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You Can Bet Where Cardi B Will Go to College – Odds Say She Won’t Enroll By 2021

Cardi B poses
Will Cardi B follow up on her tweets and actually enroll in college? Photo from @officenursehoe (Twitter)
  • Hip-hop superstar Cardi B has tweeted she’s frustrated with American politics
  • In an effort to combat her upset, Cardi has proclaimed she may be more fit for Congress than Congress themselves
  • Announcing she just needs a few years of school to make it happen, fans are curious to see if she’ll actually enroll

Okurrrr, everybody. Listen up, because the present queen of rap (Sorry, Nicki) has all eyes on her at the moment. No, Cardi isn’t rolling out a new single, making waves on a talk show, or dissing someone else in the industry. She’s announced she’s interested in going to college.

Yes, you absolutely read that correctly. In an unlikely turn of events, the “Bodak Yellow” star has turned her eye to the state of affairs in America – and she’s not impressed.

Thinking she can probably do it better herself, Cardi is considering enrolling in school herself as step one in a plan to get into Congress.

Odds on Where Cardi B Will Go to College

Outcome Odds
Does Not Enroll Before 2021 -300
The New School +500
NYU +900
Columbia +2000
Fordham +2500
Baruch +3300
Duke +3300
Harvard +3300
Princeton +3300
Yale +3300

Odds taken Jan. 17th

Tweet, Tweet

For anyone who follows Cardi B on Twitter, you’ll have noticed her increasingly political interest. This week, Cardi seemed particularly frustrated with what’s going on in Washington. But she says she isn’t just going to sit back and watch.

Earlier this week, Cardi let it rip on Twitter, initially making some statements and then responding to those who took umbrage with her remarks.

Cardi wrote “I think I want to be a politician. I really love government even tho I don’t agree with Goverment [sic].” We’ve seen other artists mention they want to get into politics before (Here’s looking at you, Kanye), but often it doesn’t come to fruition because they continue to focus on career.

While we’ve seen actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and athletes like Jesse Ventura get into politics after already lucrative careers. Many other musicians – Tim McGraw, Cher, Katy Perry – have mentioned curiosity or interest in running but haven’t actually made it happen yet.

Cardi is a busy woman. She’s a lot of talk and loves to push people’s buttons. Early on in her career, she had no trouble engaging in a feud with Nicki Minaj.

Politics are obviously a more significant issue. It’s nice to see Cardi B so invested but it’s likely she’s too busy recording, touring, and promoting to make attendance in a post-secondary school happen anytime soon.

Fed Up

As part of her Twitter storm, Cardi turned her attention to gun control in America. Cardi laid out her frustrations and then had engaged with those who angrily responded to her. She had no problem grappling with the big dogs on such a heavy subject.

The right to bear arms is a huge issue in America. By tackling this tough subject, it’s unclear if she’s looking for press, just pushing buttons, or really wants to do something about it.

It’s easy to see that Cardi could be genuinely frustrated with the issue at hand but even so, it’s much easier to take to Twitter to be upset than to go through the entire process of going to college.

Cardi B loves proving haters wrong. Her whole career has been an exercise in that notion and her success has been annoying to those who wanted to watch her fall. But even with the political backlash coming for her on Twitter, she’s just too deep in her music career to get involved right now. Give her another five years and we’ll talk.

Pick: Does Not Enroll Before 2021 (-300)

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