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Previewing the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia
Can tournament-favorites Brazil take home their sixth championship? Or is the field too strong in the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup of Soccer is here! While soccer is basically a sport that runs year round in the various leagues across the globe, the World Cup (hosted in Russia this year) is one of the biggest sporting events that only comes around once every four years, bringing many new fans and bettors to the sport.

There are 32 nations that qualified for the tournament, and they have been divided into eight groups on December 1, 2017.

We are tracking the 2018 FIFA World Cup odds for all 32 nations in the tournament. The graphs below are generated by averaging the odds from our most trusted sportsbooks. Be sure to check back regularly for updates leading up to, and throughout, the entire tournament.

Odds for Top 2018 World Cup Contenders

Countries with the Most World Cup Appearances

Country Participations
Brazil 20
Germany 18
Italy 18
Argentina 16
Mexico 15
England 14
France 14
Spain 14
Belgium 12
Uruguay 12
Sweden 11
Serbia 11
Netherlands 10
Russia 10
Switzerland 10
USA 10
  • Notable absentees in this year’s World Cup include Italy (tied for the second-most World Cup championships), the Netherlands, and the USA.
Country # of World Cups Years Won
Brazil 5 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Italy 4 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Germany 4 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014
Uruguay 2 1930, 1950
Argentina 2 1978, 1986
England 1 1966
France 1 1998
Spain 1 2010

Of the eight groups, seven of them feature a past champion – Group H is the only one without a previous winner.

Neymar of Brazil

FIFA World Cup Betting Trends

  • A European nation has won the past three World Cups, and four of the last five – Brazil being the only non-European country to win
  • Brazil has won two of the last six tournaments, making them the only nation to win multiple World Cups in the last 24 years
  • The last nation to win the World Cup as the host was France in 1998.
  • The host country has won six of the 20 World Cups
  • European and South American nations have won each of the last ten World Cups

2018 World Cup Odds: Group A

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Uruguay -125 12 Champions (last 1950)
Russia +185 10 4th (1996) *Soviet Union
Egypt +500 2 Group Stage (1990)
Saudi Arabia +4000 4 Round of 16 (1994)

(05/25/18) Uruguay’s 2018 World Cup odds shortened slightly upon being drawn into Group A alongside Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. As the 17th ranked nation in the FIFA World Rankings, they are strong favorites to finish first ahead of Egypt (46th), Russia (66th) and Saudi Arabia (67th).

Betting odds have remained fairly steady throughout this Group with the Saudis being heavy underdogs at an average price of +85000 for several months. Considering they loaned out nine players from their domestic leagues to La Liga during the season to gain additional experience and not one of them played, these odds seem justified.

Russia and Sweden team stats in the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Sweden and the host country, Russia, have been two of the biggest overachievers in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Can either advance through the Quarter-finals?

2018 World Cup Odds: Group B

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Spain -185 14 Champions (2010)
Portugal +185 6 3rd (1966)
Morocco +1600 4 Round of 16 (1986)
Iran +2800 4 Group Stage (last 2014)

(12/01/17) The nations of Group B all saw their odds fall with the groups being announced and being drawn alongside one of the tournament favorites, Spain. Morocco and Iran saw their odds fall the most, while Portugal dropped from average odds of +1400 to +2200 to win the World Cup.

(05/25/18) The Portuguese have stabilized around +2200, but odds for Morocco and Iran have continued to drift.

(06/17/18) A loss to Iran in their opening game all but ends Morocco’s slim chances of advancing to the knockout stage.

2018 World Cup Odds: Group C

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
France -325 14 Champions (1998)
Denmark +450 4 QF (1998)
Peru +1000 4 QF (1970)
Australia +2200 4 Round of 16 (2006)

(12/01/17) The world’s 12th-ranked Danes saw some of the most volatility in their World Cup odds today when the groups were drawn. Outside of France, their remaining opponents of Peru and Australia are not exactly world beaters. Denmark moved from as much as +20500 to win the 2018 World Cup, all the way down to +8500 with the draw.

Denmark’s strongest competition for that second spot, (likely) behind France, for qualification would be Peru. However, Peru will be without team captain and leading scorer Paolo Guerrero, who has been suspended for testing positive for a banned substance.

(05/31/18) The Swiss Federal Tribunal has lifted the ban on Paolo Guerrero, ruling him eligible to participate in the 2018 World Cup.

2018 World Cup Odds: Group D

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Argentina -190 16 Champions (last 1986)
Croatia +275 4 3rd (1998)
Nigeria +1000 5 Round of 16 (last 2014)
Iceland +1200 0 First World Cup

(05/25/18) Group favorites Argentina have seen their odds to win the 2018 World Cup drift out slightly of late which could be due to the uncertainty of injured striker Sergio Aguero. The Manchester City star underwent arthroscopic surgery for a knee injury in April and his readiness for the World Cup is still in question. Aguero scored 30 goals for the Citizens this year.

(06/17/18) A draw in their opening game with Iceland has cast some doubt over Argentina, dropping them out of the top five contenders.

2018 World Cup Odds: Group E

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Brazil -350 20 Champions (last 2002)
Switzerland +600 10 QF (last 1954)
Serbia +700 11 4th (last 1962) *Yugoslavia
Costa Rica +2500 4 QF (2014)

(12/01/17) Switzerland saw their odds shorten after qualifying for the World Cup from an average of +7000 to +5600. Though now that the groups have been drawn, and they find themselves alongside Brazil – one of the favorites to win the title – their odds have moved back up to +7000.

(05/08/18) Since the draw, Switzerland’s odds have continued to grow, now reaching +9000.

2018 World Cup Odds: Group F

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Germany -300 18 Champions (last 2014)
Mexico +550 15 QF (last 1986)
Sweden +650 11 2nd (1958)
South Korea +1800 9 4th (2002)

(12/01/17) Similar to Group E, when you get drawn alongside one of the favorites to lift the trophy in Germany, your odds to win will only suffer. Mexico and South Korea’s World Cup odds have both fallen with today’s announcement of the draw.

(06/17/18) Germany’s loss to Mexico in their opening game of the tournament caused their average odds to win the 2018 World Cup to drop from +440 to +680.

2018 World Cup Odds: Group G

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Belgium -130 12 4th (1986)
England +120 14 Champions (1996)
Tunisia +2000 4 Group Stage (last 2006)
Panama +5000 0 First World Cup

(12/01/17) Being drawn alongside England, Tunisia, and Panama has resulted in Belgium’s average odds to win the 2018 World Cup moving from +1300 to +1000.

(03/19/18) Since the group draw, Belgium has continued to take money and can now be had for around +930.

2018 World Cup Odds: Group H

Country Odds World Cup Appearances Furthest Progression
Colombia +125 5 QF (2014)
Poland +175 7 3rd (last 1982)
Senegal +500 1 QF (2002)
Japan +750 5 QF (last 2010)

(12/01/17) Group H is likely the most balanced group, which can be seen by the relatively close odds between all four nations to win the group. Poland is seen as having a favorable draw seeing their odds to win the 2018 World Cup move from +5200 to +2600 after the announcement.

(05/08/18) Since the group stage draw, Poland has fallen out of favor with bettors as their odds to win the World Cup have drifted back to an average of +5200.