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  • 2024 MLB win totals are available for all 30 teams
  • The Dodgers and Braves opened with the highest win total (102.5 and 101.5, respectively) while the Athletics opened with the lowest (58.5)
  • See the opening MLB win totals for all 30 teams

The 2024 MLB season is scheduled to begin on Thursday, March 28th and the regular season will run through September 29, 2024.

The MLB win totals for 2024 have been released by all sportsbooks. The page below shows the current MLB win totals for the 2024 season, listed by league and then by highest to lowest.

2023 National League Win Totals

The NL has two teams whose win total is above 100: the LA Dodgers (102.5) and Atlanta Braves (101.5).

MLB Win Totals above are updated every 1-2 hours from top sportsbooks. 

2023 American League Win Totals


MLB Win Totals above are updated every 1-2 hours from top sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM. 

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Opening Day MLB Win Totals (Highest to Lowest)

Team Win Total
Los Angeles Dodgers 102.5
Atlanta Braves 101.5
Houston Astros 93.5
Baltimore Orioles 90.5
New York Yankees 90.5
Philadelphia Phillies 89.5
Texas Rangers 88.5
Seattle Mariners 87.5
Minnesota Twins 86.5
Toronto Blue Jays 86.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 84.5
Tampa Bay Rays 84.5
St. Louis Cardinals 84.5
Chicago Cubs 83.5
San Diego Padres 83.5
San Francisco Giants 83.5
Cincinnati Reds 81.5
Detroit Tigers 80.5
New York Mets 80.5
Cleveland Guardians 79.5
Milwaukee Brewers 77.5
Boston Red Sox 77.5
Miami Marlins 77.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 75.5
Kansas City Royals 73.5
Los Angeles Angels 72.5
Washington Nationals 66.5
Chicago White Sox 61.5
Colorado Rockies 59.5
Oakland Athletics 58.5

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