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Odds to Win Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – Netherlands Listed as Favorite

Eurovision Song Contest 2019
The Eurovision Song Contest will be held this year in Tel Aviv. Photo by MateuszFret1998 (Wikimedia Commons) [CC License].
  • The upcoming Eurovision Song Contest begins on May 14th, with the finale on May 18th
  • The popular music competition is a European mainstay, and this year marks the 64th annual event
  • Expo Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv, Israel is this year’s host venue for the competition

It’s almost time for Eurovision again! The annual European song contest that intrigues the entire globe is now in its 64th year.

This year, 42 countries from Europe (as well as an entry from Australia) will participate to vie for the title of European Song Contest winner. Who stands the best chance to take home the award?

Which Country Will Win Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

Country Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Odds
Netherlands +200
Russia +550
Italy +700
Sweden +800
Azerbaijan +1000
Malta +1400
Switzerland +1800
Iceland +2000
Australia +2500
Cyprus +3300
France +3300
Greece +3300
Spain +3300
Czech Republic +6600
North Macedonia +6600

*Odds taken 05/10/19

The theme for Eurovision this year is “Dare To Dream”. Certainly, the inspirational quote is meant to infuse a sense of wonder into the competition. In a contest that is quite genuinely anyone’s prize for the taking, it seems fitting.

Last year’s winning Eurovision song was “Toy”, by Israeli performer Netta. The brazen, raucous electropop song secured a win for Israel with a kiss-off chorus (“I’m not your toy / You stupid boy”).

Over 9,000 fans will flock to Expo Tel Aviv for the live ceremony while 186 million fans watch on TV.

Since Israel won last year, they get to host this year’s contest. Over 9,000 fans will flock to Expo Tel Aviv for the live ceremony while 186 million fans catch the ceremonies on their televisions around the globe.

With Bulgaria sitting out this year due to financial constraints and Ukraine also choosing to withdraw, the lineup this year is a little different from previous years. This year, Eurovision also sees the first entry from North Macedonia since their name change from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

What’s fun about Eurovision is just how unpredictable the contest seems to be. No country has ever won more than seven times, a record currently held by Ireland.

No country has ever won more than seven times, a record currently held by Ireland.

Other top winners are Sweden (six wins), France (five wins), Luxembourg (five wins), and the United Kingdom (five wins). The latter is an interesting one to watch when you consider they’ve also ranked Runner Up a record fifteen times in addition to their wins.

Getting 15 Minutes In

Eurovision isn’t often a career maker or breaker for artists. The exception to the rule is Swedish pop group ABBA, whose song “Waterloo” won in 1974 and helped launch the group to international success that still remains today.

Another rare exception is actually a North American star. Despite reigning from Canada, chanteuse Celine Dion performed the winning song, bringing the prize to Switzerland.

Most artists who perform in Eurovision don’t necessarily experience international success, but the exposure is still important. 2014 winner Conchita Wurst won for Austria and went viral globally, but that may just have been due to Wurst’s intriguing physical appearance.

Most Eurovision entrants are virtually unknown. This year’s Finnish entry is a collaboration between actor/singer Sebastian Rejman and DJ Darude, the latter being a pioneer in dance music and creator of the song “Sandstorm”– a dance floor mainstay since the 1990’s.

A Guessing Game

Russia’s Eurovison entry performed by Sergey Lazarev is notable given Lazarev’s previous participation in the contest. He’s one of five returning artists this year, and may be in for a win. In 2016, Lazarev took Russia to third place.

Another point to consider is the OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision). The group, founded in 1984, is an independent group that sources fan clubs to guess their favorites in advance of the contest. This year, it seems Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, and Cyprus are the ones to watch according to OGAE.

Pick: Netherlands (+200)

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