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Best Books for a Sports Betting Beginner

Robert Duff

by Robert Duff

Updated Mar 5, 2021 · 11:20 AM PST

When those who are into sports betting talk about their books, they are usually referring to the site where they place their bets.

This unusual terminology is just one example of how sports betting can be confusing for beginners.  To the uninitiated, betting on sports can seem like an overwhelming pursuit.

The lingo can sound like a foreign tongue: Fading the line. Seeking out a steam move. Parlays. Teasers. Sharps. Making a play against the chalk.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resource materials available to help newbies learn the ins and outs of wagering on sports.

These are some of the best books on sports betting for beginners.

Sports Betting for Dummies

Billed as the sports gambling book that you can bet on, Sports Betting for Dummies is another in the seemingly never-ending series of books that teach those who haven’t how to make it happen.

Authored by Swain Scheps, Sports Betting For Dummies begins from Square 1, covering the basic fundamentals and progressing from there. You’ll learn the meaning of sports betting terminology. The types of bets you can make are detailed.

From that base of information, the author branches out into more nuanced topics. There’s discussions of handicapping fundamentals, and the type of information you’ll need to be a successful bettor. Factors such as how to manage your bankroll and ways to place bets on the internet are also covered.

Scheps goes into further detail about how to bet on major sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. There’s also sections about wagering on special events such as the Super Bowl and even betting on the Olympic Games.

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The Everything Guide to Sports Betting

Author Josh Applebaum looks at sports betting from both sides of the coin. While relating the fun and excitement that a wager can add to to the sports viewing experience, he also takes a cautionary tone in laying out the inherent dangers that can prove a pitfall for the overzealous sports bettor.

His book is a road map to avoiding the latter outcome. It explains how to place strategic wagers. It provides insight on how to make bets, and what type of bets can be played. He teaches newcomers how to recognize the signs of a profitable bet, and to spot the danger signs that are telling you when to walk away from a wager.

It’s an introduction to successful sports betting.

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The Complete Guide to Sports Betting

If you want to take a deep dive into how betting systems work, and gain insights into the types of strategies employed by sharp sports bettors, the so-called smart money players, this is the book to read.

Authored by Kevin Dolan, The Complete Guide To Sports Betting is much like its title – straightforward and to the point. You’ll discover how to decipher the games that offer the highest betting value and provide the most logical chance to deliver profit.

From this book, newcomers to sports betting will get a better understanding of how power rankings work, how to analyze betting patterns and trends, and methods to evaluate the impact of early and late line movement. If you’re serious about developing an astute betting IQ, this is a must read.

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The Logic of Sports Betting

This book starts off by explaining the basics of sports betting. How do sportsbooks make their lines? Which types of bets are the best? Can you beat the house?

It gives the reader a better comprehension of the logic deployed by sportsbooks when establishing a betting line.

Co-authors Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow both have longstanding connections to the betting industry. After selling more than 300,000 books about poker and other forms of gambling, this is Miller’s first delve into the world of sports betting.

Davidow co-founded a pair of private sports analytics firms. He’s been utilizing his proprietary methods to beat the leading sportsbooks for nearly two decades.

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Guide to Sports Betting

The intention of author Ian Hudson’s book is to provide a comprehensive guide to sports betting for those new to wagering on sporting events. He seeks to teach newcomers how to make consistent profits betting on sport.

Hudson offers tips on developing the wisest strategies that should lead to successful betting on sports markets.

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Learning The ABCs of Sports Betting

These books won’t turn you into a professional gambler making a living off of betting on sports. What they will do is explain the ins and outs of sports betting to newbies.

Read any of these works and you’ll be left with a basic of knowledge of the how, what, when, where and why of sports betting.

Consider it a course in sports betting 101.

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