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Audible Obscenity Favored as First Code Violation for Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon 2019

Bryan Thiel

by Bryan Thiel in Tennis

Jun 27, 2019 · 10:56 AM PDT

Nick Kyrgios
Based on his recent history, is Nick Kyrgios due for a code violation at Wimbledon in 2019? Photo by JC (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License].
  • Nick Kyrgios has a notoriously short temper
  • Kyrgios has been handed multiple violations across competitions, including majors in his career
  • What will be the first violation Nick Kyrgios receives at Wimbledon? Will he smash his racket?

Nick Kyrgios is tennis’ bad boy.

If he’s quiet for a few months? Give it time. He’ll figure out a way to get himself back into the spotlight.

With that in mind, and Wimbledon running from July 1-14, we’re not discussing how far the hot-headed Aussie makes it. We want to know if he’s due for another violation.

Odds on Nick Kyrgios’ First Code Violation at Wimbledon

First Code Violation for Nick Kyrgios Odds
Audible Obscenity +125
Racket Abuse +140
Unsportsmanlike Conduct +250
Verbal Abuse +750
Ball Abuse +1200
Visible Obscenity +3300
Coaching Violation +5000

*All odds taken 06/27/2019

There is a big wild card here, and it’s not whether Kyrgios can keep his cool. It’s whether or not he stays at the All England Club long enough to lose it.

Despite hovering around household name status, Kyrgios has made it to the quarterfinals of a major just twice in his career. Since 2017, he’s made it to the fourth round of a Major just once.

Kyrgios’ Violations at Majors

You could think the Kyrgios would try to keep his head screwed on straight at the biggest tournaments of the year. But you’d wrong.

Kyrgios’ career total for fines at the big four events is north of $35,000.

At Wimbledon in 2015, he received violations in the first three rounds in matches against Diego Schwartzman, Juan Monaco, and Milos Raonic. In 2014 at the US Open, he was handed three more violations. Kyrgios has also racked up a hefty bill at the Majors. His career total for fines at the big four is north of $35,000.

The reason behind the majority of these? Audible obscenities and racket-smashing.

Recent History Shows Us Kyrgios is Running Hot

So if you’ve been out of the loop lately, just Google “Nick Kyrgios violations” and you’ll find plenty of outbursts and colorful language.

But what about throwing a chair? Let’s check that tape.

Seems like the fuse may be awfully short entering Wimbledon.

What  Will Nick Kyrgios’ First Violation Be?

Because he can’t seem to control what comes out of his mouth, audible obscenity (+125) and verbal abuse (+750) seem like good bets. So does racket abuse (+140). The likelihood though, is that Kyrgios kicks things off with the favorite.

Picture this: Kyrgios on the brink of being upset in the second round, yells out a NSFW word. There’s the violation. Then he smashes his racket. He’s chastised by the chair again. Then he unleashes another pointed barrage.

Sit back and enjoy.

Pick: Audible Obscenity (+125)

Will Nick Kyrgios Be Penalized for Racket Abuse?

Will Nick Kyrgios be Penalized for Racket Abuse? Odds
Yes +120
No -150

This one is far more simple and there are no contingencies. The answer is yes.

Need proof?

The thing is, if he makes it deep, there’s more chances for a racket smash.

And if he suffers an early upset? Then he’s going to be really mad and in a smashing mood.

Pick: Yes (+120)

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