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Fashion Odds – Trendiest Accessories of 2016

Trevor Dueck

by Trevor Dueck in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:39 AM PST

One of the best parts of getting dressed is accessorizing. No matter what look you’re going for, there is always something you can add that livens things up a little.

With everything from capeline hats to bracelets galore trending, 2016 looks to be the year of fun when it comes to accessories. God knows we need it.

We already gave our insight in hottest spring/summer trends, now I provide some odds on what I think will be the hottest little fashion complements of the year for a few, select accessory types. Just peruse my list below to spice up your sartorial style and put a little wham in your bam!

Odds on the Hottest Fashion Accessories of 2016

“Hot-Statement” Jewellery (The Choker): 2/1

Example: H&M Choker with Glass Beads

Price: $4.99

The 90s are back! You knew the choker was going to make a comeback at some point. History lesson: the choker has been an on-and-off again fashion accessory since the 1789 French Revolution. It has a sophisticated yet rock n’roll vibe to it. I recommend going simple and cool for day-to-day wear, like the glass bead choker from H&M.

Sunglasses (Cat-Eye): 3/1

Example: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

Price: $175

RayBanWayfarer5022sunglassesThe Wayfarer is a Ray-Ban classic, and they’ve made the old new again. It’s an easily recognizable style but it new matte color combinations and lenses, like crystal green, bi-gradient, G-15 polarized, and mirror put the “New” in New Wayfarers. Personally, I like the black frame paired with the blue, polarized lenses.

Hat (Capeline): 7/2

Example: Maison Michel “New Alice” Natural Capeline Hat

Price: $494.08

Zofia_BarwińskaHats are often the finishing touch to a truly sensational outfit (plus your Wayfarers will look cute sitting on the brim). Boho chic is here to stay and this Maison Michel “New Alice” capeline hat is something you want on your gorgeous head. Due to the semi-artisanal nature of this head piece, it’s not waterproof. But it’s light, airy, and 100-percent hemp with a nice white grosgrain that goes great with a little sunshine.

Handbag (Chain-Strap Flap Bag): 5/1

Example: Furla Metropolis Mini Cross Body Bag

Price: $298

Not everyone is a fan of chain-strap flap bags, but look around, they’re everywhere. Chanel has had long-running success with varied chain-strap designs, so it’s time to get on board. The good news is that we don’t need to break the bank here. I found a lovely bag from Furla called Candy Metropolis. This sassy little mini cross-body bag has a chain shoulder strap and a statement-making aquamarine color that will get you noticed. No worries if you don’t like the aqua because it comes in many other yummy colors.

Watch (Rose-Gold): 6/1

Example: Michael Kors Ritz Pave Rose Gold-Tone and Acetate Watch

Price: $335

People who say watches are unnecessary clearly don’t understand fashion and how fabulous a timepiece can look on your wrist. Rose gold has an eloquent color and The Ritz by Michael Kors can only be described as a radiant and refined piece. It fuses rose gold-toned stainless steel and translucent acetate in a chic classic menswear bracelet. Even if no one ever asks you for the time, this beautiful watch will have you looking for strangers who seem in need of an update.

(Photo Credit: Kaboompics at Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/en/jewellery-jewelry-bracelet-792085/).)

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