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Verifying Your Sportsbook Account for Withdrawals

Mitchell South

by Mitchell South

Updated May 6, 2024 · 9:12 AM PDT

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Before you make your first withdrawal at your sportsbook, you’ll be required to verify your identity to receive your sports betting winnings.

In fact, most online sportsbooks today will verify your identity as part of the sign up/account creation process. In some areas, you need to verify your account at an in-person retail location before you can bet online.

Many online operators now use e-verification software that doesn’t require you to upload any supporting documentation. Others will simply prompt you to upload copies of your government-issued ID.

This short guide covers everything you need to know about why verification is so important, and how to ensure you can verify your own sports betting accounts as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Why Do Sportsbooks Need to Verify Your Identity?

It really boils down to two things: the law and a competitive marketplace. Sportsbooks are licensed, regulated businesses that must comply with the regulatory regimes of the region they operate in, whether that be a US state, Europe, or the Canada.

Of course, sportsbooks also want to provide excellent customer service to stand out in the market. Verifying bettors’ information before making any payouts is an essential component of doing both.

The following are the specific reasons that sportsbooks need to vet your identity before sending you your winnings:

  • Every sportsbook is required to guarantee that site users are at least 18. Most states within the US require bettors to be 21 years of age, as per state law. Making sure you’re old enough to bet is part of the verification process.
  • Good sportsbook want to maximize security for their global customers. By verifying your identity, sportsbooks protect themselves from aiding and abetting anyone who’s committed identity theft. This helps them develop favorable relationships with payment providers around the world, which in turn gives you more flexibility in terms of payment options.
  • It’s crucial to be compliant with international banking standards (including both Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering policies). Identity verification is an integral component of this. Any company that is complicit in aiding fraudulent activity will be financially penalized (including sportsbooks).
  • Verification can remove the risk of ‘missing payments’, which can take weeks (sometimes, months) to find, recall, and then subsequently resend to bettors. Processing fees to recover these payments are often quite steep for both the sportsbook and the bettor. Verifying bettors’ identities ensures that ‘missing payments’ are avoided.

How Do Sportsbooks Verify Your Identity?

Today, many sportsbooks are able to verify your identity automatically with the standard info you provide while creating your account.

If your online sportsbook is using e-verification, you simply need to complete the form fields during online sign up. The software matches the info provided with public records to ensure it all matches. For this reason, it’s important you use your full legal name and enter an accurate residential address and date of birth.

This e-verification process typically takes less than ten minutes, and you won’t need to upload and documentation.

Other sportsbooks require manual verification, which requires you to upload supporting documentation to prove you are who you say you are. We cover the manual verification process below.

American bettors should also note that in-person account verification is required in some states. This means you’ll need to visit a casino or retail betting lounge with the required documents in order to set up an account before you can bet online.

How Do I Manually Verify My Identity at My Sportsbook?

If prompted to manually verify your identity, you must first scan your documents, save them in a .jpeg format, and upload in the appropriate section of the online sportsbook. If you’re not prompted to do so during registration, you can typically upload them in the “My Account” section of your sportsbook.

Of course, most modern betting apps will simply allow you to take photos of these documents directly in the app, saving you the hassle of tracking down a scanner.

In either case, make sure the key information is 100% clear, legible, and easy for your sportsbook to read.

If you have any trouble uploading documents, try resizing them to ensure they are under 5mb.

What Documents Do You Need To Verify Your Identity?

There are two primary forms of ID you’ll need to get your sportsbook account verified: proof of identity and proof of address.

In the rare cases where your address documentation doesn’t match the address listed on your identification, you may be required to present two documents that prove your address.

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Identification

To verify your identity, you’ll need to provide your sportsbook with a color copy of your photo identification. Sportsbooks are looking for an official form of photo ID that bears your full name. In most jurisdictions, this means you’ll need to use goverment-issued identification such as a passport or driver’s license.

Hint: using your driver’s license verifies both your identity and address, reducing the number of documents you need to provide overall.

If your photo is too blurry to make out, you’ll need to resend it.

In most cases, sportsbooks will ask you to make sure that the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) at the foot of both your passport and driver’s license is visible in the photograph. This guarantees the document’s authenticity.

Here’s a hint: use your driver’s license as it verifies both your identity and address. If you do, you can skip the section below.

Acceptable Forms of Address Verification

To prove your address, you’ll need to provide some form of documentation that clearly displays your current billing address and full name. Utility bills are the most common option.

As long as the provided document is an official paper statement, shows your address and name, and has the company’s logo, you should be verified.

It’s important to remember that the bill or statement must be less than 6 months old for it to be successfully verified.

The following are accepted forms of proof of address:

  • Water Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Wireless Internet Bill
  • Medical Bill
  • Medical Insurance Statement
  • Car Insurance Statement
  • Renter’s Insurance Statement
  • Homeowners Insurance Statement
  • Property Receipt
  • Lease / Rental Agreement
  • Government Documentation
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Bank Account Statement

What Happens If You Aren’t Verified?

If you don’t verify your age and identity, you won’t be able to receive your payouts. Some operators may prevent you from placing wagers entirely. Sportsbooks, without exception, must confirm your identity and address before you can even request a withdrawal.

How Often Do I Have to Verify My Information?

You should only ever need to verify your identity and address once. Once your documents have been confirmed, you’ll have quick withdrawals for life at your sportsbooks.

How Long Does it Take to Verify at Sportsbooks?

If you’re wondering how long does it take to verify at DraftKings, or any other regulated sportsbook for that matter, then you’ll be happy to know that the verification process is usually completed in under five minutes.

During a recent study on North Carolina sports betting apps conducted by information services company TESTA, the following registration times were recorded by a tester in the Tar Heel State:

  • BetMGM: 3 minutes
  • DraftKings: 3:19
  • Caesars Sportsbook: 3:41
  • FanDuel:  4:01
  • Fanatics Sportsbook: 4:09
  • Underdog Sportsbook: 4:22
  • bet365: 4:31
  • ESPN BET: 13:43 (photo ID verification delay)

On average, you’ll have a sportsbook account created, verified, and ready to wager with in under five minutes as long as you have all the necessary personal details on hand. Once you’ve verified your sportsbook account and can start depositing, make sure to also claim welcome offers like a DraftKings promo code so you don’t miss out on any valuable bonuses.

My Sportsbook Has Verified My Information. What Next?

Once you’re verified, all you have to do is bet on the winners! Taking care of the nitty-gritty details in your sports betting experience isn’t the most exciting portion of the path to becoming a sharp, but it’s necessary.

If you’re still searching for a sportsbook to start up with – or perhaps looking for a new sportsbook so you can start line shopping – check out our guide on the best bonuses available at your sportsbook.


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