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Odds on Which Celeb Will Get Pregnant Next

John Benson

by John Benson in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:40 AM PST

Spring fever: it’s just around the corner and no one’s immune, least of all A-list celebrities. (We think it has something to do with their stunning looks coupled with their extra potent pheromones honed by years of SoulCycle and eating organic.)

As Hollywood’s elite start jumping each other’s bones at an alarming rate, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets knocked up.

We’re here to set the odds on which A-lister is most likely to sport the next baby bump.

Kim Kardashian: 2/1

Despite North West’s behavior of late, can sibling South be too far off? Kim clearly has nothing to worry about in terms of her post-baby bod. Anyone remember her spread in Paper? (Anyone forget her spread in Paper, may be the better question.)

Beyoncé: 3/1

Rumors are already circulating that Beyoncé is working on the follow-up to her debut baby. That’s right, the sequel to the Beyoncé-Jay-Z collaboration “Blue Ivy” could already be in the works!

Lady Gaga: 4/1

Celebrities need the spotlight. Now that Gaga’s career has stalled, her recent marriage to actor Taylor Kinney means she’s likely close to creating a living, breathing meat dress.

Cameron Diaz: 6/1

Cameron Diaz doesn’t have the star power she once did. Likely trying to relive her glory days as Hollywood’s premier sex-symbol, she went out and married another person whose fame peaked shortly after Y2K: Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden. Now 42, Diaz is undoubtedly on the clock.

Rihanna: 10/1

In late 2014, rumors surfaced that RiRi and Drake were expecting a baby. It looks like those were off, but the couple is always on the cutting edge of trends, and nothing is trendier than babies right now. Rihanna has to like the prospect of Drake as a father, too. Just think about how free of lint the child would be?

Nicole Richie: 12/1

Even though the House of Harlow entrepreneur is busy these days, Richie and husband Joel Madden could be thinking about having their third child. Based on what we know from her days on The Simple Life, it doesn’t seem like organization and planning – including of the family variety – are Nicole’s strong suits.

Suki Waterhouse: 15/1

Considering Bradley Cooper is on top of the world, perhaps it’s time he adds the title of “father” to his next project with English actress/model Waterhouse. Cooper’s swimmers probably have great aim after all his training for American Sniper.

Selena Gomez: 18/1

Now that Bieber has split, Gomez is probably yearning for a replacement baby. BIEBER SLAM!

Ariana Grande: 25/1

The diminutive singer with the big voice doesn’t seem likely to go the preggers route just yet. Could you even fit a baby in there? She might end up birthing a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Miley Cyrus: 25/1

A baby would undoubtedly interfere with Cyrus’ “lifestyle“. (Let’s face it, so would a heart-healthy smoothie.) We can only hope – for the child’s sake and the world’s – that Miley 2.0 isn’t coming to a stage near you anytime soon.

Jennifer Lawrence: 35/1

From humanity’s perspective, a J-Law baby would cancel out a Miley baby. The world is not such a fortunate place. Also, if the Hunger Games star wants to fit into her Katniss outfit for any more sequels, it’s best she wait.


Have any inside scoops we should be aware of? (I’m looking at you, sonogram techs!) Let us know in the comments.


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