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Odds Favor Justin Bieber Releasing Next Album by March 3, 2020, Won’t Perform at Super Bowl

Ann Le Grand

by Ann Le Grand in Entertainment

Jan 7, 2020 · 2:59 PM PST

Justin Bieber on stage
Justin Bieber is likely to release his next album before March 3, according to the latest entertainment futures. Photo by NRK P3 (Creative Commons).
  • It’s been over four years since Justin Bieber released his last album, Purpose
  • Rumors are stirring about his next studio album
  • The latest odds strongly favor it coming out before March 3rd

We’ve been waiting for the Biebs to release his next studio album for quite some time. Has he waited this long on purpose since Purpose?  After all, he led us to belieb we’d be getting a new album last holiday season.

Alas, we’re not holding it against him because the buzz is back, bieby! The internet is once again glazed in talks about his next album’s official release date. The latest odds strongly favor his discography getting one studio album yummier by his birthday. (We’ll forgive you if you forgot he was a March 1st Pisces.)

Odds on Justin Bieber’s Next Album Release Date

Over/Under Odds
On or Before March 3, 2020 -200
After March 3, 2020 +150

All odds herein taken January 6, 2020

The Waiting Game

Bieber’s last album, Purpose, was released way back on November 13, 2015. He only made us wait a year or two between his first four full-length albums, but it’s now been more than four years that he’s kept us pining for his next.

His latest single, “Yummy”, has the 26-year-old Canadian singer crusading into the roaring 20s. The song is serving as a nice stepping stone to his upcoming YouTube Originals 10-episode docuseries that details the rocky road to his long-awaited album. It’s set to launch January 27th at 12 PM ET.

Perhaps this is where he’ll leak some album-title hints.

With all the virtual drama his ex Selena Gomez and wife Hailey Baldwin are stirring on the internet, we’ve already been seeing their names pop up on potential album title odds.

Odds for Justin Bieber’s Next Album Title

Album Title Odds
#Bieber2020 +500
Rebirth +500
Seasons +500
Yummy +500
Rhode Trip +700
I’m A Bieleber +800
Hailey +1000
I Want You Back +1000
Regret +2000
Selena +2000

He(art) on His Sleeve

Bieber is daring enough to tattoo his ex on his own body, but he’s never named an album after someone else. So while both Hailey and Selena’s names made the odds list, he’s more likely to go with something more millennial, like hashtag-his-own-name.

It’s not the first time his publicity team would try to hoist him up on a social media crutch.

I mean, just try to find a screenshot of his twitter feed that doesn’t contain a hashtag or some other brand-focused decal.

Several outlets are claiming they already know what he’s going to call his next album. In fact, a handful of online sources are referencing Bieber’s tattooing patterns as their leads. While their evidence might be skin deep, two of Bieber’s previous albums – Believe and Purpose – have already worked their way into his body art. The fact that he has recently tatted up “Forever” below his five o’clock shadow might be telling.

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