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Black Sabbath Final Album and 2015 Tour Odds

In an interview last week, Ozzy Osbourne mentioned that Black Sabbath have been given the go-ahead for a 2015 album. Not only that, but he fully expects the band to embark on another world tour in the same year. While this is exciting news for Sabbath fans, a lot of questions remain unanswered. Who will be behind the drums on the tour? Will Tony Iommi be able to tour with his cancer treatments? Will you actually be able to afford to see the show? And, most importantly, will the tour and album happen at all? Our odds experts did their best to take the ramblings of Ozzy and other factors to predict the probability of various scenarios.

Odds Sabbath will tour in 2015:
Yes – 1/2
No – 2/1

Odds one of these previous drummers will be on the tour:
Tommy Clufetos – 2/1
Brad Wilk – 3/1
Bill Ward – 15/1

Odds a new drummer will join Sabbath for the 2015 tour: 6/1

Odds Tony Iommi will play on tour: 2/1

Over/under on average ticket price: $63.50

As for the album…

Odds it will be released in 2015:
Yes – 1/3
No – 3/1

Odds it will be a Billboard #1 album:
Yes – 7/5
No – 5/7

Odds it will it be the top selling album of 2015: 15/1

Odds it will be the final Black Sabbath studio album: 3/1

Odds the album will be offered as a free download to all iTunes users: 200/1

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