is in jeopardy of being ousted next.