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Odds Heavily Favor 50 Cent Not Accepting TI’s ‘Verzuz’ Battle Challenge

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Jul 8, 2020 · 6:24 AM PDT

50 Cent rapping
50 Cent has been invited to yet another Verzuz battle. Photo: Rikard Westman [Flickr]
  • The latest Verzuz challenge has been initiated, with rapper T.I. inviting 50 Cent to compete
  • Verzuz, an artist v. artist battle series, was started by Timbaland and Swizz Beats on Instagram
  • See the odds and best bets related to the challenge, including 50’s buddies Dr. Dre and Eminem’s potential involvement

Timbaland and Swizz Beats want to celebrate the “architects of good music.” With the music industry’s present fate hanging in limbo due to the pandemic, entertainment giants are getting creative with their output. Enter Verzuz.

Swizz and Timba created Verzuz as an artist-versus-artist battle series in which musicians pair up and go on social media to compare their respective catalogues in friendly competition.

So far, the series has featured 16 instalments. Viewers have tuned in for T-Pain against Lil Jon, Nelly versus Ludacris, and Alicia Keys taking on John Legend for a special Juneteenth episode.

The next episode’s guests are undecided, but there may be a possible pairing in the works. T.I. sent fellow rapper 50 Cent an invitation to battle. So far, the invitation has not been accepted. Ouch.

Odds 50 Cent Accepts T.I.’s Verzuz Challenge

Outcome Odds
Yes +800
No -2500

All odds taken July 7

The first question regarding T.I. and 50’s match? Whether or not it’s happening.

As of now, the pair have engaged in a few banter-worthy exchanges regarding the potential match. But that’s all. On 50’s birthday, T.I. extended an invite. Failing to respond to the challenge officially, 50 used the opportunity to throw some shade back to T.I. and dodge the question.

To be fair, T.I.’s invitation to 50 wasn’t exactly the kindest. He mentioned, “Last Time You Got Challenged Kanye West Dusted Your Ass Off” – a reference to the infamous 2007 50-versus-Kanye album war.

This exchange is nothing short of popcorn-worthy. But it seems to be more fiery than actually plausible. If 50 Cent wanted to see this match happen, he probably would have accepted the offer by now.

T.I.’s invite isn’t the first to bring 50 into the Verzuz world. After all, back in April, 50’s rival Ja Rule was the first to challenge him to a battle. He didn’t accept then, and he likely isn’t going to this time either.

Pick: No (-2500)

YouTube video

50 Cent Verzuz T.I. Prop Bets and Odds

Prop Yes Odds No Odds
Dr. Dre Joins The T.I. 50 Cent Verzuz Battle +1200 -3300
Eminem Joins the T.I. 50 Cent Verzuz Battle +1200 -3300

The Gang’s Invited

In T.I.’s invitation video on Instagram, he tells 50 Cent to bring along “you, and Dr. Dre, and Eminem, and G-Unit.” Clearly, T.I. doesn’t seem intimidated to lay his own music catalog on the line against 50’s.

Knowing 50’s list of collaborators and being willing to compare collective works is a bold move on T.I.’s part. But will either of the big wig hip-hop talents show up to the match should it happen? That’s gonna be a no.

Come on. Eminem and Dr. Dre have better things to do with their time. Even in quarantine, they aren’t the types to be popping off on Instagram Live. They’re beyond the realm of tween influencers and they know better.

Pick: No (Both -3300)

Odds on T.I. Verzuz 50 Cent Viewership

Prop Over 500,000 Viewers Under 500,000 Viewers
Total IG Viewers For T.I. vs. 50 Cent Verzuz Battle -120 -120

Masses Tuning in?

Of all the Verzuz battles so far, the viewer totals are all over the place. Naturally, the higher-profile names garner more virtual attendees. Fans showed up in the 800,000s for Erykah Badu’s match against Jill Scott.

With 50 and T.I. gaining a lot of momentum in this potential battle even before an agreement has been settled, it’s extremely easy to see fans showing up in droves should the battle take place. Plus, 50 Cent is one of the more well-known names in modern hip hop. T.I. isn’t exactly a slouch, with a slew of hits in his wake, too.

YouTube video

The nasty words spewed on both sides of this exchange may be in jest, but either way, they make for fun entertainment. If this match actually comes to be, people will be showing up ready to watch the excitement and madness continue.

Pick: Over 500,000 (-120)

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