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2020-21 NBA Divisional Odds Tracker

Updated: October 12, 2021

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on all six NBA divisional races and have included each team’s odds on this page. The graphs have been generated by averaging the latest odds from our most trusted sportsbooks to help you better determine each team’s probability of coming out on top. Bookmark this page and visit it often to see how the odds for your favorite clubs fluctuate during the 2020-21 NBA season.

Atlantic Division

  • [April 28] The Sixers average odds now stand at -131, slightly fading back towards Brooklyn as Ben Simmons misses more time. The Nets are at average odds of +238 to win the Atlantic
  • [April 23] With the Nets managing the injuries for both Kevin Durant and James Harden, the 76ers have moved to pretty significant favorites to win the Atlantic
  • [Apr 14] The Atlantic is down to a two-horse race, with the Nets now -114 favorites and the 76ers at odds of -107
  • [Mar 10] The Raptors have officially ejected from the Atlantic Division race, now at odds of +5250
  • [Feb 25] The Celtics are in a free-fall in the standings, 3-7 in their last ten games, and have seen their Atlantic Division odds plummet to +3000
  • [Feb 9] Despite sitting atop the Eastern Conference, the Sixers still sit behind the Nets in Atlantic Division odds. Philly is at an average of +138, while the Nets are still odds-on favorites at -101
  • [Jan 26] The Raptors have played better of late, improving their odds to +1450. The Nets are still odds-on favorites as Kyrie Irving works himself back into the rotation
  • [Jan 14] With the acquisition of James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets are now odds-on favorites at -155. The Raptors putrid 2-8 start has dropped them to odds of +2100
  • [Jan 5] Amidst a putrid 1-5 start, the Raps odds have fallen to an average of +1100 to win the Atlantic
  • [Dec 24] The Sixers have overtaken the Raptors for third favorites in the Atlantic after the season’s opening night
  • [Dec 16] KD and Kyrie’s first action on court has continued to shorten the Nets value, as their odds are now +133
  • [Nov 27] The Brooklyn Nets have opened as favorites to win the division in ’21 as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving join the linup. Boston is just behind at odds of +200

Odd to Win Atlantic Division

Team Odds
Philadelphia 76ers -139
Brooklyn Nets +100
Boston Celtics +25000
New York Knicks +30000

All odds as of April 28th

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Central Division

  • [Apr 14] Odds are off the board as Milwaukee has clinched the division
  • [Mar 10] Milwaukee’s grip has strengthened to average odds of -15000 in the Central, nearly a lock to win another division crown
  • [Feb 25] Although they don’t have a realistic chance to win it, the Bulls odds to win the division have steadily improved, and are now at an average of +12500
  • [Feb 9] Not much of a story in the Central, as the Bucks are now at odds of -2465 on average to win the division on the heels of their five game win streak
  • [Jan 26] The Bucks and Pacers remain heavy favorites over the rest of the division
  • [Jan 14] Indiana remains at average odds of +600, but with the newly acquired Caris LeVert could make a push on the Bucks
  • [Jan 5] Milwaukee’s heavy odds have slightly faded, now priced at -1234 on average
  • [Dec 24] No movement in the Central odds after the opening night of play
  • [Dec 16] The Cavs odds have somewhat improved to an average of +11750, leaving the Pistons in last
  • [Nov 27] To the surprise of nobody, the Bucks have once again opened as overwhelming -4000 favorites to win the Central this season

2021 Central Division Odds

Team Odds
Milwaukee Bucks OFF
Indiana Pacers OFF
Chicago Bulls OFF
Cleveland Cavaliers OFF
Detroit Pistons OFF
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Southeast Division

  • [April 28] The Hawks are now significant favorites in the Southeast, at average odds of -111 and as short as -455
  • [Apr 23] This figures to be the most competitive race down the stretch, as you can find both the Hawks and Heat at odds of -110 to win the Southeast
  • [Apr 14] Atlanta continues to pick up steam under interim HC Nate McMillan, and their odds to win the division have shortened to +110. Miami is also playing good basketball, and they remain -120 odds-on favorites
  • [Mar 10] The bottom has fallen out for the Magic due to their injuries, while the Heat’s improvement has shortened their average odds to -283
  • [Feb 25] With Butler returning, Miami is starting to look like their bubble-selves again, and their odds to win the Southeast are an average of -188
  • [Feb 9] Despite sitting at 9-14, only good for 12th in the conference, the markets are still bullish on the Heat returning to last season’s form as Jimmy Butler’s squad are still at odds of -132 to win the division
  • [Jan 26] Atlanta’s odds continue to improve, now at +400 ahead of Orlando
  • [Jan 14] With some insiders reporting rifts between Trae Young and his teammates, the Hawks average odds have faded to +525
  • [Jan 5] The Magic’s solid 4-2 start has improved their odds to third in division, now +525 in the Southeast
  • [Dec 24] The Wizards nearly knocked off the Sixers on opening night, but remain +850 to win the division
  • [Dec 16] With news of Gordon Hayward fracturing a finger, the Hornets odds have plummeted to an average of +3150
  • [Nov 27] After their Finals run to the bubble, the Miami Heat have opened as heavy -300 favorites to win the crown in the Southeast again

Odds to Win 2021 Southeast Division

Team Odds
Atlanta Hawks -455
Miami Heat +320
Charlotte Hornets +2400
Washington Wizards +50000

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Northwest Division

  • [Apr 23] The Northwest Division odds are now off the board, as Utah has all but clinched the honor
  • [Apr 14] With Jamal Murray going down, the oddsmakers believe no team can now catch Utah, as the Jazz’ price has shortened to average odds of -20000
  • [Mar 10] Utah’s odds have seen a slight move back towards the pack, while the Nuggets improved to average odds of +1400
  • [Feb 25] Utah hasn’t lost in a month, and in the process has all but locked up the division, now at odds -5500 on average
  • [Feb 9] The Jazz have continued to dominate competition, going 9-1 in their last ten and improving to near lock status in the Northwest, now at average odds of -495
  • [Jan 26] Utah owns the longest win streak in the NBA at eight in a row, and they are now -155 odds-on favorites to win the Northwest
  • [Jan 14] As Denver has struggled with some COVID issues, Utah remains favorites at average odds of +118
  • [Jan 5] The Jazz and Nuggets are now at +130 in average odds to win the division. Denver has faded from their odds-on favorite position early in he year
  • [Dec 24] Despite losing in stunning fashion to the Kings on opening night, Denver remains odds-on favorites in the Northwest
  • [Dec 16] With the Thunder having entered a full rebuild, their average odds have tumbled into last place
  • [Nov 27] In what’s likely to be a three team race between Denver, Utah and Portland – the Jazz have opened as +150 favorites

2020-21 Northwest Division Odds

Team Odds
Utah Jazz OTB
Denver Nuggets OTB
Portland Trail Blazers OTB
Minnesota Timberwolves OTB
Oklahoma City Thunder OTB
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Pacific Division

  • [Apr 28] The Suns struggles on their East coast swing has re-opened the door for the Clippers, who are now at average odds of -124. The Suns aren’t far behind, at average odds of -117
  • [Apr 23] As both the Clippers and Lakers load manage their way through injuries down the stretch, the Phoenix Suns are now odds-on favorites to win the division for the first time since 2006-07
  • [Apr 14] With LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ absences becoming extended, the Lakers are out of the Pacific division race as their odds have faded to +4750. The Suns are now chasing the Clippers at odds of +100, while LAC are odds-on favorites at an average price of -145
  • [Mar 10] Phoenix has officially become a legitimate contender, now at odds of +315 to win the Pacific. The Clippers have also pulled even with the Lakers as LAL entered the All-Star Break in a swoon
  • [Feb 25] The Suns have climbed to fourth in the West, and have +1300 odds to win the Pacific – but the Clippers are now the favorites with Anthony Davis out for LA.
  • [Feb 9] Despite having played decent basketball of late, the Lakers and Clippers success has led to the Warriors and Suns fading away in the division race. Phoenix are now +3300 on average, while Golden State is all the way up at +8000
  • [Jan 26] The Suns dropped two heartbreakers against Denver over the weekend, and their odds in division have dropped to +2500
  • [Jan 14] The Warriors improved play has slightly improved their odds to +4300. Lakers remains odds-on favorites.
  • [Jan 5] Golden State has ejected from the Pacific Division race, now at average odds of +5750
  • [Dec 24] The Suns and Warriors are now tied for third spot in the division odds after their opening games
  • [Dec 16] With their new additions looking good, the Lakers are now odds-on favorites to win the Pacific
  • [Nov 27] Buoyed by the additions of Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell and Marc Gasol, the Lakers are +100 favorites to repeat in the Pacific Division

2021 Pacific Division Odds

Team Odds
Phoenix Suns -200
LA Clippers +135
Los Angeles Lakers +50000
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Southwest Division

  • [Apr 23] The Mavericks are now an even heavier favorite, at odds of -1430
  • [Apr 14] Dallas has moved to odds-on favorite position in the Southwestern race, at a price of -1284
  • [Mar 10] Houston is out of the running, while the Pelicans have also take a hit, fading to average odds of +1200
  • [Feb 25] After the Mavericks finally in gear? Dallas is now odds-on favorites to win the division at an average of -141
  • [Feb 9] In what is now the most competitive division in the league Dallas has fallen back to the pack with their poor start to the season, at average odds of +113. The Spurs, Rockets and Grizzlies have all seen their odds shorten over the past two weeks
  • [Jan 26] San Antonio has picked up their pace, and are now second in odds to win the Southwest, at a price of +550
  • [Jan 14] Houston’s odds have fallen to +1050 after the trade of James Harden, while the Spurs have seen their average price improve to +850
  • [Jan 5] With the Grizzlies losing Ja Morant for 3-5 weeks, Memphis has seen their odds fade to +1850
  • [Dec 16] The Mavs remain heavy favorites in the Southwest, as James Harden’s passive aggressive standoff with Rockets management continues
  • [Nov 27] It’s Luka Doncic’s division now in the Southwest, as the Mavericks have opened as -190 favorites. Houston is +475 for the time being, with James Harden and Russell Westbrook still on the roster

2020-21 Southwest Division Odds

Team Odds
Dallas Mavericks -1430
Memphis Grizzlies +650
San Antonio Spurs +4000
New Orleans Pelicans +15000

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