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2017 Oscars Host Odds – Never Too Early!

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

Now that the Oscars have come to an end, I’m already looking at who will host next year’s show.

You know what would be cool? If the host of the Oscars was decided by the people. If the Academy wants to draw in a younger demographic, they should entertain the idea of being more interactive. Why not put forward ten options and have people vote on who they would like to see host? It’s an idea worth exploring.

Of course, the last time the entire nation ruled on something so important, they voted for a black man named Barack Obama. So don’t expect the alabaster Academy to relinquish the power to the people just yet.

I jest. We just saw a black man (Chris Rock) host the show (for the second time) and the frontrunner for next year’s show is another person of color! Now if only some diversity could creep into the nominees. But we’ll save that for another day.

For now, we give you ten options of who could host next year’s festivities. Here are the early odds of who will host the Academy Awards in 2017.

Odds to host the 2017 Academy Awards:

Kevin Hart: 4/1

Kevin Hart’s name has been bandied about before in regards to hosting the show. He might have moved one step closer last night; he was one part funny, two parts charming as he addressed the lack of diversity in this year’s acting categories. “I want to take a moment to applaud all of my actors and actresses of color tonight,” Hart said. “Tonight should not determine the hard work and effort you put into your craft. … These problems of today eventually become problems of the old. Let’s not let this issue of diversity beat us.” Hart has just that, heart, and although he is a walking sensor bleep, he is a serious candidate to host in 2017.

Louis C.K.: 17/3

Normally the Oscars Documentary Short category comes with an impassioned speech about why we should care about these films, but Louis C.K. added a bit of reality to it all. “This Oscar is going home in a Honda Civic,” C.K. joked, as he honored the passion of the producers and directors, who do what everyone else in the audience does, except without all the fame and money. It was one of the best moments on the telecast and possibly a future Oscar host was anointed.

Jimmy Kimmel: 9/1

Jimmy Kimmel hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC and is considered one of top-rated late-night hosts on television. The network already has Jimmy doing a Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars special, and there have been rumors that he could get the nod sooner rather than later. He has experience hosting The Emmys and the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Will it be Jimmy’s Oscars in 2017?

Kevin Spacey: 9/1

Kevin Spacey has said that he would love to host the Oscars. The House of Cards star would be perfect; he’s funny; he can sing and dance; he’d be exactly what is needed to get more viewers. The two-time Oscar winner has done hosting duties before, crushing it at the 2013 Emmy Awards.

Ellen DeGeneres: 11/1

Ellen is one of the best hosts of all-time – and we’re not just talking Oscars. She has hosted the Grammys, Emmys, and two Academy Awards, and many want her to return to the Oscars and bring her brand of fun once again. Ellen could be the next Billy Crystal, doing multiple stints as hostess with the mostess. Her friendly and uplifting brand of humor make her beloved and having her return in 2017 might be perfect timing.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: 11/1

Having done three Golden Globes together, the dynamic and funny duo said that their days of hosting the Globes could be done. But maybe a chance to hit an even bigger stage with the Oscars would lure them back to the mic?

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence: 12/1

In case you haven’t heard J-Law and A-Schu are BESTIES! After their funny Golden Globes appearance this year, many are pushing to have the two darlings host anything and everything. Recently, Lawrence stated that she’s not too keen on hosting the Golden Globes, but she didn’t say anything about not hosting the Oscars! Huh? Huh? (Are we grasping at straws?) Everyone wants to see Schumer and Lawrence, so maybe the Academy needs to make it happen.

Stephen Colbert /Jon Stewart: 13/1

Colbert is funny and could absolutely knock hosting duties out of the park on his own. But imagine pairing him up with Jon Stewart? Hello hilarity! Stewart has done the hosting gig before back in 2008. It didn’t go real well, but it would be fun to bring him back with a partner-in-crime. There would be costumes, nutty one-liners, musical numbers, and a lot of sarcasm. It’s exactly what this often stuffy award show needs.

Chris Rock: 14/1

Of course you knew Chris Rock would tackle the diversity issue of #OscarsSoWhite in his opening monologue and he didn’t pull any punches at the 88th Academy Awards. Overall, Rock was good but not great; his moments of funny were often followed with moments of groan. (Did he call out Jada Pinkett Smith? Ouch.) Will he back next year? It’s not completely out of the question, but I don’t see him returning until a few years down the road.

Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake: 15/1

There is already a push by fans to have Jimmy Fallon of the The Tonight Show team up with his longtime friend Justin Timberlake on the Oscars stage. The two have sung, danced, and rapped their way through skits on Saturday Night Live, and Justin has made regular appearances on The Tonight Show. Here are some videos of their best work together. How funny would it be to see these two host?

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