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Odds on What DC Movie Henry Cavill Appears in Next as Superman

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Jun 1, 2020 · 12:25 PM PDT

Henry Cavill at San Diego Comic Con
It's a bird, it's a plane-- where will Henry Cavill show up next as Superman in the DC Extended Universe? Photo by Gage Skidmore [Flickr].
  • On May 27, Variety reported Henry Cavill will be appearing in an unnamed DC Extended Universe film
  • The next DC films will be Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad-themed– neither of which feature Superman
  • Taking a glance at the upcoming DC projects, which is Cavill’s Superman most likely to appear in?

Last year, it seemed Henry Cavill’s tenure as Superman was over. Sportsbooks were posting odds on the next actor to play Superman and Cavill’s name wasn’t even on the list.

But, in December, Cavill revealed he isn’t done playing Superman during an interview with Men’s Health. Variety has backed those claims up by reporting on May 27 that Cavill is indeed going to appear as Superman in an upcoming DC Extended Universe film.

No Superman-centered project has been announced. So where will the Man of Steel show up next?

Odds on Henry Cavill’s Next Appearance as Superman

Film Odds
Aquaman 2 +100
Shazam! 2 +100
Black Adam +550
Justice League 2 +800
Man of Steel 2 +1000
Wonder Woman 1984 +2000

Odds as of June 1.

Cavill and DC haven’t publicly announced a new deal. But between Cavill’s statements and the reporting from reputable industry publications, it seems like a green light.

So far, Cavill has appeared in three DC films. Most recently, he appeared as Superman in 2017’s Justice League. In Hollywood, a three-year gap without any announcements is an eternity. The waiting is adding to the intrigue of another Cavill Superman appearance.

YouTube video

Where will that appearance take place? Justice League 2 or Man of Steel 2 are the obvious choices. But neither has been officially announced by the studios.

Up Next for DC

The DC Extended Universe has been making departures from the Superman storylines recently. The three most-recent films (AquamanShazam!, and Birds of Prey) saw no signs of the Man of Steel.

Out of the seven upcoming projects, there is no obvious Superman appearance. The characters in these films operate in storylines (or in some cases, universes) Superman isn’t exactly relevant in.

We’ve seen Superman tousle with Batman in recent years. But the upcoming, Batman film features a new casting for the Dark Knight. It wouldn’t make sense to see Cavill’s Superman face off with a new Bruce Wayne. That may be why The Batman isn’t even included in the odds despite being one of the next slated DC releases.

Shazam vs Aquaman

Wonder Woman 1984The Suicide Squad, and sequels for Aquaman and Shazam are all going to hit theaters before 2022. Out of all these choices, Aquaman 2 and Shazam! 2 are the most likely for a Superman cameo.

YouTube video

The release dates for those two (fall 2022) are the furthest out. With that timeline, they’re the more likely contenders for Cavill and DC to feasibly work out a deal in time. Thematically, Superman definitely aligns more with Aquaman given that the two characters belong to –and have already appeared together in —Justice League.

It would be exciting for fans to see Superman pop up in Wonder Woman 1984, but it’s already in post-production. Same goes for The Suicide Squad, sadly.

Pick: Aquaman 2 (Even)

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