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Since 1957, the Associated Press has been presenting a Most Valuable Player award to the NFL’s most deserving candidate – also read as the best quarterback in the league. Here are the odds available at our most trusted betting sites; the graphs below show each player’s average odds to win MVP.

Odds For Top NFL MVP Contenders

  • [February 6] Aaron Rodgers was named 2020 NFL MVP at the NFL Honors.
  • [January 4, 2021] Patrick Mahomes’ odds are at a season-worst +1500 after the Chiefs quarterback did not play in Week 17. As a result, Josh Allen has surpassed Mahomes for second-best NFL MVP odds and Aaron Rodgers has become the overwhelming favorite at -2500 odds. Rodgers threw another four touchdowns against the Bears in Week 17 and finishes the regular season with a league-leading 48 touchdown passes and an NFL-high 121.5 passer rating.
  • [December 29] For the first time this season, Aaron Rodgers is favored to win the NFL MVP. The Packers QB saw his NFL MVP odds improve from +331 to -376 after throwing four touchdowns in Week 16 against the Titans.
  • [December 22] With a win over the Saints in Week 15, Patrick Mahomes’ lead in the MVP race grew, as his odds went from -217 to -344. Aaron Rodgers’ odds got slightly longer after a bit of a quiet game against the Panthers, where he only threw for 143 yards and one touchdown. Josh Allen and Derrick Henry saw major improvements, with the former going from +6100 to +3625 thanks to a 2,000-yard season being a real possibility, and the latter went from +2733 to +938 after lighting up the Broncos.
  • [December 14] Patrick Mahomes is still the odds-on favorite to win the NFL MVP in spite of throwing three interceptions against the Dolphins in Week 14. Mahomes’ odds did fade from -463 to -217 as a result, while Aaron Rodgers’ odds improved from +381 to +158. Josh Allen has the third-best odds at a distant +2733.
  • [December 8] Josh Allen threw for 375 yards and four touchdowns on Monday Night Football of Week 13, leading the Bills to a 34-24 win over the 49ers. Allen’s NFL MVP odds improved from +3400 to +1350, the third-best odds behind Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, as a result. On the other hand, Kyler Murray has completely fallen out of the race after Arizona lost their fourth game in the last five.
  • [December 3] Russell Wilson has seen his odds continue to fade, now reaching an average of +638, third-best behind Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. This is the first time he hasn’t been among the top two contenders since Week 3.
  • [November 24] Patrick Mahomes has become the odds-on favorite to win NFL MVP after leading the Chiefs to a win over the Raiders on Sunday Night Football of Week 11; Russell Wilson’s MVP odds faded from +245 to +319 in spite of a pretty good performance against the Cardinals.
  • [November 17] For the first time since Week 3, Russell Wilson is no longer the favorite to win NFL MVP; The Seahawks’ QB threw two more interceptions in Week 10 against the Rams and his team has now dropped three of their last four. Patrick Mahomes, the only other player to be favored at any point this year, is back to being atop the odds board.
  • [November 10] Russell Wilson remains the MVP favorite despite a turnover-filled performance in Week 9; Josh Allen re-entered the top five contenders after his odds improved from +2975 to +1538; Tom Brady’s odds took a huge hit after an awful game against the Saints, seeing his odds worsen from +988 to +2750.
  • [November 3] Lamar Jackson’s NFL MVP odds have plummeted from +1725 to +4325 after a turnover-filled loss to the Steelers in Week 8.
  • [October 27] Russell Wilson is still favored to win NFL MVP after throwing three interceptions in a loss to Arizona, but he’s no longer the odds-on favorite. Tom Brady’s odds improved from +2625 to +1175, the fourth-best odds, after Week 7.
  • [October 20] The mediocre/poor play in Week 6 from many top contenders – Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen – has resulted in Russell Wilson becoming the odds-on favorite to win NFL MVP while on bye; Ryan Tannehill has finally cracked the top ten contenders, as well.
  • [October 14] Russell Wilson is now even-money (+100 odds) to win 2020 NFL MVP following a Week 5 comeback victory against the Vikings.
  • [October 6] After a four touchdown performance, without Davante Adams or Allen Lazard in the lineup, Aaron Rodgers now has the second-best odds to win NFL MVP, only behind Russell Wilson.
  • [September 29] Lamar Jackson’s NFL MVP odds went from +563 to +1113, the fourth-best odds, after arguably the worst performance of his career in Week 3; Josh Allen’s odds continue to improve, now listed at +1350, the fifth-best odds.
  • [September 22] For the first time this season, Patrick Mahomes is not favored to win NFL MVP. The Seahawks have been letting Russell Wilson cook, and he’s now favored to win NFL MVP after Week 2.
  • [September 15] Tom Brady and Dak Prescott fell out of the top five contenders after Week 1, making room for Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray; the Packers QB saw his odds improve from +2425 to +1400 after torching the Vikings.
  • [September 9] Patrick Mahomes will enter the 2020 NFL season as the clear favorite to win NFL MVP; Carson Wentz has seen his average odds fade from +2000 to +2300 leading up to kickoff.
  • [August 19] As training camps open, Drew Lock’s MVP odds continue to improve, now reaching +4250 and cracking the top 20 contenders for the first time this season.
  • [June 29] Cam Newton’s average NFL MVP odds have moved from +8275 to +2750, the 11th-best in the league, after signing with the New England Patriots.
  • [June 11] As his contract negotiations continue, Dak Prescott’s MVP odds have steadily improved; after opening at +2000, he’s now listed at an average of +1200, the fourth-best in the NFL.
  • [April 28] Tom Brady’s MVP odds went from +2650 to +1350 (fourth-best in the league) with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers building around him; Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers’ odds are tanking after their respective teams’ weak offseasons.
  • [March 17] After the Cardinals acquired DeAndre Hopkins, Kyler Murray’s MVP odds improved from +2000 to +1250; Jameis Winston’s likely departure from Tampa Bay has also resulted in his odds shortening from +6600 to +2500.
  • [February 10] Lamar Jackson’s odds improved slightly, closing the gap between he and Mahomes at the top.
  • [February 5] Patrick Mahomes has opened as the favorite to win the 2020 NFL MVP.


Player Odds to win 2020 NFL MVP
Aaron Rodgers (GB) -2000
Josh Allen (BUF) +900
Patrick Mahomes (KC) +1600
Derrick Henry (TEN) +5000
Ryan Tannehill (TEN) +10000
Tom Brady (TB) +25000
Davante Adams (GB) +30000
Russell Wilson (SEA) +50000

*Odds updated January 4

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