Odds Favor CM Punk Appearing at AEW’s “All Out” on August 31

CM Punk
Is CM Punk AEW bound? Photo by Ed Webster (flickr) [CC License].
  • The Internet wrestling community is buzzing about the prospect of CM Punk in AEW
  • Is this ultimately just a cruel, disappointing ruse?
  • Will the Straight Edge Savior join with AEW to save pro wrestling?

The idea of CM Punk joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been discussed since the promotion opened up shop. And now, as AEW readies for “All Out”, in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, it would be a perfect time for him to join the promotion’s ranks.

CM Punk chants still echo throughout arenas around the world and continue to be a thorn in WWE’s side despite Punk not being with the promotion for over five years. With AEW being seen as a legitimate competitor to WWE, signing Punk would be a game-changing acquisition.

CM Punk AEW Appearance Odds

Will CM Punk Appear at AEW’s All Out on August 31st? Odds
Yes -220
No +155

*Odds taken 06/11/19

Phil Brooks (CM Punk’s government name) has been steadfastly focused on MMA for the last few years. Punk has competed twice in the UFC and has been doing some commentary work on regional shows broadcast on UFC Fight Pass.

Brooks has seemingly taken great pleasure in teasing his oftentimes overzealous fan base about a jump to All Elite Wrestling.

CM Punk was always that guy who loved the craft of pro wrestling. Despite his perhaps feigned lack of interest in participating now, I’m sure there’s a part of him that appreciates what AEW could potentially represent. A domestic competitor for WWE has been something wrestling fans have wanted for close to two decades to renew what has long been a stale, tired WWE product.

A domestic competitor for WWE has been something wrestling fans have wanted for close to two decades.

Punk’s understanding of effective pro wrestling psychology also creates multiple tendrils that one needs to unpack. Sure, Punk has said multiple times he has no interest in returning back to pro wrestling. But is that an earnest sentiment from Phil Brooks or a storytelling tactic CM Punk is using to maximize a return pop?

The mark in me believes that this will happen. With my birthday being August 29th, a CM Punk debut in AEW would suffice as a great late-birthday gift.

Pick: Yes (-220)

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