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2020 Oscars Host Odds: Whoopi Goldberg the Favorite | #SBDProps

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Feb 25, 2019 · 11:07 AM PST

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg has hosted the Oscars four times. Photo by Daniel Langer (flickr) [CC License].
  • The 2019 Academy Awards went hostless, the first time the Academy has done this in 20 years
  • Despite speculation, the ceremony had no last-minute, surprise host
  • The search for next year’s Oscars host is on

It’s only been a day since Bohemian Rhapsody cleaned up at the 91st Academy Awards, and people are already focused on next year’s Oscars ceremony.

Rather than revel in the glory that was Kacey Musgraves’ pink fluffy cloud red carpet dress, entertainment fans are busy looking ahead to the 2020 Academy Awards. The main focus of the public’s attention is honed in on who the host will be, if there even is one.

After Kevin Hart pulled out of his commitment to host, many believed the Academy had secured Whoopi Goldberg to be a secret last-minute host. But that was not to be.

This year’s Oscars was a series of individual presenters doing their own thing. No opening montage of Jimmy Fallon dancing in the streets. No David Letterman making Oprah and Uma uncomfortable.

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Even though the Academy was able to secure great presenters such as Queen Latifah, Awkwafina, and Trevor Noah, none of them ended up being the full show host. Any of them would have done a great job.

We’ve looked into our crystal ball and have come up with fresh odds for who will host the Oscars in 2020.

Odds to Host 2020 Academy Awards

Potential Host SBD’s Odds to Host 2020 Oscars
Whoopi Goldberg 17/3
Ellen Degeneres 9/1
Jimmy Fallon 9/1
Amy Schumer 19/1
James Corden 19/1
Alec Baldwin 19/1
Amy Poehler 19/1
Seth Meyers 19/1
Anna Kendrick 19/1
Jerry Seinfeld 19/1
Stephen Colbert 19/1
Jimmy Kimmel 19/1
Chelsea Handler 19/1
Trevor Noah 19/1
Tina Fey 24/1
Awkwafina 97/3
John Mulaney 49/1
Kevin Hart 99/1

Guess Who?

It’s so early trying to figure out who the potential host for next year’s Oscars will be, but it’s pretty likely that the Oscars will return to their heralded tradition of having an official host.

Given that Goldberg’s name was so heavily assumed for this year’s host, she’s an easy bet. She’s hosted before, did a great job, and it would be nice for the Oscars to see this rumor brought to life.

Given that Whoopi Goldberg’s name was so heavily assumed for this year’s host, she’s an easy bet.

Of course, there’s still a perennial who’s who of Hollywood that could also step up. Other past hosts are all overdue for a return engagement.

The late night show roster all have done the job before too, so it would be no surprise to see someone like Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert come back.

New Blood vs True Blood

It also may be time for someone new to step up to the challenge.

Last night’s ceremony featured a hilarious comedy piece by John Mulaney and Awkwafina as they presented some technical awards.

YouTube video

Both have successfully hosted Saturday Night Live before and would be fun, fresh faces to host the Oscars too.

John Mulaney and Awkwafina have successfully hosted Saturday Night Live before and would be fun, fresh faces to host the Oscars too.

Naturally, we’re still waiting for Kevin Hart to shake off his old cobwebs and try this host thing on for size for once and for all.

But given his sordid history and how he left the awards in the dark this year, he’s an extremely slim bet at this point.

The Oscars does tend to go for the same faces for repeat hosting opportunities. Ellen DeGeneres has hosted twice, and she hasn’t done the job for five years herself.

YouTube video

But given all the odds, this early in the game, Whoopi Goldberg is still fresh and vibrant in the public’s mind, and they’re left wanting her to appear as host. She may have been absent last night, but next year would be the next best thing.

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