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The 2022 NFL regular season concluded January 8, 2023 with the top seven teams from each conference moving onto the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs, which are set to begin January 14, 2023. We tracked the odds for all 32 NFL teams to make and miss the playoffs from the time the odds open, right through to Week 18. If you want to see the playoff picture, see our NFL playoff bracket.

The current NFL playoff odds can be seen immediately below, while the odds to make and miss the playoffs are further below.

2023 NFL Playoff Odds

Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Jacksonville Jaguars +9 (-110) o53 (-110) +360
Kansas City Chiefs -9 (-110) u53 (-110) -450
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
New York Giants +7.5 (-110) o48 (-110) +295
Philadelphia Eagles -7.5 (-110) u48 (-110) -360
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Cincinnati Bengals +5.5 (-110) o48.5 (-110) +195
Buffalo Bills -5.5 (-110) u48.5 (-110) -230
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Dallas Cowboys +4 (-110) o46 (-110) +165
San Francisco 49ers -4 (-110) u46 (-110) -195

The NFL Divisional Round of the 2023 Playoffs gets underway Saturday, January 21 with two games on the schedule. The first game sees the Jacksonville Jaguars head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and company are the heaviest favorites of the week, as the Chiefs are laying nine points. This game also features the highest total of the week at 53. (The next highest is 48.5.)

The second game on Saturday is a divisional battle between the Giants and Eagles. Philadelphia won both of the previous games the two played in the regular season, but only beat New York by six in Week 18. The Eagles are listed as 7.5-point favorites in this one.

Sunday sees two games with much tighter spreads, as the Bengals and Bills meet again after their Week 17 matchup was canceled mid-game. The Bills are listed as 5.5-point favorites in this one. The second game features the Cowboys and 49ers, where San Francisco is four-point favorites at home. This game has the lowest total of the weekend at 46.

The graphs below were generated by averaging the odds from our most trusted sports betting apps and sites including Caesars Sportsbook, Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM, DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook.


Odds to Make NFL Playoffs for AFC Teams

The final odds to make and miss the 2022-23 NFL playoffs for all AFC teams are below.

AFC Playoff Odds

Team Division Odds to Make NFL Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Buffalo Bills AFC East OTB OTB
Kansas City Chiefs AFC West OTB OTB
Cincinnati Bengals AFC North OTB OTB
Baltimore Ravens AFC North OTB OTB
Los Angeles Chargers AFC West OTB OTB
Jacksonville Jaguars AFC South -225 +175
Miami Dolphins AFC East n/a n/a
Tennessee Titans AFC South +175 +225
New York Jets AFC East n/a n/a
New England Patriots AFC East n/a n/a
Pittsburgh Steelers AFC North +1000 -2500
Las Vegas Raiders AFC West +8000 n/a
Cleveland Browns AFC North OTB OTB
Indianapolis Colts AFC South OTB OTB
Denver Broncos AFC West OTB OTB
Houston Texans AFC South OTB OTB

Odds as of December 27 at DraftKings Sportsbook; get the best DraftKings Sportsbook promo before signing up

As the season progresses, and some teams are either eliminated from playoff contention or clinch a playoff berth, they will no longer be given odds to make or miss the NFL playoffs. You can see the playoff picture slowly unveil in our NFL playoff bracket.

Here are some notes on the NFL playoff odds movement:

  • [October 12] The Dolphins’ odds to make the playoffs were listed at -400 two weeks ago, but back-to-back losses and an injury to Tua Tagovailoa has seen them fade a bit. Surprisingly, even as the Dolphins prepare to start Skylar Thompson under center in Week 6, Miami still has -175 odds to make the playoffs.
  • [September 27] The Jaguars’ odds to make the playoffs are still listed at +130 in spite of their great start to the season. Those are just the tenth-best odds in the conference, and behind the likes of Cleveland and Cincinnati. Miami now has the third-best odds to make the AFC playoffs after beating the Bills in Week 3.
  • [September 20] The Broncos, Titans, Bengals, and Colts were seen as heavy favorites to make the playoffs before the season started, but are all now given better odds to miss the playoffs after very disappointing starts to the season. The Dolphins are heading in the right direction, though, and are now -175 to get in.
  • [September 7] The Browns, who were once -150 favorites to make the NFL playoffs, are now listed at +178 odds. This puts them behind the Raiders, Dolphins, and Patriots on the odds board.
  • [July 27] With Deshaun Watson potentially being served a suspension, the Cleveland Browns’ playoff odds have been taken off the board.
  • [April 11] The Browns have opened with -150 odds to make the 2022-23 NFL playoffs. They have better odds than Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Tennessee.
  • [March 28] Odds to make the NFL playoffs have opened, as well as odds to miss the NFL playoffs. The following teams from the AFC opened as the favorites to make the playoffs: Buffalo, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Denver, Los Angeles (Chargers), Cincinnati, and Baltimore. The Browns did not have odds at opening.

Looking for the latest NFL odds? – Get current spreads, totals, and moneyline odds for all upcoming games this week here.

Odds to Make Playoffs for NFC Teams

The NFC team with the best odds to make the 2022-23 NFL playoffs is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with -625 odds. That’s in large part thanks to three-time NFL MVP quarterback Tom Brady announcing his return to the Bucs during the offseason. Surprisingly, the Lions do not have the worst odds among NFC teams to make the postseason, as the Falcons sit at the bottom of the odds board with +750 odds.

NFC Playoff Odds

Team Division Odds to Make NFL Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Philadelphia Eagles NFC East OTB OTB
Minnesota Vikings NFC North OTB OTB
San Francisco 49ers NFC West OTB OTB
Dallas Cowboys NFC East OTB OTB
New York Giants NFC East -1000 +650
Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC South -360 +250
Washington Commanders NFC East n/a n/a
Green Bay Packers NFC North +175 -225
Carolina Panthers NFC South +300 -400
Seattle Seahawks NFC West +350 -500
Detroit Lions NFC North +350 -500
New Orleans Saints NFC South +2000 -10000
Los Angeles Rams NFC West OTB OTB
Atlanta Falcons NFC South OTB OTB
Arizona Cardinals NFC West OTB OTB
Chicago Bears NFC North OTB OTB

*Odds as of December 27.

Here are some notes on the NFL playoff odds movement:

  • [October 12] The Dallas Cowboys’ playoff odds had plummeted to +240 after losing to the Bucs in Week 1 and seeing Dak Prescott suffer a hand injury. Dallas is now -460 to make the playoffs after Cooper Rush has won four straight games.
  • [September 27] Philadelphia now has the best odds among NFC teams to make the playoffs. Thanks to a seemingly easier division, the Buccaneers still have the second-best odds to make the playoffs, despite losing to Green Bay in Week 3.
  • [September 20] The Cowboys’ odds to make the playoffs have recovered after Cooper Rush led them to a surprise win over the Bengals. Dallas is back to +130 after fading to +240 following their Week 1 loss to the Bucs and Dak Prescott’s hand injury. The Giants, despite being 2-0, are still given better odds to miss the playoffs.
  • [July 27] The Eagles’ odds to make the playoffs have been steadily improving since they acquired AJ Brown from the Titans on Day 1 of the NFL Draft. Philadelphia now has the sixth-best odds to make the playoffs in the NFC.
  • [March 28] Odds to make the NFL playoffs in the NFC have opened. The following teams from the NFC are favored to make the playoffs: Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Dallas, Los Angeles (Rams), San Francisco, and Arizona. The team with the seventh-best odds is Minnesota.


NFL Playoffs FAQ

How many teams make the NFL playoffs?

Fourteen teams - seven each from the NFC and AFC - qualify. The top team in each conference gets a bye to the Divisional Round. The remaining six teams play one-game Wild Card matchups to fill the remaining three Divisional Round berths in each conference.

When do the NFL playoffs start?

This season's NFL playoffs start on Jan. 14, 2023, and end with the Super Bowl on Feb. 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona.

How does OT work in the NFL playoffs?

The new NFL playoff overtime rules mandate that each team gets a chance to possess the ball. If the teams are still tied after each has had one OT possession, the OT period becomes sudden death (next points of any kind win).


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