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Ozark Season 3 Odds – Who Dies First? Which Characters Will Kill?

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Who will die this year on Ozark? Photo courtesy of Netflix.
  • Season three of Netflix’s crime drama Ozark will be released on March 27, 2020
  • The third season is doing well with critics ahead of the release, with an 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Find out odds and predictions on which character will perish first and the fates of the rest of the cast

With no signs of coronavirus’ spread slowing down across the globe, home media is a beacon of hope right now. Luckily for fans of Ozark, the third season will be released to Netflix in mere days. That’s right, days.

The award-winning, Jason Bateman-starring crime drama has been a hit with fans and critics since its 2017 debut. Having won countless awards and leading the charge of the next wave of great dramatic storytelling, Ozark has been a go-to for television fans for the past several years.

Now that everyone is stuck home on quarantine and practicing social distancing, the timing couldn’t be more right to release one of the most binge-worthy shows still in production. But with this season, some major changes are expected. At least one cast member is likely to meet their maker. So, who’s it going to be?

Odds Which Ozark Character Will Perish First

Odd Odds
Darlene Snell +200
Wendy Byrde +250
Rachel +300
Helen +500
Ruth Langmore +700
Charlotte Byrde +900
Jonah Byrde +1200
Marty Byrde +5000

Odds taken Mar. 25.

It’s a morbid prop, but Ozark isn’t exactly a show about sunshine and rainbows so it seems fitting to discuss which of the characters will be the first to kick the bucket.

It’s a Byrde world, so Darlene Snell is rumored to be on the chopping block first. Portrayed by actress Lisa Emery, Darlene’s story arc has been fascinating to watch. Perhaps writers are tapped on what to do with Darlene next, but even so she’s been a thrilling character for fans of the show. She’s earned her keep.

There’s no surprise that Marty Byrde has the longest odds given he’s Bateman’s character and the driving force behind the show. Marty may be killed eventually, but the writers are more likely to build up to that with a smaller role dying first.

Even if it’s not going to be Darlene, Ozark‘s writers may want to go for a bigger impact with a death. Speculation is also on Laura Linney’s character, Marty’s wife Wendy. This loss would be a bigger blow for the characters and for fans watching.

But, again, writers won’t go out in episode one with guns blazing and kill off Linney’s Wendy. Odds are really leaning toward Darlene, and the lesser impact makes more sense for the story. With her out of the way, it adds gunfire to the mix and builds up to more death later in the season.

Pick: Darlene Snell (+200)

Odds for Outcomes In Season Three of Ozark

Odd Yes Odds No Odds
Charlotte Byrde Kills Someone +150 -200
Darlene Snell Dies -200 +150
Jonah Byrde Kills Someone +400 -700
Marty Byrde Dies +900 -3000
Marty Has an Affair With Ruth +200 -300
Rude Langmore Dies +300 -500
Ruth Langmore Kills Wendy Byrde +400 -700
The Casino Gets Shut Down -500 +300
FBI Tries to Use Ruth to Sting Marty -200 +150
Wendy Byrde Dies -120 -120
Wendy Byrde Kills Ruth Langmore +150 -200

Kill, Kill, Kill

So many of the odds are based around who will kill whom. The most obvious and likely scenario is Wendy Byrde killing Ruth Langmore.

Given the conspiracy surrounding Ruth’s father’s death and Wendy’s involvement in the killing, season three of Ozark is expected to have an explosive conflict between these two characters. Though much is unknown about the season, the dynamic between these two characters seems almost inevitable at this point.

But will Wendy successfully kill Ruth? Nah. It’s too obvious. Either she’ll fail, things will change dramatically, or Ruth will be the one to kill Wendy first.

Pick: Wendy Byrde Kills Ruth Langmore – No (-200)

Casino Royale

One of the more certain props in the mix is the casino being shut down. The final episode of season two saw the casino’s grand opening. But will it end so soon? Absolutely. In Ozark, nothing lasts long.

The trailer for season three shows Marty’s criminal activity in the casino. Ruth knows, and Marty wants her to keep it quiet and not tell Wendy. That likely is a precursor to some major drama going down with the casino either being shut down legally or having to close for strategic reasons.

Pick: The Casino Gets Shut Down – Yes (-500)

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