Odds to Be the Next Bachelor

Jason Tartick
Could Jason Tartick be the next Bachelor? Photo by ABC.
  • Colton Underwood is currently the Bachelor in Season 23
  • We have the odds on where the next Bachelor will be selected from
  • Who might be the main man for season 24?

Colton Underwood is still embarking on his epic journey to find love in season 23 of The Bachelor, but it’s never too early to predict who might be doing the very same thing on the hit program next season.

While the show’s leading man is typically selected from one of the contestants who did not “win” on the (yet to be aired) Bachelorette season, there’s a chance the main squeeze will be selected from elsewhere. Who might it be?

Rule Out Big Name Athletes or Reality TV Stars

The Bachelor has gone big game hunting in the past in their efforts to lure their white whale but has fallen short with the exception of NFL Quarterback Jesse Palmer way back in 2004. Most notably, after Adam Scott slipped into a green jacket following his 2013 Masters victory, the show thought it would be perfect to cast him as their lead star.

SPOILER ALERT! Adam Scott declined. The show has had to set their sights lower to reel in semi or fully retired athletes since they landed Palmer in season 5.

Athletes Cast as the Bachelor

Athlete/Season Profession
Jesse Palmer (Season 5) Football Player
Byron Velvick (Season 6) Fisherman
Juan Pablo Galavis (Season 18) Soccer Player
Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Season 22) Racecar Driver
Colton Underwood(Season 23) Football Player

Top Eligible Athletes The Bachelor Should Pursue

Just because the odds are incredibly slim ABC producers could land a top athlete doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try! How about New England Patriots star receiver and (potentially) newly minted Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman?

How about setting their sights insanely high and pick the Rockets superstar James Harden? He reportedly has been dating an Instagram star but that hasn’t been confirmed so maybe they could land “The Beard” himself!

Of course, the odds on that would be astronomical, but it’s fun to dream right?

Odds Where the Next Bachelor Will Come From

Source SBD’s Odds
Past Cast Member 1/9
New Athlete 24/1
New Reality TV Star 24/1
Other 49/1

Should there not be a suitable Bachelor to select from the upcoming Bachelorette season a previous contestant might be pursued. We’ve picked five men who have appeared on the latest two seasons of The Bachelorette and a couple have been on Bachelor in Paradise (and Bachelor Winter Games!) as well.

The strong likelihood is that Season 24’s Bachelor will come from one of the contestants who lost on the yet to be aired season of The Bachelorette. Occasionally they’ll look many seasons back, like they did with Arie Luyendyk Jr. but that is rare. Perhaps the show will go rogue and pick someone totally off the board!

Odds On Who Will Be the Next Bachelor

Contestant SBD’s Odds
Jason Tartick 2/1
Blake Horstmann 7/2
Eric Bigger 9/2
Dean Unglert 5/1
Peter Kraus 9/1

Bachelorette nation was crushed last year when Becca sent the affable Jason packing, so he’d be a wildly popular choice. Blake had his heart ripped out of his chest by Becca as well and would be great in the leading role.

Eric finished third in his original season and then didn’t find love in Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise. Despite claims he’s likely done doing Bachelor shows he’s a romantic at heart and he could be coaxed back.

Dean was once thought to be a shoo-in for a Bachelor show but his stock took a tumble after finding himself in a sordid love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe he’s seen the error of his ways.

Finally, Peter would make an excellent choice. He was the runner-up in Rachel’s epic journey to find love (season 13) primarily because he said he wasn’t ready. Is he now?

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