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  • Lewis Hamilton won the 2019 F1 Drivers’ Championship
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We tracked the 2019 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship odds for all drivers and have charted them on this page. The graphs below are generated by calculating the average from a selection of our most trusted sportsbooks.

Top Contenders

  • Oct 2: Odds currently not available, with Hamilton such a heavy favorite
  • Sept 24: A win at the Singapore Grand Prix shortens Vettel’s odds from +20000 to +10000
  • Sept 2: Following the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s odds have shortened from -3000 to -10000, while winner Charles Leclerc saw no movement
  • August 6: Contender, Lewis Hamilton, saw his odds go from -3500 to -3000 even after his win at the Hungarian Grand Prix
  • July 30: Thanks to a victory in the German GP, Max Verstappen is closing in on Valtteri Bottas for second-best odds
  • July 16: Surprise, surprise … Lewis Hamilton won another race (the British GP) and his average odds are now -3500 to win the Driver’s Championship
  • July 11: Max Verstappen is moving on up. His average odds have improved slightly from +6100 to +5800 ahead of the British Grand Prix.
  • July 1: Max Verstappen’s average odds have improved from +20000 to +6100 following his stunning victory at the Austrian Grand Prix.
  • June 25: It seems unlikely that anyone can catch Lewis Hamilton at this point in the season. His average championship odds are now -1200.
  • June 11: Lewis Hamilton now has his shortest odds of the season (-700) after finishing first in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix.
  • May 28: Lewis Hamilton is officially untouchable. His already short odds went from -240 to -480 after winning the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • May 14: Lewis Hamilton’s odds have shortened once again after winning his third race of the season. Mercedes is now 5-0 in 2019.
  • April 15: Lewis Hamilton’s odds shorten to an average of -170 after winning the Chinese GP, while Valtteri Bottas moved from +1200 to +500, the third-best odds, with his second-place finish
  • April 2: Keep an eye on Charles Leclerc, whose average odds improved from +1100 to +300 after a third place finish at the Bahrain GP.
  • March 12: Defending champion Lewis Hamilton (+120) has seen his odds rise significantly over the past month and is now nearly deadlocked with Sebastian Vettel (+170). It will be fascinating to watch the odds move after the first race of the season in Australia.

2019 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship Odds

Driver Odds
Lewis Hamilton -10000
Max Verstappen +10000
Valtteri Bottas +8000
Sebastian Vettel +10000
Charles Leclerc +6600

*Odds taken September 24

Drivers’ Championship Odds for Past Winners

2019 Formula 1 Schedule and Results

Event Date Winner
Australian Grand Prix March 14-17 Valtteri Bottas
Bahrain Grand Prix March 28-31 Lewis Hamilton
Chinese Grand Prix April 11-14 Lewis Hamilton
Azerbaijan Grand Prix April 25-28 Valtteri Bottas
Spanish Grand Prix May 9-12 Lewis Hamilton
Monaco Grand Prix May 23-26 Lewis Hamilton
Canadian Grand Prix June 6-9 Lewis Hamilton
French Grand Prix June 20-23 Lewis Hamilton
Austrian Grand Prix June 27-30 Max Verstappen
British Grand Prix July 11-14 Lewis Hamilton
German Grand Prix July 25-28 Max Verstappen
Hungarian Grand Prix August 1-4 Lewis Hamilton
Belgian Grand Prix August 29 – September 1 Charles Leclerc
Italian Grand Prix September 5-8 Charles Leclerc
Singapore Grand Prix September 19-22 Sebastian Vettel
Russian Grand Prix September 26-29 Lewis Hamilton
Japanese Grand Prix October 10-13 Valtteri Bottas
Mexican Grand Prix October 24-27 Lewis Hamilton
United States Grand Prix October 31 – November 3 Valtteri Bottas
Brazilian Grand Prix November 14-17 Max Verstappen
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 28 – December 1 Lewis Hamilton