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Odds to Be Dead at the End of Game of Thrones Season 8: Jon Snow Favored to Survive; Odds Split on Daenerys

Chris Amberley

by Chris Amberley in Entertainment

Updated Apr 7, 2020 · 6:48 PM PDT

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones enters its final season with unprecedented hype. Photo by HBO.
  • You can bet on which Game of Thrones characters will die in Season 8
  • Jon Snow is favored to survive, while the odds are split on Daenerys’ fate
  • We examine the best bets on the board

Game of Thrones fans are champing at the bit for the final season to start. The anticipation is so high, that the new trailer has garnered over 45 million views in just a single week!

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It’s inevitable that not all of our favorite characters will survive the upcoming season, and while some of the deaths will be expected, there’s bound to be more than a few gut wrenching surprises along the way.  We’ve been able to wager on who will die first for quite some time, and now odds have been released on who will be dead at the end of Season 8.

Odds to Be Dead at the End of Game of Thrones Series

Character Yes Odds No Odds
Arya Stark -140 +100
Sansa Stark +200 -260
Jamie Lannister -220 +160
Tyrion Lannister +160 -220
Brienne of Tarth +120 -160
Cersei Lannister -600 +350
Jorah Mormont -400 +250
The Hound -400 +250
Tormund Giantsbane +100 -140
Jon Snow +100 -140
Daenerys Targaryen -120 -120
Theon Greyjoy -200 +160

*Odds taken 03/14/19
A pair of heroines immediately jump off the page as Arya, last seen running for her life in the new trailer, is favored to die, while the odds are split on Daenerys.

It’s also fascinating that Jon is a favorite to live, while Bran is nowhere on this list. It pains me to write, but this could be a subtle hint that Bran does wind up on the Iron Throne when all the bloodshed ceases.

Who’s a Lock to Die?

The odds are definitely not favorable, but Cersei dying is one of the few certainties we can count on in season 8. His fate was revealed at a young age by Maggy the Frog, and so far everything the Forest Witch has predicted has come true.

Cersei wed the King, not the Prince she was originally infatuated with, and became the Queen. She gave birth and subsequently buried three golden haired children, and now all that’s left is for her to die with the hands of her younger brother around her throat.

Whether you believe it’s Jamie or Tyrion that finally puts an end to Cersei’s madness is irrelevant. She’s going to die.

Whether you believe it’s Jamie or Tyrion that finally puts an end to Cersei’s madness is irrelevant. She’s going to die, it’s just a matter of when it will happen. With the first part of season 8 taking place in the North, it’s likely she survives until the final few episodes, before meeting her bitter fate.

Who Likely Won’t Survive?

Poor Jorah Mormont. They say love makes you do crazy things, and no one in the show exemplifies that more than Daenerys’ loyal servant. He sold himself into slavery, contracted a deadly skin disease, saved his Queen from the Sons of the Harpy and agreed to join a fruitless expedition to capture a walking dead soldier.

He did it all in the name of love, and yet he remains entrenched in the friend zone. There’s literally nothing he wouldn’t do to protect Daenerys, and the only fitting way for him to die is by sacrificing his own life to save hers.

Which Longshot Has a Good Chance to Live?

We know that Clegane Bowl is inevitable, and in order to make it happen, the Hound needs to presumably survive until the Great War heads south.

He’ already fought back from the brink of death before, and it wouldn’t make sense for him to last this long only to be killed by the one person he’s dreamed about killing his entire life.

This is his one chance to experience a small shred of satisfaction, and given the compassion he’s shown to the Stark girls throughout the show, particularly Sansa, it would be fitting if there was a place for him in the North once the War is won.

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