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AEW Revolution 2020 Odds and Predictions: Jon Moxley Favored to Win World Title

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho will be defending his championship belt against Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution. Photo from @nypost (Twitter)
  • AEW Revolution takes place in Chicago, on Saturday, February 29th
  • The event’s card will boast a slew of marquee matches, including Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley
  • With two major championships currently projected to change hands, who do the odds favor going over?

In just one year, All Elite Wrestling has provided wrestling fans with a true alternative to WWE. All of their pay-per-views to date have delivered, but Revolution this Saturday night in Chicago could be their best yet.

Having a weekly television show in Dynamite has afforded them the opportunity to build up several storylines over the course of a few months. The entire event card has potential, but the top three matches in particular are by no means predictable and have fans buzzing in regards to who will win.

Let’s look at the current betting odds for Revolution and the smart picks for each outing.

2020 AEW Revolution Odds

Wrestler Odds
Chris Jericho +100
Jon Moxley -140
Wrestler Odds
Dustin Rhodes +210
Jake Hager +320
Wrestler Odds
Kenny Omega & Adam Page +175
The Young Bucks -260
Wrestler Odds
Cody +140
MJF -180
Wrestler Odds
Nyla Rose -210
Kris Statlander +160

Odds taken February 27th

Jericho vs Moxley (AEW World Championship)

Moxley has been the hot hand in AEW since his arrival at Double or Nothing nine months ago. He is one of the few stars to remain undefeated in singles competition and has the crowd behind him heading into his shot at Jericho’s AEW World Championship this Saturday night.

These two are incredibly close in the odds and understandably so. AEW has done such an effective job of building this bout up that it could very well go either way, and although the idea of Moxley taking the title from Jericho at Revolution has been heavily teased, there is worth in betting on The Painmaker to retain his title.

Jericho has been such a breath of fresh air as AEW World champion over the past six months that it would almost be criminal for him to drop the belt any time soon. Furthermore, there are plenty of opponents for him to defend against if he can survive Moxley.

Between all of Jericho’s buddies in Inner Circle and the looming threat of Lance Archer (who Moxley defeated to win the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship in Japan), Jericho has a better chance of coming out on top than Moxley does.

Rhodes vs Hager

The former Jack Swagger has yet to step into an AEW ring for official action despite debuting on Dynamite’s launch episode in October. Instead, he has been a valuable asset to Inner Circle serving as their bodyguard of sorts.

He and Rhodes have been on a collision course for months after Hager broke Rhodes’ arm and now Rhodes is out for revenge. This should be a solid match, but Hager should absolutely emerge victorious considering he has more to offer at this point, making it all the more surprising that Rhodes is favored in the odds over him.

Thus, Hager is a much safer bet unless he intends on taking time off sometime soon to train for his next MMA fight.

Omega & Page vs Young Bucks (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

The match with the most interesting dynamic on the Revolution card has to be the bout for the AEW World Tag Team Championship featuring four members of The Elite.

Adam Page has made it quite clear that he cares about no one but himself and is willing to do anything to maintain his possession of the tag titles. That means a heel turn is a definite possibility, but either way, there’s no reason him and Omega to relinquish the belts this early into their reign.

This feud can extend beyond Revolution with Young Bucks trying to prove to Omega that Page isn’t worth his time only for Omega to side with Page. There are so many places AEW can go with this story, but in the meantime, Omega and Page should remain the AEW World Tag Team champions.

Young Bucks have a fairly decent lead in the odds as of this writing, but it’s likelier that their journey to the titles doesn’t culminate as soon as Saturday.

Cody vs MJF

MJF masqueraded around for months as Cody’s “best friend,” only to stab in the back at Full Gear following his failure to win the AEW World Championship. That kicked off an incredibly personal rivalry between the two that has been nothing short of spectacular so far.

Cody boasts one of the best win-loss records of anyone in AEW at the moment, but MJF being favored to win against his friend-turned-foe at Revolution is right on the money (both figuratively and literally). MJF has a lot more to gain from coming out on top in this anticipated encounter than Cody does.

Needless to say, expect this rivalry to continue well past Revolution (likely into Double or Nothing) with Cody continuing to chase MJF until he scores that elusive victory.

Rose vs Statlander (AEW Women’s Championship)

Despite being a relatively fresh face in AEW’s women’s division, Statlander has been very impressive up to this point. Although she originally failed to become AEW Women’s champion against Riho last month, she’ll have one more chance to get the job done when she challenges Rose at Revolution.

It’s slightly surprising the odds aren’t more lopsided in Rose’s favor, if only because she just beat Riho for the belt and to have her lose it any time soon would be silly. To her credit, The Native Beast has come into her own in recent months and should be a force to be reckoned with in the division for months to come.

Currently, Statlander arguably poses the biggest possible threat to Rose’s reign, so it’s odd that the match is being given away without much build. Nonetheless, it’s virtually a guarantee that Rose will find a way to win and ensure her title run rolls on.

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