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The college football season may be short-lived, but betting on the next National Championship is open nearly all year.

Here, we track the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship odds, distilling an average from the odds available at our top online sports betting sites.

Top Contenders

    • [Aug. 16] There’s a big gap between teams #3-7 and teams #8-10. Michigan is #7 at +1600, while Texas is #8 at +2525.
    • [Aug. 10] Georgia has moved from +900 at the start of August to +813 just a week later. That’s still well behind Clemson (+190) and Alabama (+223), but not as far behind as before.
    • [July 19] The Big Ten is on the rise. Both Ohio State (+950 to +910) and Michigan (+1500 to +1400) got shorter over the last two weeks, while the three National Championship favorites (Clemson, Alabama, Georgia) stagnated.
    • [July 3] Each of the top-four favorites (Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, & Ohio State) saw its average National Championship odds get slightly longer in July.
    • [June 19] LSU is moving up in the odds, rising from +3700 to +2800, bumping Washington from the top ten. The Pac-12 is now unrepresented in the top-ten title favorites.
    • [May 7] Clemson and Alabama are nearly even at the top with Georgia and Ohio State steadily making gains.
    • [Apr. 17] The gap between Clemson and Alabama has narrowed slightly after Clemson’s Spring Game, while Oklahoma has jumped into the top five.
    • [Jan. 8] Clemson is listed as the favorite at nearly every sportsbook.
    • [Jan. 7] Bovada opened their 2020 National Championship odds with Alabama listed as the favorite, before they were dismantled 44-16 in the National Championship Game by Clemson.

    BetOnline’s National Championship Odds: Top-12 Contenders

    Team Odds at BetOnline  (Aug. 16)
    Clemson +225
    Alabama +275
    Georgia +800
    Oklahoma +1000
    Michigan +1000
    Ohio State +1400
    Texas +2000
    LSU +2500
    Florida +3300
    Oregon +3300
    Washington +3300
    Utah +3300

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    Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

      Thanks to Clemson, the ACC has won two of the last three National Championships, and has played in three of the last four.

      With QB Trevor Lawrence entering just his sophomore season, the Tigers seem set to defend their title in 2020.

      Florida State also made an appearance in the playoff back in 2015, losing badly in the semifinal to Oregon.

      Big 12 Conference

        The Big 12 is the only Power 5 conference to have never sent a team to the CFP National Championship.

        Oklahoma has made the playoff three times, but lost in the semifinals each year.

        Big Ten Conference


          The Big Ten is just one of three conferences that has won a CFP National Championship. Ohio State won the very first one back in 2015.

          The Buckeyes did return to the playoff in 2017, but lost to Clemson 31-0 in the semifinal. Michigan State also made an appearance in 2016, but were hammered 38-0 in the semifinal by Alabama.

          PAC-12 Conference


            Oregon is responsible for the PAC-12’s only CFP National Championship appearance. The Ducks lost 42-20 in the very first edition.

            Washington is the only team from the conference to make it back to the playoff since then.

            Southeastern Conference (SEC)

              The SEC is the only conference to ever send two teams to the same playoff. Both Alabama and Georgia were a part of the 2018 CFP, and actually met in the National Championship, as well.

              G5 Conferences/Independents


              Notre Dame made the 2019 CFP but were destroyed 30-3 by Clemson in the semifinal.

              College Football Playoff Appearances & Records

              Team # of Appearances CFP Record # of Titles
              Alabama 5 6-3 2
              Clemson 4 5-2 2
              Oklahoma 3 0-3 0
              Ohio State 2 2-1 1
              Georgia 1 1-1 0
              Oregon 1 1-1 0
              Florida State 1 0-1 0
              Michigan State 1 0-1 0
              Washington 1 0-1 0
              Notre Dame 1 0-1 0

              There are only five teams who have won a game in the College Football Playoffs, and both Alabama and Clemson have more CFP wins than the other three combined.

              These two schools have simply dominated the CFP era.

              National Championships by Conference since 1998

              Conference Number of National Titles Since 1998
              SEC 10.5*
              ACC 5**
              PAC-12 1.5*
              Big 12 2
              Big Ten 2

              *The 2003 national title was split between LSU and USC
              *Miami was actually a member of the Big East when they won the national title in 2001

              The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) started in 1998, making way to the College Football Playoffs in 2014. There has been a total of 21 national championships awarded.

              No Independent or team from a Group 5 Conference has ever won a national championship in this time.

              National Championships by Coach

              Coach (Current Team) Number of National Titles
              Nick Saban (Alabama) 6
              Urban Meyer (Retired) 3
              Dabo Swinney (Clemson) 2
              Jimbo Fisher (Texas A&M) 1

              There are only four “active” coaches with national championship rings locked away. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has as many as the other three combined.

              We put the quotations around active because Urban Meyer has announced his retirement from Ohio State. But not many believe he is actually done.

              Archived NCAAF CFP National Championship Odds: 2019