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  • See the (routinely updated) odds for all 30 NBA teams to make the 2019-20 playoffs
  • Track how the playoff odds have moved over the course of the season up until the COVID-19 suspension, and under the NBA’s restart format
  • Monitor how teams rise and fall in the wake of key injuries and trades

The 2019-20 NBA season runs from early October to April, but odds to make the playoffs have been posted since the middle of July.

Once the season was put on hold due to COVID-19 in March, we’ve been monitoring playoff odds for the new format of the NBA’s return in Orlando beginning in late July.

SBD has been tracking the odds for all 30 to make the postseason by averaging the playoff futures from leading sports betting sites.

Odds to Make Playoffs: Western Conference

[July 30] Although the Trail Blazers have plenty of ground to make up in the seeding games, the re-addition of Jusuf Nurkic to their lineup has shortened their odds to make the playoffs to +340

[July 7] With no notable absences announced as of yet for the teams battling to get into the playoffs in the West, the odds have remain flat

[June 30] While most odds have remained fairly flat for the Western teams to make the playoffs, the Spurs have seen their average price take a dip, to odds of +1500

[June 9] With the postseason race set to begin in Orlando with just one spot available for the 8 seed, Memphis is the odds-on favorite to round out the West playoff field

[February 17] The race for the 8 seed in the West is now down to the Pelicans, Grizzlies, & Trail Blazers with odds bunched close together

[February 10] San Antonio’s streak of 22 consecutive postseasons could be coming to an end, with odds of only +450 to make this year’s playoffs

[January 28] The Grizzlies & Thunder have completed the biggest turnarounds so far this season, and are now near locks to make the playoffs in the West

[October 18] Just a week before tip off has seen major movement across the board, with average odds for all teams shifting

[October 4] As the season approaches, the Warriors odds have improved towards virtual locks for playoff inclusion, to an average -400.

[August 29] After a slight lengthening in the wake of the Cousins injury, the Lakers average odds have improved to -840.

[August 16] The Nuggets have solidified themselves as a virtual playoff lock, seeing their odds improve from -500 on July 15, to -800. Following the injury to DeMarcus Cousins the Lakers odds have also faded to -280.

[July 15] No surprises at the top as the Clippers (-1500) have the shortest odds; seeing the young Pelicans (+250) in the top ten portends a fun race for the #7 and #8 spots, though.

Western Conference Odds to Make 2020 NBA Playoffs

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Memphis Grizzlies -140 +120
New Orleans Pelicans +250 -310
Phoenix Suns +5500 -20000
Portland Trail Blazers +340 -430
Sacramento Kings +1200 -3000
San Antonio Spurs +1800 -3500

Odds taken July 30th for all teams available

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Odds to Make Playoffs: Eastern Conference

[July 30] Already a distant longshot without Bradley Beal, the Wizards odds to steal a spot from the Nets or Magic have lengthened considerably, to +2800

[July 7] Bradley Beal’s shoulder injury knocking him out of the bubble have significantly hit Washington’s odds, and Brooklyn has fallen behind Orlando with Spencer Dinwiddie officially being rules out due to COVID-19

[June 30] With confirmation that Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and now Wilson Chandler are all out of the Orlando restart, the Nets and Magic are co-favorites to make the postseason at -6500

[June 9] The Magic and Nets will likely hold onto their spot at the bottom of the playoff field, as the Wizards are a lofty +900 to sneak in

[February 17] No real movement as we enter the All-Star break, as Washington will need a serious surge to push Orlando for the 8 seed

[February 10] Despite both teams recent struggles, Orlando and Brooklyn are near locks to get into the postseason, due to the ineptitude of the rest of the East’s bottom teams

[January 28] The market couldn’t of been more wrong about Atlanta, as they are now +2000 to make the postseason going into the 2nd half of the year

[October 18] The Atlanta Hawks average odds to make the playoffs have shortened down to +200

[October 4] The Bulls average odds have improved to +280, as their young core attempts to push for the #8 seed this season.

[August 29] While the Bucks and Sixers are the heaviest favorites in the conference, the Celtics are now a clear third, with average odds of -1600

[August 16} With the Raptors deciding to keep their team together despite Kawhi Leonard taking his talents to the Clippers, their odds have improved to -400.

[July 15]: The Bucks have opened with the shortest odds in the East (-1500), while the now Kawhi-less Raptors barely squeaked into the top five at -300.

Eastern Conference Odds to Make 2020 NBA Playoffs

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Odds to Miss Playoffs
Brooklyn Nets -3500 +1700
Orlando Magic -4500 +2300
Washington Wizards +2800 -7000

Odds taken July 30th for all teams available