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We are tracking 2020 XFL Championship odds for all eight teams throughout the entire season. The graphs below are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sources.

XFL Championship Odds for Top Contenders

Here are some notes on the movement we’ve seen so far:

  • [Mar 13] The XFL has announced that they will not finish the 2020 season due to COVID-19; all reputable sportsbooks are grading XFL futures bets as “no action”, which means you’ll be refunded any money you bet on XFL futures
  • [Mar 10] Very little changed in the XFL futures after Week 5; Houston got a little shorter after moving to 5-0, while Seattle and Tampa Bay continue to fade into their own tier
  • [Mar 4] The Roughnecks remain undefeated and their championship odds continue to shorten; the BattleHawks have now overtaken the Defenders for the second-best odds after DC lost their second straight game
  • [Feb 25] For the first time this season, the Houston Roughnecks, who are the only remaining unbeaten team after Week 3, are favored to win the XFL Championship
  • [Feb 18] The Defenders and Roughnecks have separated themselves from the pack with average futures odds of +185 and +212, respectively; all other teams are +700 or longer
  • [Feb 10] The top two teams – Renegades and Vipers – lost in Week 1, shaking up the 2020 XFL futures; the Defenders are now favored for the first time, while the Roughnecks are a close second
  • [February 7, 2020] The DC Defenders have gone from having the third-worst odds to the third-best ahead of Week 1
  • [November 21, 2019] After the XFL Draft on October 15-16, futures did not reopen until more than a month later, with the Dallas Renegades now favored
  • [August 22, 2019] The LA Wildcats and New York Guardians have opened as co-favorites to win the 2020 XFL Championship


Team Record Odds
Houston Roughnecks 5-0 +160
St Louis BattleHawks 3-2 +325
DC Defenders 3-2 +400
Dallas Renegades 2-3 +700
New York Guardians 3-2 +850
Los Angeles Wildcats 2-3 +900
Tampa Bay Vipers 1-4 +2500
Seattle Dragons 1-4 +5000

*Odds taken March 10

Top Contenders in Each Conference

2020 XFL Season Structure & Rules

Before you bet any futures, it’s important to understand how the league is going to run. Here’s the most important things you need to know:

  • The regular season will be 10 weeks
  • There will be no bye weeks
  • The eight teams are split into two conferences: East and West
  • Each team plays the other three teams in their conference twice – once at home and once on the road – and then the four teams in the other conference once each
  • The top two teams from each conference make the playoffs
  • The playoffs will not see teams cross over to play the other conference in the first round; the top team in the east will play the second-best team from the east

There are also a number of rules that will be different from what you’re used to seeing in the NFL. Here are the bigger ones:

  • Kickoffs will take place from the 25-yard-line, with the kicking team members lined up at the receiving team’s 35-yard-line, and blockers of the receiving team lined up at their own 30-yard-line
  • A touchback that travels directly into the endzone through the air will come out to the 35, while touchbacks that bounce into the endzone will come out to the 15
  • There are no traditional extra points; an extra point will be a scrimmage play from the 2-yard-line, while a two-point attempt will be from the 5, and a new three-point attempt will be from the 10
  • Teams can throw two forward passes on the same play as long as the ball doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage before the second pass
  • Overtime will consist of a five-round shootout of two-point conversions
  • The clock will run continuously outside of the two-minute warning; after the two-minute warning, traditional NFL stoppages will occur
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