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Donald Trump’s 2024 Republican Nominee Odds Actually Improving Amid Indictment

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff in Politics News

Updated Apr 3, 2023 · 4:52 PM PDT

Donald Trump supporters in Florida
Donald Trump supporters wave at traffic at the intersection of Southern Blvd. and Parker Ave. while waiting for the former President's motorcade to pass by carrying him to the Palm Beach International Airport April 3, 2023. Trump is departing Florida for Manhattan ahead of his arraignment.
  • The average odds of Donald Trump winning the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination have improved from +123 to -130
  • That betting line is shortening as Trump is facing indictment on campaign finance charges in New York
  • More indictments against the former US President could be coming as soon as later this week

Not even an indictment can derail the Presidential aspirations of Donald Trump. The Donald once made a boast that he could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City and it wouldn’t cost him any voters. Give the man credit, because it appears that in this case, he knows what he’s talking about.

Even though the former US President has been indicted in New York on campaign finance charges, Trump is still charging his way toward what appears to be a third straight nomination as the GOP candidate for the Presidency.

Across the leading online sportsbooks, Trump was the +123 favorite to win the nomination prior to those charges being laid. However, since the Grand Jury in New York put forth the indictment, the betting line on Trump to be the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party in 2024 Republican nominee odds has shortened to -130, making him the odds-on chalk to have a third go at winning the White House.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

Candidate Odds
Donald Trump -120
Ron DeSantis +160
Nikki Haley +1600
Mike Pence +3000
Tim Scott +3500
Mike Pompeo +4000
Charlie Baker +5000
Kristi Noem +5000
Larry Hogan +5000
Liz Cheney +5000
Tucker Carlson +6000
Mitt Romney +6500
Josh Hawley +6500
Paul Ryan +6500
Greg Abbott +6500
Ivanka Trump +6500
Ted Cruz +6500
Marco Rubio +6500
Dan Crenshaw +6500
Tom Cotton +8000
Susan Collins +8000
Rand Paul +10000
Jared Kushner +10000
Kimberly Guilfoyle +10000
Matt Gaetz +10000
Jim Jordan +10000
Chris Christie +10000
Kanye West +15000

No Republican has ever won the party’s Presidential nomination in three successive election cycles. Grover Cleveland is the only President in US history to serve a term, suffer defeat in his reelection bid and then regain the White House four years later. Cleveland served as both the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

At favorite’s odds of -130, Trump is offering an implied probability of victory of 56.52%. Wager $10 on Trump and if he wins the election, you’ll earn a payout of $17.70.


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Americans cannot bet on US politics markets. European books have been offering odds on the 2024 US Presidential election since the 2020 race reached a conclusion. Odds are also available to Ontario sports bettors. It’s the first place where North American sportsbooks are offering betting lines on the 2024 US Presidential election.

Trump Facing Tuesday Arraignment

Arraignment of Trump on the charges he’s facing will be taking place on Tuesday. He arrived in New York on Monday. While the indictment remains sealed, speculation is that the 45th US President will be looking at more than 30 charges.

Expectations are that the charges will be to do with campaign finance violations in relation to hush money payments Trump made ahead of the 2016 election to two women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump. The former President is denying that the affairs actually took place, or that he’s guilty of any wrongdoing.

Already the only sitting President to be impeached twice, Trump is also the first US president to ever be facing indictment for a crime.

The Donald’s Troubles Figure To Get Worse

Things could soon be growing much worse for Trump on the legal front. He might find himself facing at least three more indictments.

In Georgia, the Fulton Country DA is weighing separate political indictments on allegations that Trump attempted to alter the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. Currently, Trump is sitting as the +275 second betting choice in the 2024 US Presidential election odds. Current President Joe Biden is the +190 chalk.

There’s a separate Justice Department investigation into the Georgia allegations. As well, special counsel Jack Smith is investigating Trump’s mishandling of classified national security documents, some of which were categorized as top secret.

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

If there’s one trick that Tump has performed masterfully over the years, it’s separating fools from their hard-earned money.

A bet on Trump at this point would be peak foolishness. In simple terms, at -130 you’d be giving the sportsbook odds. With all the uncertainty surrounding Trump’s future, that’s just not a wise decision.

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It’s entirely possible Trump will find himself simultaneously on the stand at trail and on the political stump campaigning. It isn’t going to be a good look and even as far as the GOP has fallen, it’s difficult to imagine it’s going to one they’ll want associated with their party.

Don’t bet on Trump. Save your money.


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