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Sportsbook Referral Bonuses: Get Rewarded for Inviting Your Friends

Patrick Cwiklinski

by Patrick Cwiklinski

Updated May 27, 2024 · 1:42 PM PDT

Sportsbook referral bonuses are a win-win for you and your friends. With sports betting referral offers, top online betting sites offer lucrative rewards for bringing your friends into the action with you.

The best refer-a-friend programs earn both you and your buddies free bet credits. The terms and conditions vary slightly, so we’ll highlight a few things to keep in mind.

Read on to discover where to find the best sportsbook referral bonus offers.

What Are Sportsbook Referral Bonuses?

A sportsbook referral bonus is exactly what it sounds like: you get rewarded for referring your friends to your sports betting site. It’s a very easy way to add hundreds – or in some cases, thousands – of dollars to your bankroll.

Your bonus will be in the form of site credit or a free bet. The best refer-a-friend programs will sweeten the deal with a bonus for your friend(s) as well, and this would usually be on top of existing welcome offers for new customers.

How Do Refer-a-Friend Offers Work?

If you have friends interested in giving sports betting a try, referral offers require little effort on your part. So long as you meet basic eligibility requirements, all you have to do is send your friends an invite with the unique referral link found in your sportsbook account.

Here are some examples of standard eligibility requirements to be aware of when pursuing a sportsbook referral bonus:

  • Your sportsbook account balance must not be negative
  • You must have a betting history with the sportsbook

In some cases, you may be required to hold an account for a minimum amount of time or wager a certain amount before you are eligible for refer-a-friend promotions.

For example, PointsBet previously required the referring member to have turned over at least $1,000 in wagers and to have had their account for at least 14 days. These requirements may be somewhat prohibitive for new or casual bettors, but for regular customers, the $100 per friend offer at PointsBet was second to none.

Invited friends must be new account holders and must register using your unique link. Once they have verified their account, they will typically need to either deposit a certain amount of money or place a certain amount in cash wagers to trigger the bonus. In most cases, the amounts required are relatively small – usually in the $10 to $100 range – but there’s often a time limit as well.

Some sportsbooks will place a periodic or lifetime limit on how many referral bonuses you can earn. Others, such as FanDuel, do not specify a maximum number. However, any legal limitations set by your state’s regulatory body will apply.

Refer-a-friend offers are one of the most straightforward bonuses to take advantage of, so we encourage you to aim for the maximum number of referrals allowed. Having more friends with skin in the game will only make your sports betting experience more enjoyable.

Best Sportsbook Referral Offers

It pays to recruit your friends into the action at many top sports betting sites.

The table below displays key information for the best sports betting referral bonuses our reviewers could find:

Best Referral Bonus Sportsbook Sportsbook Referral Bonus Minimum Deposit Required Limits Other Key Terms Get Started
DraftKings Up to $100 each $25 5 referrals per offer period Must be a new DraftKings player, not just new to Sportsbook Bet Now
FanDuel $50 each $10 Not specified Friends must place a $10 cash wager within 7 days Bet Now
BetMGM $100 each $100 20 total referrals per month 1x wagering requirement during 30-day period. Bet Now
Caesars Sportsbook $100 each $50 10 referrals Friends must place $50 in cash wagers within 30 days Bet Now

Disclaimer: Promotions change frequently. The examples above were current at the time of writing but may no longer be available.

How Do I Refer a Friend to my Sportsbook?

Referring a friend to your sportsbook is easy and works much like online referrals in other industries. If you’ve ever referred a friend to use platforms such as Uber or AirBnB, inviting your friends to bet on sports will feel familiar.

The exact process may vary slightly from sportsbook to sportsbook, but the example below should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect with referral programs.

Here are the steps and rules for the FanDuel refer-a-friend program:

  • Find your unique referral link on the main homepage when logged into FanDuel
  • Click the “Earn $50” button to share the link with your friends
  • Your friend(s) will need to sign up for and verify a new FanDuel Sportsbook account using this link
  • Remind your friend they must place a minimum $10 cash wager within seven days of registration
  • Both you and your friend will be issued a $50 bet credit within 72 hours of meeting eligibility criteria

Terms and conditions vary, so always read the fine print to confirm rules and eligibility requirements.

More Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbook referral bonuses are excellent ongoing promotions that benefit your bankroll and often your friends’ as well. Plus, betting on sports is more fun when your friends are in on the action too.

To discover more ways to grow your bankroll, explore the in-depth articles in our Bonuses section.

Have fun and enjoy the action out there!



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