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  • The XFL is back for the 2023 season
  • With a 35-26 win over DC, the Arlington Renegades won the 2023 XFL Championship
  • Track each team’s futures throughout the entire season

We are tracking 2023 XFL Championship odds for all eight teams throughout the entire season. The graphs below are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources.

The season kicks off on February 18 and can be viewed on ABC and ESPN.

XFL Championship Odds for Top Contenders

Here are some notes on the movement we’ve seen so far:

  • [May 13] After a 4-6 season that saw them finishing second in the South Division, the Arlington Renegades shocked the 9-1 DC Defenders, 35-26, to win the 2023 XFL Championship.
  • [May 2] The 2023 XFL Championship game is set! There was little surprise to see the 9-1 DC Defenders cruise past Seattle, with the North Division champions opening as -240 favorites. We got the exact opposite the day before, however,  when the 4-6 Arlington Renegades shocked South Division champs Houston to secure their place in the final. The Renegades open as +200 underdogs to capture the 2023 XFL Championship.
  • [Apr 18] With a convincing win over St. Louis in Week 9, Seattle’s championship odds have shortened from +550 to +400.
  • [Apr 12] Wins for DC and Houston last weekend have clinched the teams playoff spots in their divisions while simultaneously eliminating Vegas and Orlando.
  • [Apr 4] Despite falling to previously winless Orlando, the Defenders’ title odds barely moved, shifting from an average of +130 to +148.
  • [Mar 28] After a low-scoring win over Arlington, San Antonio’s XFL Championship odds nearly halved, shortening from +2500 to +1400.
  • [Mar 21] The Houston Roughnecks are no longer the odds-on favorite after suffering their first lost of the season. Their average odds now sit at +215.
  • [Mar 13] Houston and D.C. continue to distance themselves from the pack as their XFL Championship odds have shortened to +160 and +170 respectively.
  • [Feb 27] Seattle has seen their championship odds fall from +460 to +800 after losing their first two games of the season.
  • [Feb 14] The St Louis BattleHawks open as the 2023 XFL favorites at +400 odds.

Current XFL Championship Odds

Team Record Spread Moneyline Total
Arlington Renegades 5-6 +6 (-110) +200 O 46.5 (-110)
DC Defenders 10-1 -6 (-110) -240 U 46.5 (-110)

Odds taken May 2, 2023.

St Louis and Seattle start off as favorites to kick off the 2023 XFL season. Orlando is the biggest longshot for the title at +900 odds.

XFL Former NFL Players to Watch For

Here a re few names NFL fans may recognize from their time prior to joing the XFL.

  • Josh Gordon (WR), Seattle Sea Dragons
  • Paxton Lynch (QB), Orlando Guardians
  • Matt Elam (S), Orlando Guardians
  • Johnny Townsend (K), Orlando Guardians
  • Vic Beasley (OLB), Vegas Vipers
  • Martavis Bryant (WR), Vega Vipers
  • AJ McCarron (QB), St Louis Battlehawks
  • Kalen Ballage (RB), San Antonio Brahmas

2023 XFL Rules

The XFL has its’ own set of rules so be sure to freshen up on some of the finer details of the league here.

Timing of Games:

  • XFL games have 35-second play clocks that start after the previous play and the clock will start after incomplete passes and out of bounds plays that are before the two-minute warning in each half
  • After the two-minute warning the clock will stop after first downs
  • Each team will receive three timeouts per half and games will include a 10-minute halftime


  • The kicking team will start play at their opponent’s 35-yard line, with the returning team starting five yards apart at their 30-yard line.
  • Teams begin play five yards apart with the kicking team at the opponent’s 35-yard line and return team at its’ own 30-yard line

Extra Points:

  • Following a touchdown a team will have tiered extra point options.
  • Team can run/pass from the 2-yard line (1 point), 5-yard line (2 points) or 10-yard line (3 points)
  • The defensive team will be given the same amount of points for a TD

Options After Scoring:

  • The options will include a traditional onside kick or a 4th and 15th conversion from a team’s own 25-yard line, which is only allowed in the 4th quarter

The Double Forward Pass:

    If a team completes a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage, they may again complete a second forward pass if the ball is still behind the line of scrimmage. The first forward pass can fall incomplete versus being a fumbled lateral

Overtime Rules:

  • Teams will alternate attempts from their opponent’s 5-yard line with three attempts per team (2 points per score) or until there is a winner

XFL Instant Replay Rules:

  • The centralized replay can correct errors on non-reviewable plays, player safety at any time and also for issues in the last five minutes of regulation and overtime
  • Head coaches will be allowed to challenge one on-field ruling per game

See archived XFL odds here

Past odds: 2020

When Does the 2023 XFL Season Start?

The 2023 XFL season kicks off on Saturday, February 18, 2023.

How Many Teams Play In the XFL?

There are eight teams playing in the XFL in the 2023 season. They include the Vegas Vipers, Arlington Renegades, Orlando Guardians, Houston Roughnecks, St. Louis Battlehawks, San Antonio Brahmas, Seattle Sea Dragons and the DC Defenders.

How Many Games are In the 2023 XFL Season and When Is the XFL Championship?

Each team will play ten regular season games starting from Week 1 (Feb 18-19) through Week 10 (Apr 22-23). The semifinals will take place from April 29-30 and the XFL Championship will take place on Saturday, May 13.

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