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Sports and Betting Abbreviations


by jay

Updated Mar 18, 2021 · 1:51 PM PDT

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Ever been confused by the litany of terms you have to understand in order to research which lines to choose at your sportsbook? We’ve compiled a super easy to read, handy list of all the terms you’ll need to know for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and soccer via our team of trusted sports experts. To maximize your bets, you’ll need to know which sporting abbreviations mean what.

We’ve got you covered, from basic terms like W/L (Win/Loss) to the LS (Long Snapper).

Research sports statistics with confidence with our comprehensive list of abbreviations!

General Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
C Center
CB Cornerback
DB Defensive Back
DE Defensive End
DT Defensive Tackle
FB Full back
K Kicker
LB Linebacker
LS Long Snapper
OL Offensive Lineman
P Punter
QB Quarterback
RB Running Back
S Safety
T Tackle
TE Tight End
WR Wide Receiver
3P Three-point field goals

NBA Abbreviations 

Abbreviation Meaning
Ht Height
L Losses
n/a Not available
No. Sweater number
Pct Percentage
PF Power forward
PG Point guard
Pos Position
Pts Points
R Rookie
Reb Rebounds
S Signed
SD Supplemental round pick (draft)
SF Small forward
SG Shooting guard
Stl Steals
T Traded
TO Turnovers
W Wins; waived
Wt Weight
A Assist

MLB Abbreviations 

Abbreviation Meaning
AB: At-bat
AO: Flyout
App: Appearance
AVG: Batting Average
BB: Walk
BF: Batters Faced
BK: Balk
BS: Blown Save
CG: Complete Game
CS%: Caught Stealing Percentage
DP: Double Play
E: Error
ER: Earned Run
ERA: Earned Run Average
FPCT: Fielding Percentage
G: Games Played
GF: Games Finished
GIDP: Ground Into Double Play
GO: Groundout
GO/AO: Groundout-to-Flyout Ratio
GS: Games Started
GSH: Grand Slam
H: Hit
HBP: Hit-by-pitch
HLD: Hold
HR: Home Run
IBB: Intentional Walk
INN: Innings Played
IR: Inherited Runner
IP: Innings Pitched
L: Loss
LOB: Left On Base
NP: Number of Pitches
O: Out
OBP: On-base Percentage
OFA: Outfield Assist
OPS: On-base Plus Slugging
OPS: On-base Plus Slugging
PA: Plate Appearance
PB: Passed Ball
PK: Pickoff
PO: Putout
QS: Quality Start
R: Run
RBI: Runs Batted In
ROE: Reached On Error
RW: Relief Win
SB: Stolen Base
SB%: Stolen-base Percentage
SV: Save
SVO: Save Opportunity
SV%: Save Percentage
SHO: Shutout
SO, K: Strikeout
SH: Sacrifice Bunt
SF: Sacrifice Fly
SLG: Slugging Percentage
TB: Total Bases
TC: Total Chances
TP: Triple Play
UER: Unearned Run
XBH: Extra-base Hit
WO: Walk-off
2B: Double
1B: Single
3B: Triple

NHL Abbreviations 

Abbreviation Meaning
+/- Plus-minus
A Assists
C Center, Compensation
D Defenseman, drafted
DD Dispersal draft
ED Expansion draft
EN Empty net goals
FA Free agent
G Goals; Goaltenders
GA Goals against
GAA Goals against average
GF Goals for
GP Games played
GPI Games played in
GW Game-winning goals scored
Ht Height
L Losses, left
LW Left wing
n/a Not available
No. Sweater number
Pct Percentage
PIM Penalties in minutes
Pos Position
PPG Power-play goals
PPP Power-play points
Pts Points
PtsPG Points per game
R Rookie, right
RD Re-entered NHL Entry Draft
RT Regulation ties
RW Right wing
S Shots
S% Percentage of shots resulting in goals scored
SD Supplemental round pick (draft)
SHA Shots against
SO Shutouts
SV% Save percentage
T Trade; Ties
UFA Unrestricted free agent
W Wins; waived
WD Waiver draft
Wt Weight

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