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While many others use the flawed method of using last year’s wins to calculate NFL Strength of Schedule for the upcoming season, SportsBettingDime uses its proprietary method—cooked up by Matt McEwan in 2018—which leans on the win totals put out by sportsbooks.

Here is what the 2021 NFL SOS looked like using this method, and how it was able to predict

2021 NFL SOS

Rank Team Combined Win Totals of 2021 Opponents 2021 Win-Loss Record 2021 Win Total Result
1 Las Vegas Raiders 153.5 10-7 7 (Over)
2 Pittsburgh Steelers 152.8 9-7-1 8.5 (Over)
3 Houston Texans 151.8 4-13 4.5 (Under)
4 Cincinnati Bengals 150.8 10-7 6.5 (Over)
5 Detroit Lions 150.1 3-13-1 5 (Under)
6 Washington Football Team 150 7-10 8.5 (Under)
7 Arizona Cardinals 149.1 11-6 8.5 (Over)
8 New Orleans Saints 148.9 9-8 9.5 (Under)
9 Chicago Bears 148.6 6-11 7.5 (Under)
10 New York Giants 148.3 4-13 7 (Under)
11 Kansas City Chiefs 147.9 12-5 12.5 (Under)
12 Baltimore Ravens 147.8 8-9 11 (Under)
13 Los Angeles Rams 147.2 12-5 10.5 (Over)
14 Minnesota Vikings 146.9 8-9 8.5 (Under)
15 Green Bay Packers 146.3 13-4 10.5 (Over)
16 Seattle Seahawks 145.6 7-10 10 (Under)
17 New England Patriots 145.4 10-7 9.5 (Over)
18 Philadelphia Eagles 145.1 9-8 6.5 (Over)
19 Atlanta Falcons 145 7-10 7.5 (Under)
20 Los Angeles Chargers 144.9 9-8 9.5 (Under)
21 New York Jets 144.1 4-13 6 (Under)
22 Tennessee Titans 143.8 12-5 9 (Over)
23 Carolina Panthers 143.3 5-12 7.5 (Under)
24 Buffalo Bills 143.2 11-6 11 (Push)
25 Miami Dolphins 142.9 9-8 9.5 (Under)
26 Indianapolis Colts 142.8 9-8 9 (Push)
T26 Dallas Cowboys 142.8 12-5 9.5 (Over)
28 Jacksonville Jaguars 142.7 3-14 6.5 (Under)
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 142.6 13-4 12 (Over)
30 Denver Broncos 142.4 7-10 8.5 (Under)
31 Cleveland Browns 141.9 8-9 10.5 (Under)
32 San Francisco 49ers 138.2 10-7 10.5 (Under)

My method for calculating NFL Strength of Schedule did not perform very well in the 2021 NFL season. In past years, betting the teams with the toughest schedules to go under their win totals, and the teams with the easiest schedules to go over their win totals, has been a profitable wager.

That was not the case in 2021, as we had some real over and underachievers on each extreme of my NFL SOS.

If you bet the six teams with the easiest SOS in 2021 to go over their win totals, you would have only hit two: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to go over 12 wins (-150), and Dallas Cowboys to go over 9.5 wins (+115).

The San Francisco 49ers, who had the easiest schedule based on NFL win totals, as well as the Cleveland Browns, who had the second-easiest schedule, both suffered through injuries to their respective quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield. Both tried to play through their injuries, and neither looked good doing so. Denver, who had the third-easiest schedule, also suffered through mediocre-at-best QB play en route to a disappointing season.

If you bet the six teams with the toughest SOS in 2021 to go under their win totals, you would have hit three: the Houston Texans to go under 4.5 wins (-110), Detroit Lions to go under five wins (-120), and Washington Football Team to go under 8.5 wins (-105).

The Raiders, who had the toughest schedule based on NFL win totals, and Bengals, who had the fourth-toughest schedule, were two of the biggest overachievers in the league. Las Vegas surprised many in making the playoffs, despite a very tough schedule, while the Bengals went all the way to the Super Bowl after only winning four games the previous season.

You can see some further commentary from last season on the teams with the easiest and hardest NFL Strength of Schedules for the 2021 season below.

Toughest 2021 Schedule

It should come as no surprise that a team who has to play the Kansas City Chiefs twice this season is the team with the toughest schedule. The Las Vegas Raiders are in tough in 2021, largely due to the fact that they finished second in the AFC West last season.

As a result, their extra two games against AFC opponents come against teams who finished second in their respective divisions last year, the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts. Their extra, 17th opponent this season is the Chicago Bears, who are trending in the right direction after drafting Justin Fields.

The Raiders only play two games against teams with win totals less than seven (Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles), and only four games against teams with average win totals less than 8.2. Las Vegas’ average opponent in 2021 is a nine-win team.

Easiest 2021 Schedule

After an injury-ravaged 2020 season that saw the 49ers struggle to a 6-10 record, only one year after representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, San Francisco will benefit in 2021 by having the easiest schedule in the league.

Kyle Shanahan’s squad actually has a significantly easier schedule than anyone else, as the sum of their opponents win totals only comes out to 138.2, which is 15.3 fewer wins than the Raiders (toughest) and 3.7 fewer wins than the Browns, who have the next easiest schedule.

San Francisco’s six games against other NFC West teams will be tough, but they get a weaker NFC North that includes the Detroit Lions (avg win total of 5.2), a very weak AFC South that includes the Jacksonville Jaguars (6.5) and Houston Texans (3.8), and their three extra games come against the Philadelphia Eagles (6.5), Atlanta Falcons (7.5), and Cincinnati Bengals (6.5). Their average opponent is an 8.1-win team.

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