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Betting on the 2022 Stanley Cup is not the only way to put money on NHL futures. A raft of sportsbooks routinely post odds to win each conference. The odds fluctuate throughout the season as teams play better/worse, make significant trades, and suffer key injuries.

This odds tracker monitors each of the 32 NHL teams’ odds to win their conference. The graphs and tables are divided along East/West lines.

2022 Eastern Conference Champion Odds

  • [Oct 20]: The biggest movers in the Eastern Conference odds a week into the season are the Panthers and Islanders. Florida’s average odds have shortened from +1000 to +750 and New York’s odds have increased from +750 to +850.
  • [Oct 8]: The Islanders odds have shrunk four days out of the start of the 2021-22 NHL season. Their average odds have gone from +950 to +750.
  • [Sep 22]: With the NHL preseason right around the corner, the Eastern Conference odds have not changed much. The Lightning remain the favorite with their average odds at +330, while the Leafs find themselves as the second favorite at +575.
  • [Aug 16]: The reigning back-to-back Stanley Cup champions have opened as the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. The Boston Bruins opened average odds to win the East sit at +650.

Odds to Win the Eastern Conference

Team Odds
Tampa Bay Lightning +400
Toronto Maple Leafs +450
Boston Bruins +600
Florida Panthers +600
New York Islanders +900
Pittsburgh Penguins +1200
Carolina Hurricanes +1200
Washington Capitals +1300
New York Rangers +1500
Philadelphia Flyers +2500
New Jersey Devils +2500
Montreal Canadiens +3500
Detroit Red Wings +5000
Ottawa Senators +5000
Columbus Blue Jackets +8000
Buffalo Sabres +10000

Odds as of Oct 20

Past 10 Eastern Conference Champions

Year Team Ranking
2021 N/A (Conference/Division restructure due to COVID-19) N/A
2020 Tampa Bay Lightning Atl. #2
2019 Boston Bruins Atl. #2
2018 Washington Capitals Metro #1
2017 Pittsburgh Penguins Metro #2
2016 Pittsburgh Penguins Metro #2
2015 Tampa Bay Lightning Atl. #2
2014 New York Rangers Metro #2
2013 Boston Bruins East #4
2012 New Jersey Devils East #6

*Note: the current playoff seeding process was adopted in 2014 playoffs.

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2022 Western Conference Champion Odds

  • [Oct 20]: A week into the season and the Oilers are the biggest movers in the Western Conference odds from +1100 to +950, while Vegas’ odds have jumped to +340.
  • [Oct 8]: Four days from the 2021-22 NHL season and the Western Conference NHL odds did not budge. Colorado remains the favorite.
  • [Sep 22]: Remains a two team race in the Western Conference with the Avalanche and Golden Knights as favorites. The Kraken’s average odds have shortened a touch to +1750.
  • [Aug 16]: The Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights have opened as the top dogs in the West at +200 and +300 respectively. The newly added Seattle Kraken opened at +1700 odds to win the West.

Odds to Win the Western Conference

Team Odds
Colorado Avalanche +200
Vegas Golden Knights +380
Edmonton Oilers +600
Minnesota Wild +900
Dallas Stars +1500
St. Louis Blues +1500
Calgary Flames +2000
Winnipeg Jets +2000
Seattle Kraken +3000
San Jose Sharks +3000
Vancouver Canucks +3500
Chicago Blackhawks +3500
Los Angeles Kings +4000
Nashville Predators +4000
Anaheim Ducks +9000
Arizona Coyotes +10000

Odds as of Oct 20th

Past 10 Western Conference Champions

Year Team Ranking
2021 N/A (Conference/Division restructure due to COVID-19)  N/A
2020 Dallas Stars Cent. #3
2019 St Louis Blues Cent. #3
2018 Vegas Golden Knights Pac. # 1
2017 Nashville Predators Wild Card #2
2016 San Jose Sharks Pac. #3
2015 Chicago Blackhawks Cent. #3
2014 Los Angeles Kings Pac. #3
2013 Chicago Blackhawks  West #1
2012 Los Angeles Kings  West #8

*Note: the current playoff seeding process was adopted in 2014 playoffs.

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