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New Hampshire sports betting revenue is very strong for a smaller state. It’s also an interesting market because of DraftKings’ exclusive rights to online sports betting.

We’ll keep you informed with the essential data and analysis of monthly New Hampshire sports betting revenue reports. Below you can also scroll back in time to see the growth of sports betting in the Granite State. Read on for an in-depth look at the business of sports betting in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Sports Betting Revenue: Month-By-Month Data

Sports Betting Dime keeps track of the growth of legal sports wagering by tallying monthly financial reports provided by each state.

Here’s what each column represents:

  • Handle is the total amount wagered on sports.
  • Revenue reflects the gross gaming revenue kept by sportsbooks after paying out winnings.
  • Hold percentage shows how much revenue sportsbooks kept as a function of the betting handle.
  • State tax revenue displays taxes collected by the state and local jurisdictions.

The table below shows the New Hampshire sports betting industry’s key financial figures from launch in December 2019 to date.

Month/Year Total Handle Revenue Hold Percentage State Tax Revenue
December 2019 $360,726 $44,759 12.41% $19,403
January 2020 $16,834,974 $1,643,793 9.76% $713,311
February 2020 $22,130,928 $1,359,395 6.14% $613,679
March 2020 $8,768,769 $818,605 9.34% $394,229
April 2020 $3,774,668 $262,393 6.95% $126,090
May 2020 $7,180,450 $424,947 5.92% $187,743
June 2020 $8,138,772 $691,103 8.49% $313,156
July 2020 $11,623,208 $1,268,688 10.92% $602,156
August 2020 $27,539,869 $1,366,338 4.96% $596,720
September 2020 $41,373,620 $2,290,364 5.54% $990,885
October 2020 $47,055,486 $4,203,875 8.93% $2,001,597
November 2020 $46,523,447 $4,770,459 10.25% $2,323,843
December 2020 $51,649,897 $4,537,653 8.79% $2,137,406
January 2021 $59,795,433 $4,197,029 7.02% $1,866,506
February 2021 $50,995,349 $1,787,930 3.51% $768,387
March 2021 $55,800,096 $4,254,732 7.62% $1,925,260
April 2021 $46,700,713 $3,302,340 7.07% $1,480,847
May 2021 $42,367,381 $3,115,230 7.35% $1,433,622
June 2021 $39,268,179 $3,869,773 9.85% $1,797,118
July 2021 $36,724,165 $3,062,545 8.34% $1,468,578
August 2021 $36,319,740 $1,594,235 4.4% $723,016
September 2021 $68,123,241 $4,420,924 6.5% $1,887,442
October 2021 $98,191,306 $5,409,197 5.5% $2,560,651
November 2021 $83,168,812 $6,172,586 7.4% $2,926,241
December 2021 $86,449,528 $2,645,934 3.1% $1,143,356
January 2022 $99,540,825 $8,029,427 8.1% $3,875,782
February 2022 $70,866,282 $1,019,097 1.4% $458,353
March 2022 $78,811,441 $5,283,248 6.7% $2,506,864
April 2022 $73,149,079 $3,436,446 4.7% $1,514,431
May 2022 $76,199,157 $5,720,931 7.5% $2,637,598
June 2022 $53,567,757 $4,819,197 9.0% $2,216,742
Total (since launch) $1,448,949,479 $95,824,351 6.6% $44,223,202

New Hampshire sports fans have quickly taken to sports betting as a way to get closer to the action.

NH Sports Betting Revenue: Annual Figures

The table below shows New Hampshire’s annual sports betting handle, gross gaming revenue, and hold percentage, as well as state tax revenue collected since legalization.

Year Total Handle Revenue Hold Percentage State Tax Revenue
2019 $360,726 $44,759 12.41% $19,403
2020 $292,594,088 $23,637,613 8.08% $11,000,815

The industry is off to a strong start despite the majority of legal betting activity taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latest NH Revenue News

Here’s a quick synopsis of the latest news from New Hampshire sports betting revenue reports.

November 2021 – Monthly sports betting revenue reached an all-time high in New Hampshire, eclipsing the $6 million mark for the first time in state history. This figure came from sportsbooks collecting a 7.4% hold rate off $83,168,812 in total wagers.

October 2021 – Like many other states in the country, New Hampshire set a state record for monthly betting handle in October 2021 with a total of $98,191,306 in wagers.

September 2021 – From August to September 2021, the monthly sports betting handle in New Hampshire nearly doubled. The $68,123,241 figure in September can largely be attributed to the start of the NFL season.

August 2021 – The state of New Hampshire saw a nearly identical monthly betting handle in August, reaching a total of $36,319,740. This humble state continues to be a powerful force in the US sports betting market.

July 2021 – New Hampshire sports betting revenue continues the downwards trajectory it’s been on for the past four months. In July, New Hampshire sportsbooks took in $36,724,165 and kept $3,062,545 after paying out winners. July is typically a slower month for the US sports betting market, with revenues expected to climb in late summer and throughout the fall with the return of the NFL and college football as well as MLB playoffs.

June 2021 – New Hampshire’s monthly betting handle continued to decline in June. Sports bettors wagered $39,268,179, of which over three-quarters was wagered online. Sportsbooks kept $3,869,773 after paying out winning bets, which represents the highest hold rate (9.85 percent) in New Hampshire since November 2020.

May 2021 – New Hampshire reports $42,367,381 in sports wagers for May, of which sportsbooks kept $3,115,230. It is the ninth straight month the state has taken in more than $40 million in betting handle. Additionally, all-time gross gaming revenue in New Hampshire surpasses $40 million.

April 2021 – New Hampshire declares $46,700,713 in wagers for April, its lowest monthly betting handle thus far in 2021. The Granite State has now surpassed $500 million in sports bets taken.

March 2021 – Continuing its strong start to 2021, New Hampshire exceeds $50 million in betting handle for the fourth straight month. A total of $55,800,096 was wagered in March.

February 2021 – The New Hampshire Lottery reports $50,995,349 in wagers in February, the third straight month the state surpassed the $50 million mark. Two months into 2021, the Granite State has handled over $100 million in sports bets, a feat that took until August in the previous calendar year. February 2021 was also the lowest monthly hold percentage New Hampshire has reported thus far (3.51 percent), which means it was a good month for bettors.

January 2021 – New Hampshire sets a new state record in monthly sports betting handle. Sports bettors wagered $59,795,433, and sportsbooks kept $4,197,029 after paying out winning bets.

Sports Betting Dime will update this table monthly with the figures provided by the New Hampshire Lottery.

New Hampshire Market Overview

To understand the sports betting market in New Hampshire, we must keep in mind some key facts.

State Population (2020 Census): 1,377,529

In-state Pro Teams: None

Launch Date: December 30, 2019

Biggest Monthly Handle: $98,191,306 (October 2021)

Regulator: New Hampshire Lottery

Platforms: Online and retail

Tax Rate: 51 percent

New Hampshire Sports Betting Revenue Insights

New Hampshire punches above its weight when it comes to sports betting. It has recorded six straight months with more than $40 million wagered, which is impressive for a state with little more than a million residents.

Here are some themes we’ve noticed when examining the New Hampshire market.

DraftKings Delivers

New Hampshire opted to provide DraftKings Sportsbook exclusive rights to the state’s online sports betting market, at least for the time being. The move is somewhat unusual, but partnering with the industry giant has resulted in solid returns for the state.

New Hampshire set up a bidding war for exclusive online rights rather than set a fixed tax rate and issue all five online licenses as allowed by its sports betting regulations. Essentially, the state bet that sportsbooks would be willing to give up a lot for the advantage of a monopoly position.

DraftKings outbid other sportsbooks in the quest to be the sole online operator. The sportsbook agreed to pay a 51 percent tax rate in exchange for exclusive rights. The deal stipulates that should New Hampshire provide one or two additional online sports betting licenses, the tax rate will drop to 21 percent. It will be lowered to 16 percent if a fourth or fifth operator is authorized.

Retail sportsbooks launched in summer 2020, but more than 80 percent of New Hampshire’s betting handle still comes from online wagering. As of the end of February 2021, New Hampshire had collected more than $13 million in state tax revenue from its first 15 months of legal sports betting. Money flows back to state coffers quickly with the ability to charge a tax rate of 51 percent.

By comparison, New Hampshire has accumulated more than double the tax revenue collected in Iowa, where sports betting has been legal since August 2019, but the tax rate is just 6.75 percent. Iowa has twice the population of New Hampshire and typically more than double the betting handle.

New Hampshire is cashing in on DraftKings’ desire for exclusivity. However, the trade-off is that New Hampshire sports bettors would be able to access a higher quantity and quality of sportsbook promotions if there were multiple operators in the market. In the meantime, new users can take advantage of DraftKings’ generous welcome offer – a deposit match of up to $1050.

Prioritizing Online Betting Pays Off

State lawmakers that think they can be competitive without allowing online betting should look no further than this simple, side-by-side comparison of New Hampshire and New York.

New Hampshire New York
Online Betting Allowed? Yes No
State Population (2020) 1,377,529 20,201,249
In-State Pro Sports Teams 0 9+
Gross Revenue (Oct-Dec 2020) $13,511,987 $7,501,911

Clearly, there are enormous benefits to allowing online wagers. Creating an online and mobile betting market was the right choice for New Hampshire’s sports betting industry. Lawmakers made a bold choice in allowing DraftKings to obtain an online monopoly, but the state is collecting substantial tax revenues as a result.

Competitive Neighbors

Competition from other Northeastern states will only get stiffer for New Hampshire as neighbors such as Vermont and Massachusetts look to legalize sports betting.

Of course, the Northeast is also home to powerhouse sports betting markets such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If New York were to launch online sportsbooks, it would surely become one of the country’s biggest markets.

All of this to say, New Hampshire is a little fish in a big pond. Being an early adopter of online sports betting helped the Granite State develop a small but steady customer base to retain for years to come.

Learn More About Betting on Sports In New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s sports betting industry has performed well thus far, but one has to wonder how long the DraftKings monopoly will last. Sports bettors should see juicier promotions as the online market opens up and becomes more competitive.

Sports Betting Dime will keep you updated with the latest New Hampshire sports betting information, via our NH state page. To see how New Hampshire compares to other states, be sure to explore our state-by-state sports betting revenue tracker.

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