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  • Which teams have the best odds to win their divisions this upcoming 2022 NHL season?
  • The Colorado Avalanche have now won the Central Division and are favorites to win the Presidents’ Trophy.
  • Track the 2022 NHL Divisional odds from the start of the season until the playoffs

The 2022 NHL season starts in October and with COVID-19 in the NHL’s rearview mirror, the league will return to its original division and conference structure. The Eastern Conference will consist of the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions and the Western Conference will consist of the Pacific and Central divisions. With the Seattle Kraken joining the league as the 32nd team, they will join the Pacific Division in the Western Conference.

Use the graphs to see which teams are on the rise, which are declining, and who is considered a legitimate threat to win their division and Stanley Cup.

Atlantic Division Top Contenders

Atlantic Division Odds

Team Odds
Florida Panthers -30000
Toronto Maple Leafs +10000

All odds as of April 19th at FanDuel

  • [Apr 19]: It was surprising to see odds still available, but at -30000 the Atlantic Division all but belongs to the Florida Panthers.
  • [Apr 1]: Florida’s odds to with the Atlantic have shortened further to -750, though the gap in odds between the Panthers and second-place Toronto is the smallest among the division leaders.
  • [Feb 23]: The Panthers are now the odds-on favorite to win the Atlantic. With so many dominant performances at home, they now have a three-point lead on the second placed Lightning.
  • [Feb 3]: The Florida Panthers are still favored to win the Atlantic. The Lightning and Leafs sit right behind them at +200.
  • [Jan 11]: We’ve got a tight race in the Atlantic. The Panthers, Leafs, and Lightning are all the top favorites, with the Panthers seeing a slight edge at DraftKings.
  • [Dec 13]: After a solid few weeks, the Lightning are charging for the Panthers as they narrow the gap in the Atlantic NHL Divisional odds.
  • [Nov 30]: The Panthers remain favorites, however, the Leafs went on quite the tear in November posting a 12-2 record. Toronto’s odds have shortened from +375 to +205 to win the Atlantic.
  • [Nov 10]: The Atlantic Division has a new favorite. The Florida Panther’s NHL odds have shortened from +338 to +100 to overtake the Leafs as the betting favorite.
  • [Oct 20]: The Panthers have made the biggest jump in the early season as their NHL odds have shortened to +338. The Leafs have overtaken the Lightning as the favorite.
  • [Oct 8]: The Lightning remain the favorite with odds changing very little prior to the start of the 2021-22 NHL season.
  • [Sep 22]: The Lightning’s average odds have lengthened to win the Atlantic to +193, while the Leafs’ average odds have shrunk to +208.
  • [Aug 17]: The Tampa Bay Lightning have opened as the favorites to win the Atlantic. The Leafs and Bruins trail closely behind with average odds at +237 and +405.
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Metropolitan Division Top Contenders

Metropolitan Division Odds

Team  Odds
Carolina Hurricanes -260
New York Rangers +200
Pittsburgh Penguins +50000
Washington Capitals +50000

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  • [Apr 19]: The New York Rangers have made up a lot of ground on Carolina, posting an April record of 5-2-1 so far, and are now getting +200 to win the Metropolitan Division.
  • [Apr 1]: With the Hurricanes having nearly sewn up the Metro, the Rangers and Penguins could be the battle to watch, as the teams jockey for home ice advantage in the playoffs.
  • [Feb 23]: Carolina has really taken control of the Metro. They current sit atop of the division, second in the conference, giving them a wild card matchup in current NHL playoff picture.
  • [Feb 3]: The Hurricanes are now the odds-on favorite to win the Metropolitan Division. Carolina is 7-2-1 in their last 10 games heading into the All-Star break.
  • [Jan 11]: The Hurricanes have separated themselves from the Capitals and Penguins in the Metropolitan. Carolina are listed at +105, with the Penguins behind them at +330.
  • [Dec 13]: Although the Hurricanes have been slumping a little bit recently, they are still narrow favorites over the Capitals.
  • [Nov 30]: The Capitals are now neck and neck with the Hurricanes in the Metropolitan. The Caps’ odds have improved from +488 to +180.
  • [Nov 10]: The Carolina Hurricanes are now favored in the Metropolitan Division. Their average NHL odds sit at +175, while the second betting favorite are the Islanders at +425.
  • [Oct 20]: Surprisingly enough, the Penguins are now slightly favored in the NHL odds to win the Metropolitan through a week of the 2021-22 NHL season.
  • [Oct 8]: The Metropolitan Division odds have barely moved since September. The New York Islanders become a slightly bigger favorite at +308.
  • [Sep 22]: The Islanders have separated from the rest of the pack as their average odds have shortened to +410 with the second favorite being a Pennsylvania online sports betting market favorite, Penguins, listed at +425.
  • [Aug 17]: The Metropolitan division opened as a tight race between the Islanders and Penguins. New York has a small edge at the moment, opening with average odds of +340. This is the most balanced division for the upcoming 2022 NHL season.

Central Division Top Contenders

Central Division Odds Movement

  • [Apr 19]: Following their win over Carolina last Saturday, the Colorado Avalanche not only captured the Central Division, but are also the Western Conference regular season champions.
  • [Apr 1]: Odds are still being given for other teams in the Central, but the division title essentially belongs to Colorado.
  • [Feb 23]: Colorado continues to pull away from St. Louis and Minnesota. Apart from those two teams, no one is really contending in the Central.
  • [Feb 3]: The Avalanche have all but locked up the Central division. The Wild are the second betting favorite at +600, with the Avalanche priced at -500.
  • [Jan 11]: The Avalanche are resounding favorites to win the Central at this point of the season. The Wild and Blues are behind them, but sit around +600.
  • [Dec 13]: Despite the Wild being 8-2 in their last 10 contests, the Avalanche remain atop of the Central NHL Divisional odds.
  • [Nov 30]: The Avalanche remain favored to win the Central after a slow start. Over the month of November, their odds have improved from +113 to -170.
  • [Nov 10]: The Colorado Avalanche have started off slowly as their odds to win the Central Division have worsened from -223 to +113. The Blues’ NHL odds have shortened from +1100 to +330.
  • [Oct 20]: The Blues opened their season with wins over the Avalanche and Coyotes, with their average odds now at +1100 to win the division.
  • [Oct 8]: NHL odds in the Central Division remain stagnant four days away from the start of the 2021-22 season.
  • [Sep 22]: The Avalanche continue to be heavy favorites to win the Central as their average odds increase to -235 just a few weeks away from the 2021-22 NHL season.
  • [Aug 17]: The Stanley Cup favorites have opened as resounding favorites to win the Central. The Wild have the second best average odds, opening at +608.

Pacific Division Top Contenders

Pacific Division Odds Movement

  • [Apr 19]: After opening the season with odds at +1300, the Calgary Flames are now three points away from winning their first division title since the 2018-19 season. Sportsbooks are no longer offering odds for the Pacific.
  • [Apr 1]: With a five-point lead on the Kings in the standings despite having three games in hand, Calgary are fully deserving of their -8000 odds to win the Pacific.
  • [Feb 23]: The Flames have really taken the league by surprise. They’re winners of 10 straight and are huge favorites to win the Pacific Division at this point after opening at 11-1.
  • [Feb 3]: No odds movement in the Pacific Division. The Golden Knights remain the favorite and the Flames are narrowly behind them at +200 odds to win.
  • [Jan 11]: The Flames are still nipping at the heels of the Golden Knights. Vegas are the odds-on favorite, but the Flames continue to play great hockey with a few games in hand.
  • [Dec 13]: With both the Flames and Oilers on long losing streaks, the Golden Knights have reclaimed their position as the favorite to win the Pacific Division.
  • [Nov 30]: Seems like we might have a Battle of Alberta for the Pacific Division. The Oilers odds now sit at +145, and the Flames are right behind at +170.
  • [Nov 10]: The Golden Knights are no longer favored to win the Pacific with Edmonton’s hot start. The Oilers’ average odds have shortened from +235 to -123.
  • [Oct 20]: Vegas has started off poorly after a big loss to the Kings. Golden Knights’ average odds have lengthened from -180 to -123 and now the Oilers are narrowly behind them at +235.
  • [Oct 8]: The Vegas Golden Knights remain a heavy favorite in the odds at -180. The Kraken’s average odds sit at +875.
  • [Sep 22]: Not a ton of odds movement in the Pacific division as the Golden Knights remain favorites with average odds at -175.
  • [Aug 17]: The Golden Knights have opened as the odds-on favorite to win the Pacific Division. The newest expansion team, Seattle Kraken, opened with average odds at +900.

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