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Colton Heavily Favored to Lose Virginity During Season of The Bachelor

Colton Underwood Bachelor Season 23
Colton Underwood's journey to find love on The Bachelor Season 23 began Monday night. Photo by @BachelorABC (Twitter)
  • The main storyline of season 23 is The Bachelor Colton’s virginity
  • BetOnline has odds on whether he’ll lose his v-card or not
  • Is there any value in betting that he won’t pop his cherry?

Season 23 of The Bachelor began in earnest January 7th and the prevailing storyline is that the main lead – Colton Underwood – is still a virgin. It was repeated ad nauseam in the first episode, and will surely be discussed throughout the season.

BetOnline has set a wager on whether the 26-year old will in fact lose his virginity, with the odds heavily favoring that he will.

If you want some fun prop bets on what episode he might lose his virginity, or how many times the v-word will be said this season, click on SBD’s Bachelor Bets and Props article.

Odds Colton Will Lose His Virginity During Season of The Bachelor

Will Colton Lose His Virginity During Season of The Bachelor Odds at BetOnline (01/11/19)
Yes -500
No +300

Will Colton Lose His Virginity on Season 23 of The Bachelor?

The Bachelor’s main squeeze has dispelled the myths – he’s waiting to have sex with a woman he loves rather than saving himself for marriage. A season virtually dedicated to such a fact will lead to enormous pressure on Colton to go through with it for the world to dissect!

If he’s to lose his v-card, it almost certainly will happen in Episode 9, the “fantasy suite” installment where there are typically only three women remaining.

Sex has occurred a few times before in fantasy suites with most notably Kaitlyn hooking up with Nick (and the ridiculous public shaming that commenced), and Juan Pablo doing the same with Claire and then angering all of Bachelor nation as he proceeded to blame it on her.

Bank on Colton not creating a major firestorm before the fantasy suites, so the salient question is – will he go through with it? There is value on wagering no given that he’s gone 26 years without it, so why would he feel the need to change now?

However, despite there not being much money in wagering that he will lose his virginity, that is the best bet to select. The hype train that is The Bachelor will almost assuredly demand it, much like they did with previous contestant and noted virgin Ashley I. Besides, if you are betting that he won’t pop his cherry, isn’t that akin to betting the under on a game? Bet on YES and hope to watch the fireworks ensue!

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