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Odds of Chad Johnson Kicking Week 1 in the XFL Set at +200; Is it a Good Bet?

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in XFL

Updated Mar 30, 2020 · 4:04 PM PDT

Chad Ochocinco
Chad Ochocinco Johnson is attempting a football comeback - as a kicker in the XFL. Photo by Jeff Kern (Flickr)
  • Former NFL wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is getting an XFL tryout – as a kicker
  • Is this just a publicity stunt for the upcoming league or does he have a legit chance?
  • Should you place a wager that he’ll make an XFL roster?

The XFL certainly knows how to make headlines, doing whatever they can to drum up interest in the revived football league that failed after a one year experiment in 2001. The league is being reborn with the first game kicking off February 8th, 2020.

To that end, former NFL wide receiver and six-time Pro Bowler Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is going to try out for the Houston Roughnecks at age 42. While he does have (very) limited experience kicking, is it even worth wagering on him or should you take a hard pass?

Odds Chad Johnson Kicks Week 1 of XFL

Result Odds
No -300
Yes +200

Odds taken Jan. 15

Chad Johnson Does Have a Leg to Stand On

At first blush there seems like absolutely no way that Chad Johnson could actually make an XFL roster, having not played in the NFL since 2011 with the New England Patriots. That and one very pertinent fact – he’s never kicked in a game that has mattered in his career.

He’s not completely inexperienced in making kicks in games that don’t count, however. Back in 2009 with the Cincinnati Bengals Ochocinco drilled an extra point in a pre-season game against the Patriots.

He’s posted on social media making long kicks as well, so it’s clear that his natural athletic ability does allow him an opportunity to compete for a job- but again, these aren’t in real games against legit competition.

Ochocinco Does Have a Love for Soccer

In 2018 Ochocinco turned his sights to a different sport, trying to make a roster for his second love – soccer. He did just that, competing for the Boca Raton FC in the United Premier Soccer League for the last two seasons, scoring one goal.

Back in 2011 Chad also had a tryout for Sporting KC in Major League Soccer and did not make the squad, though he was asked to play in a reserve game.

YouTube video

Can kicking a soccer ball for a low-level team translate to success in football? Seems far fetched, but we are dealing with a world-class athlete.

Is it Worth Betting on Chad Johnson?

While there is a passion for soccer and as we’ve seen kicking, and it seemed football passed him by before he wanted to be done with it, this just feels more like a publicity ploy than him actually competing in the XFL. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see him do it? The interest would at least give the XFL the shot in the arm that it desperately needs. Betting on him kicking in Week 1 only pays out +200 money which seems far too low. If you’re in the business of actually making some dough, the bet here is clear.

Pick: No (-300)

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