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Since 1957, the Associated Press has been presenting a Most Valuable Player award to the NFL’s most deserving candidate – also read as the best quarterback in the league. The odds to win the 2023-24 NFL MVP have now opened as we head into the 2023-24 NFL offseason.

Check out the NFL MVP odds available at our most trusted sportsbooks below; the graphs show each player’s average odds to win NFL MVP.


Lamar Jackson has taken over as the NFL MVP favorite after his Ravens took down the 49ers on Christmas night, and he is an extremely heavy favorite after Week 17. Brock Purdy was the odds-on favorite entering the game, but his four interceptions resulted in Jackson being the favorite for the first time this season.

Patrick Mahomes opened as the NFL MVP favorite but only remained the favorite until after Week 2.

Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Christian McCaffrey, Brock Purdy, and Dak Prescott have been named the finalists for the NFL MVP. Sadly, we have yet to see any NFL MVP odds reopen since the regular season ended.

**All sportsbooks have closed down their NFL MVP odds after the conclusion of the regular season, as voting has started and some media members have revealed their ballots.

Lamar Jackson is currently the favorite to win the 2023-24 NFL MVP with -10000 odds.  If you bet $50 on the Ravens QB to win the award, you’d stand to win $0.50 and return $50.50. Based on the odds, Jackson has a 99% chance to win NFL MVP this season.

Some notable players’ lines to mention from opening include: Jalen Hurts opening at +1100, which were the fourth-best odds on the board one year after opening at +4500; both Brock Purdy (+2500) and Trey Lance (+3500) were given short odds to win NFL MVP at opening, but Purdy saw his odds fall way off to +7500 in the spring, only to recover to +5000 (tied with Lance at the time) in the summer; Aaron Rodgers was listed at +1600 after being traded to the Jets (but is now off the board after tearing his Achilles four plays into his Jets tenure); Tom Brady is not given odds after retiring for the second time; and there were 24 quarterbacks given better odds than the top non-QB, which was Christian McCaffrey at +8000 odds, ahead of Week 1.

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Here are some notes on the NFL MVP odds movement:

  • [February 8] Lamar Jackson won the 2023-24 NFL MVP.
  • [January 25] The NFL MVP finalists were announced today and include: Lamar Jackson, who was the heavy favorite the last time odds were available, Josh Allen, Christian McCaffrey, Brock Purdy, and Dak Prescott.
  • [January 1, 2024] Lamar Jackson threw for 321 yards and five touchdowns in Baltimore’s 56-19 win over the Dolphins in Week 17. Jackson’s NFL MVP odds went from -190 to as short as -20000 following his big performance.
  • [December 25] Lamar Jackson became the new odds-on favorite to win NFL MVP after his Ravens handily beat the 49ers, where the then-MVP favorite, Brock Purdy, threw four interceptions.
  • [December 17] Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense put forth an awful effort in Buffalo during Week 15. Prescott threw for 134 yards with an interception as Dallas was demolished by the Bills. The result in MVP odds was Brock Purdy, who threw for 242 yards and four touchdowns in Week 15, not only taking over as the favorite, but becoming an odds-on favorite with -150 odds.
  • [December 11] For a second straight week, we have a new NFL MVP favorite. This time it is Dak Prescott who has the best odds to win the award. Prescott led his Cowboys to a 33-13 win over the Eagles in Week 14, which also resulted in his Cowboys taking the top spot in the NFC East for now.
  • [December 4] Immediately after the 49ers crushed the Eagles in Week 13, sportsbooks left Jalen Hurts as the MVP favorite. However, we woke up Monday morning to see Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott listed as the new favorites depending where you look. Purdy’s MVP odds improved from +1400 to +300 after throwing for 314 yards and four touchdowns in a 42-19 win over Philadelphia.
  • [December 1] In early November, Dak Prescott’s MVP odds were as long as +4750 (average). After Prescott logged another good outing against the Seahawks in Week 13, his MVP odds have improved to as short as +375 and some sportsbooks give him the second-best odds on the board. Others still have him third behind Hurts and Mahomes.
  • [November 17] Even after leaving Cincinnati’s Week 11 TNF matchup with the Ravens, Joe Burrow’s MVP odds had only faded from +1350 to +2500. But he has now been removed from the board with the news that he will miss the rest of the season.
  • [November 14] Sportsbooks are very split on whether Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts should be the favorite to win NFL MVP. Both QBs were on bye this past weekend, but that didn’t stop the odds from moving. Mahomes has slightly better average odds, but Hurts’ longest odds are shorter than Mahomes’ longest odds.
  • [November 6] After beating Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins in Germany during Week 9, Patrick Mahomes has once again taken back the top spot in the NFL MVP odds. DraftKings, however, lists Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, and Lamar Jackson as the co-favorites.
  • [October 29] The NFL MVP favorite has changed yet again after Week 8, as Tua Tagovailoa has overtaken Patrick Mahomes for the best odds. Mahomes had an ugly outing in Denver, where he committed three turnovers himself, as his Chiefs lost to the Broncos. It should be noted Mahomes was playing with the flu, though.
  • [October 24] Patrick Mahomes has taken back over as the NFL MVP favorite after turning in another solid performance, while Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins struggled against the Eagles.
  • [October 9] Brock Purdy’s NFL MVP odds improved from +2000 to +1000 after throwing for 252 yards and four touchdowns against the Cowboys in Week 5. Fellow 49er Christian McCaffrey also saw significant movement, going from +3000 to +1500, which ties him for the sixth-best odds on the board, just one spot behind Purdy. Patrick Mahomes also took back over as the favorite after Tua Tagovailoa threw two interceptions against the Giants.
  • [October 1] Josh Allen has moved into a tie with Tua Tagovailoa for the best NFL MVP odds. Allen’s Bills crushed the Dolphins 48-20 in Week 4, where Tua only threw for one touchdown and added an interception with it. The two are listed at +550 while Mahomes is right behind at +600.
  • [September 25] Tua Tagovailoa has pulled away from the field when it comes to NFL MVP odds following Sunday of Week 3. Tagovailoa’s odds improved from +600 to +380 after he threw for 309 yards and four touchdowns en route to Miami’s 70-point performance against the Broncos.
  • [September 17] Tagovailoa became the lone favorite to win NFL MVP after Sunday of Week 2. His win in New England resulted in his odds improving from +700 to +600. Joe Burrow saw his odds fade from +850 to +1700 after another lousy performance that led to Cincinnati starting the season 0-2.
  • [September 11] Tua Tagovailoa came out of the gate red hot, throwing for 466 yards and three touchdowns in leading his Dolphins to a Week 1 victory over the Chargers. Tua’s NFL MVP odds improved from +2200 to +700, now tied with Mahomes for the best odds, after Sunday of Week 1. Joe Burrow’s odds didn’t move after only throwing for 82 yards in an awful performance against the Browns. Aaron Rodgers was a top ten contender, with +1600 odds, entering his Monday Night Football matchup with the Bills. His odds have faded to +2500 as it is feared he tore his Achilles. He will be removed from the board once the injury is confirmed. (He has now been removed at most sportsbooks.)
  • [September 1] Just ahead of kickoff, Patrick Mahomes’ NFL MVP odds have improved from +700 to +600, separating himself from the other top contenders. Joe Burrow has the next-best odds at +750.
  • [August 26] Even after being traded to the Cowboys, and effectively turned into a backup this season, Trey Lance’s NFL MVP odds remain at +5000 at DraftKings. FanDuel has dropped Lance to +30000. Brock Purdy’s odds didn’t see any major movement either after winning the starting job.
  • [July 13] With all signs pointing to Brock Purdy being ready for the 2023 NFL season, his MVP odds have improved from +7500 to +4500. Trey Lance, who has been rumored to be losing the backup job in San Francisco to Sam Darnold, has seen his odds fade from +3500 to +5000.
  • [April 24] After officially being traded to the Jets, Aaron Rodgers’ NFL MVP odds are listed at +1800. His odds were as short as +1600 a month ago, but faded a little in the last few weeks. Jordan Love, who will be the new starting quarterback for the Packers, also saw his odds hold where they were at +3500.
  • [March 20] Aaron Rodgers’ NFL MVP odds have remained at +1600 throughout the negotiations between the Packers and Jets. Justin Fields has seen his odds improve from +3000 to +2000 with the Bears adding DJ Moore and some notable defensive names as they look ready to compete in the NFC North. Brock Purdy saw his odds plummet from +2500 to +7500 after successful elbow surgery that will reportedly have him ready in six months, which puts him on track to be ready around Week 2.
  • [February 12] Patrick Mahomes, who won the award last season, and Joe Burrow have opened as co-favorites to win the 2023-24 NFL MVP. Both players opened at +650 odds, with Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts rounding out the top five contenders.

NFL MVP Betting Trends

  • A quarterback has won each of the last 11 NFL MVP awards
  • Since 2001, only three non-QBs have won the award – all were running backs
  • Since 2001, only one player has won NFL MVP without their respective team winning at least 11 games – Adrian Peterson’s Vikings won 10 games in 2012

Top Contenders by Position

Of the 67 NFL MVP awards handed out, 46.5 have gone to quarterbacks – Brett Favre and Barry Sanders shared the honors in 1997. Looking to the remaining 20.5, 17.5 of them were running backs, two were defensive players, and one was a placekicker.

  • Alan Page (1971) and Lawrence Taylor (1986) were the two defensive players to win the award
  • Mark Moseley (1982) was the lone kicker to win an MVP, after he nailed an NFL-high 20 field goal attempts – he attempted 21 – for Washington
  • Jim Brown won the first two MVP awards in 1957 and 1958
  • The most recent RB to be named MVP was Adrian Peterson in 2012

Odds For Previous NFL MVP Winners

Aaron Rodgers leads all active players with four NFL MVPs. Rodgers still trails Peyton Manning, who holds the all-time record with five.

Last 10 NFL MVP Winners

Year NFL MVP Pos Team Record
2023 Lamar Jackson (2) QB Ravens 13-4
2022 Patrick Mahomes (2) QB Chiefs 14-3
2021 Aaron Rodgers (4) QB Packers 13-4
2020 Aaron Rodgers (3) QB Packers 13-3
2019 Lamar Jackson QB Ravens 14-2
2018 Patrick Mahomes QB Chiefs 12-4
2017 Tom Brady (3) QB Patriots 13-3
2016 Matt Ryan QB Falcons 11-5
2015 Cam Newton QB Panthers 15-1
2014 Aaron Rodgers (2) QB Packers 12-4

Lamar Jackson won the 2023-24 NFL MVP after an incredible season where his Ravens entered the playoffs as the AFC’s #1 seed. Each of the last 11 NFL MVP awards have now gone to a quarterback. Adrian Peterson was the last non-QB to win the award, when he took home the honor in 2012.

Teams with Most NFL MVP Winners

NFL Team Number of MVP Winners Most Recent MVP Winner
Green Bay Packers 9.5 Aaron Rodgers (2021)
Indianapolis Colts 8.5 Peyton Manning (2009)
San Francisco 49ers 5 Steve Young (1994)
Cleveland Browns 4 Brian Sipe (1980)
Los Angeles Rams 4 Kurt Warner (2001)

Thanks to Aaron Rodgers’ most recent NFL MVP award, the Packers have taken over as the team with the most NFL MVPs. The Colts had five MVP winners during their time in Baltimore – Johnny Unitas accounted for three – but Peyton Manning provided four more when they moved to Indianapolis.

You may be a little surprised to see Cleveland on here, but keep in mind the NFL MVP has been awarded since 1957. Jim Brown won the first two and added a third in 1965.

Thanks to the Greatest Show on Turf, the Rams are the only team to win the award in three consecutive seasons – Brett Favre won it for the Packers in three straight, but he shared the award in 1997 with Barry Sanders.

Teams with No NFL MVP Winners

Teams with no MVP Winners Notable Players with “MVP-Type” Seasons
Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald/Carson Palmer/Kurt Warner/Jake Plummer
Houston Texans Arian Foster/Andre Johnson/JJ Watt
Jacksonville Jaguars Mark Brunell/Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones-Drew
New Orleans Saints Drew Brees/Alvin Kamara
New York Jets Curtis Martin/Joe Namath
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brad Johnson(?)/Tom Brady

Patrick Mahomes was the first Kansas City Chief to ever win the NFL MVP award in 2018, and Lamar Jackson became the first ever Raven to win it in 2019.

The city of Baltimore did get to see five MVPs when they had the Colts, though.

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