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Odds Favor Tana Mongeau Dating David Dobrik Next, Logan Paul Listed at +500

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Jan 8, 2020 · 4:32 PM PST

Tana Mongeau
Will Tana Mongeau date another YouTuber? Photo by Current_Knewz (Twitter).
  • Internet personality Tana Mongeau and YouTube sensation Jake Paul have ended their short-lived romance
  • Mongeau has tweeted about fellow influencer David Dobrik blowing up her phone since she became single
  • Will Mongeau officially date Dobrik, or potentially hook up with a different Internet star, like Jake’s brother, Logan?

When Internet superstars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul entered a romantic relationship in May of 2019, audiences and spectators wondered how long the Mongeau/Paul union would last.

It seems optimists of the relationship’s longevity may have been wrong as the two just called it quits in the early days of 2020.

With Paul out of Mongeau’s relationship realm (at least for the time being), the world is Tana’s oyster as she readies herself for the next great love of her life. Who exactly will snag the viral star’s heart? That’s the subject of a new prop wager at sportsbooks.

Odds on Which YouTuber Tana Mongeau Will Date Next

Suitor Odds
David Dobrik -300
Logan Paul +500
FouseyTube +1500
AnEsonGib +1800
KSI +2000
Mr. Beast +2000

Odds taken January 8th.

Mongeau’s colorful relationship past has seen a few well-known names. Before Jake Paul, Mongeau found herself in relationships with rapper Lil Xan and former Disney star Bella Thorne.

Now that Mongeau is a full-fledged YouTube queen, she may be inclined to stay within her niche and pair up with another social media influencer. (Note that the prop wager, above, is no action if her next relationship is with someone who’s not on the list.)

Mongeau has been active on social media posting about her recent online exchanges with fellow influencer David Dobrik. Her bold, no-questions-necessary tweets have been particularly upfront with the notion that she is interested in his potential advances.

With Mongeau and Dobrik’s flirting brought to the forefront of social media for everyone to witness, it seems likely that the two could already be shacking up or at least moving toward that status in the near future.

Given the writing being quite literally on the Twitter wall, betting on Mongeau and Dobrik as a potential fling makes sense. If Mongeau is so hellbent on making Dobrik her next relationship partner and being so willing to announce that to the masses, let those signs encourage you to throw some money down on the pair’s potential.

Naturally, Dobrik isn’t the only other influencer in the game. Mongeau is royalty when it comes to social media personalities, and with Jake Paul out of the picture, Dobrik certainly isn’t the only person sliding into her DMs.

Coming up behind Dobrik in terms of potential suitors is none other than Logan Paul. For any of you paying close attention, you’d be correct in assuming Logan Paul is indeed the brother of Jake Paul.

Logan, a YouTuber and social media star along the lines of brother Jake and Mongeau, is also a podcaster. His following is nothing short of impressive and he certainly works and plays within the world that Mongeau finds herself in. But would she really end a relationship with one brother and pick up with another? It’s pretty unlikely.

It would be a controversial move for Mongeau and she’d definitely get tons of press ending up with another Paul brother. But given her apparent infatuation with Dobrik, it’s pretty easy to see her forgetting about the Paul family altogether as she readies her next moves.

Tana Mongeau recently aligned herself with powerhouse celebrity Paris Hilton and it’s likely Paris is coaching Mongeau on her trajectory. Hilton knows all about controversy herself, but Mongeau doesn’t need the type of press dating within the same family would bring on. She’s going to switch it off and lean into her crush on Dobrik.

Pick: David Dobrik (-300)

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