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Billboard Odds: Cardi B Ousts TayTay; Will She StayStay?

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Cardi B’s breakout single, “Bodak Yellow,” has officially dethroned Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” to claim the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. To add insult to injury, Swift was bumped another spot by Post Malone’s “Rockstar,” which debuted at second place.

From reality TV to the top of the charts, Cardi B became the first solo female rapper to top the Billboard 100 in almost two decades. That’s right, she’s managed to do what heavy hitters like Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott couldn’t.

Will Cardi B continue to ride the wave of her breakout hit, or will her success just be a flash in the pan? Also, how will Taylor Swift handle the news? Here are some props to consider!



Over/Under weeks “Bodak Yellow” is no. 1 on Billboard 100: 2.5 weeks

“Bodak Yellow” debuted at number 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July, capitalizing on Cardi B’s notoriety from Love & Hip Hop: New York. From there, it made the slow climb to the top, finally reaching the pinnacle this week. Contrast that to Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” which skyrocketed to the top in its second week.

It’s been over three months since Cardi B dropped her breakout hit, and “Bodak Yellow” doesn’t seem to be doing so well outside of the US. It’s running out of momentum and not long for the top of the chart.

Odds Cardi B and Taylor Swift have a Twitter Feud in 2017: 6/1

TayTay has been known to spit fire and she won’t be happy to hear that there’s a new queen in town. However, Cardi B recently released a video of her singing along to “Look What You Made Me Do.” There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between them — yet. Getting on good terms with Swift if the first step to becoming her enemy. So watch this space.

Odds Cardi B and Taylor Swift collaborate in 2018: 4/1

According to her latest hit, the old Taylor Swift is “dead.” In her place is a darker, fiercer Taylor. Well, that’s what she’s going for anyway. The new persona doesn’t quite work for her and Cardi B could be just what she needs to get the sound (and image) she’s looking for. For Cardi B, it would ensure that she’s not just a one-hit wonder and could earn her part of Swift’s extremely devoted fanbase.

Odds another Taylor Swift song reaches no. 1 in 2017: 1/4

With her upcoming album, Reputation, scheduled for release on November 10th, we can be sure to hear a flurry of new Taylor Swift hits by the end of the year. “Look What You Made Me Do” skyrocketed to the top of the Hot 100 despite being one of her weaker hits. There’s a great chance that other tracks from Reputation will make an even bigger splash.

Odds another Cardi B song reaches no. 1 in 2017: 9/1

Cardi B released “Bodak Yellow” as a single and hasn’t given us any reason to believe that a follow-up track will drop anytime soon.

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