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Odds Heavily Against Floyd Mayweather Fighting 50 Cent in 2021

Dylan Bowker

by Dylan Bowker in Boxing

Feb 5, 2021 · 1:01 PM PST

Floyd Mayweather stands in the ring before the IBF welterweight championship bout between Errol Spence Jr. and Mikey Garcia on Saturday, March 16, 2019, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)
  • Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent is a fight idea that seems to pop up every year or so
  • Will Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent Fight in 2021?
  • Check out the fight odds, analysis, and the story of how we got here, below

Will Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent Fight in 2021? Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent would be a fittingly weird event for the bizarreness of the early 2020s, but one wonders if it actually comes to fruition.

These two have been jaw jacking at each other for years but there is recent intrigue that has again been sparked surrounding fisticuffs between these men.

Odds Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent Fight in 2021

Outcome Odds
No -450
Yes +275

Odds as of Feb. 5

This 50 Cent fight idea comes as a curiosity to some because Logan Paul was last being discussed as an opponent for Mayweather.

Money Mayweather vs The Pauls

The fight with Logan Paul is not outright canceled but is being postponed from the initially mapped out February 20th date. The broadcast platform Fanmio did not outline specific reasons for this. But the goal seems to be to try to bolster additional interest around this bout by readjusting the timeline a bit.

With revised information on the Logan Paul exhibition still TBA, Mayweather took to social media addressing that situation as well as his broader plans for the calendar year. Some of which purportedly includes a desired showdown with the former G-Unit rapper.

It seems like Mayweather has a degree of attention allocated to both of the Paul brothers. While Logan Paul seems next, Mayweather has been paying more serious attention to Jake Paul as a prospective future opponent than 50 Cent.

I mean Paul has at least a couple of pro boxing wins to his credit, albeit over dubious competition, whereas 50 Cent has not been rattling off sweet science victories. I think The Problem Child is far likelier to step in the ring with Floyd than 50.

Redirecting towards 50 Cent though, the dialogue around him fighting Money Mayweather reignited in the last couple of weeks. 50 Cent gave an interview on Radio.com saying he would fight Mayweather but theorized that he wouldn’t be able to cut down to where he could weigh anywhere near what Floyd does.

Mayweather responded to this by saying he does not care about weight class and would still fight 50 Cent. Floyd Mayweather would also up the stakes by challenging 50 Cent to a winner take all bout whereby the loser doesn’t leave with one cent from a fight purse.

Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent Summation

50 Cent took to his social media shortly after this winner take all component was mentioned and seemingly threw cold water on the fight talks. 50 Cent went to the usual entrepreneur rhetoric of “work hard but work smart” to indicate that this monetary provision would be a dealbreaker for this bout taking place.

The Paul brothers have some semblance of a track record, not super deep necessarily, but they have a track record in the ring all the same. Both are actively looking to compete this year, and I can’t say that with any degree of certainty about 50 Cent.

The uber-successful business mogul likely has a number of very lucrative endeavors that are far easier on him than fighting a 50-0 pro boxer.

Ultimately, I don’t see 50 Cent donning the gloves for a boxing bout with Money Mayweather this calendar year. I do not see Floyd Mayweather vs 50 Cent happening in 2021.

Pick: No (-450)

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