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You Can Bet Whether Bob Menery Will Complete 60-Day No-Drinking Challenge – Odds Say No

Bob Menery posing for a photo
Bob Menery said he was doing a 60-day no drinking challenge on his podcast that aired today. Can he actually do it? Photo by @timmybounceback (Instagram)
  • Bob Menery says he is coming off the longest bender of all time
  • Menery announced he’s doing a 60-day no drinking challenge on his podcast
  • Everyone is betting against him

On episode 19 of his podcast, Ripper Magoos with Bob Menery, Bob Menery claimed that he’s starting a 60-day no-drinking challenge because he has to get back in shape and might die if he doesn’t do it.

A prop bet has been posted on whether he’ll complete his stated goal, and everyone is betting against him.

Odds Bob Menery Completes 60-Day No-Drinking Challenge

Yes/No Odds
Yes +200
No -300

Odds taken Feb 10.

Major Events

For Bob Menery’s sake, I’m glad the Super Bowl is over, because otherwise this challenge would be truly impossible for him. The Super Bowl has come and gone, but his podcast co-host still has no faith in him.

“You won’t make it to 60 minutes.” – Tim Bader

Despite Menery’s own self-confidence, there are some events coming up in the next 60 days that might tempt him to drink:

  • NBA All-Star Weekend (February 14-16)
  • March Madness (March 17-April 6)
  • UFC 248 in Las Vegas (March 7)

I think the event that could be the most tempting for him is the UFC fight on March 7. We can see on his social that he’s a big MMA fan, and he talks about “the fights” a lot. Bob Menery makes a lot of his money through partnerships with sportsbooks and he’s been involved with promoting different fights. He’s also made his way to Las Vegas for fights a few times before.

Everything he does revolves around drinking, and it’s really what he’s built his brand on. His preview to a commercial on his podcast says, “we have drinking problems.” And it feels like every conversation on his podcast mentions drinking at some point. No drinking for 60-days is literally going to have to be a lifestyle change. His friends, his job, his merch: it all has to do with drinking.

How Far Can He Make It?

His co-host Tim said that he won’t even make it 60 minutes, which isn’t the most reassuring thing. And it seems like he’s been putting it off for a few days, but had a reasonable excuse.

“Wait, weren’t you supposed to start that two days ago” – Lauren Sesselmann

On the episode, he said something about measuring his body mass, and waiting for that, so he is trying to take a lifestyle approach. But will he really be able to make it a lifestyle change if he’s built his whole brand off of drinking and partying?

Best Bet

I don’t think he’s going to be able to make the 60 days, which includes eight weekends. I think he should’ve started with 30 days, and then see if he could continue from there. But 60 days off that bat would be tough for anyone. For Menery’s, it’s three-minute mile.

Pick: No (-300)

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