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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Royal Wedding Odds & Props

Kaela Napier

by Kaela Napier in Entertainment

Updated Jan 17, 2018 · 9:38 AM PST

Prince Harry on a visit to Chatham House, 2017. (Chatham House (flickr [[CC License]))

There is nothing quite like a royal wedding, and for our friends across the pond, watching, waiting, and speculating on the lives of the Windsor family is akin to a national pastime. So popular is the activity that we feel the trickle down effect all the way over here in America, where our closest thing to a monarch is Queen Bey. There is a certain allure to the unknown; it’s why we follow celebrities on social media, and why we spend hours a week watching them on TV. Don’t worry; there’s no shame in that — at least, with me.

So, when a royal begins dating, or supposedly dating, one of us common folk, well … you can just imagine the curb appeal. All of a sudden, a lifestyle that seemed so unattainable for the rest of us has been reached! This is precisely what happened in October of last year when rumors began to swirl about Prince Harry’s new love interest, Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle, 2013 (Genevieve (flickr) [CC License])
The LA-born actress and young prince began seeing one another in the summer of 2016, after being set up by a mutual friend. However, it wasn’t until the fall that reports began to surface that they were dating. Then, in a statement released through his communications secretary in November, 2016, Prince Harry condemned those who had been making racist and sexist comments about Ms. Markle, confirming that they had been in a relationship for several months.

The couple managed to stay relatively out of the public eye, driving royal-watchers crazy. They were finally spotted together in March 2017 at a charity polo match — four months after confirming the relationship.  Then, three months after that, they made their first official appearance together, at the Invictus Games in Toronto. Nearly an entire year of their relationship had passed, and we’d only been privy to a few brief sightings. Granted, living on two separate continents helped them keep a low public profile, but with millions of eyes watching, that is still some feat.

If absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, perhaps this explains our love of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle qua couple. Harry, the ever-favorite royal, and Meghan, the southern Californian girl, have stayed out of the spotlight long enough to not only allow themselves time to fall in love, but to leave us wanting so much more. Rather than growing weary from over-exposure, we have only seen glimpses — and I know I cannot be alone when I say that I like what I see.

In her now-famous interview with Vanity Fair, Markle put it quite plainly: “We’re two people who are really happy and in love.” Naturally the speculation about weddings and rings was bound to speed up after a statement like that. Online sportsbooks opened lines on when the couple would announce their engagement, and on when they might tie the knot. People started placing bets on dates, and then, all of a sudden, last week the lines were closed.

What did the bookies know that we, the general public, didn’t? Was this a sign of good news to come?

Of course it was! On November 27, 2017, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, announced the engagement of his son, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, saying that the two will be “very happy” in their life together. They are rumored to be looking at a May wedding, allowing for Prince William and Kate to have their third child (due in April) beforehand — and for Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, to attend the Royal Ascot in June.

Queen Elizabeth II, 2012 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office (flickr) [CC License])

Don’t expect this announcement to end any of the chatter, however. Remember, this is almost a national pastime for the Brits, and the rumors and speculations will simply turn to more specific details, such as who will design Meghan’s dress, which celebrities will attend the wedding, and whether/when a baby will be on the way.

In fact, let’s look at some of those odds now!

Wedding Props Fit For a Prince(ss)


Odds of world leaders attending the wedding

  • Theresa May (UK): 1/60
  • Emmanuel Macron (France): 1/4
  • Justin Trudeau (Canada): 1/3
  • Angela Merkel (Germany): 4/11
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z (United States): 10/1
  • President Trump and Melania Trump (the other United States): 20/1
  • Kim Jong Un (North Korea): 800/1

O/U on how many guests will be invited: 900

The couple will wed at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, a place that reportedly holds a special spot in Prince Harry’s heart. Rumor has it that the wedding will be on the “smaller” side, due to financial issues caused by Brexit, though word from Kensington Palace is that the royal family will be footing the bill themselves.

Odds on who will design Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

  • Roland Mouret: 11/2
  • Erdem Moralioglu: 9/1
  • David Emanuel: 10/1
  • Alexander McQueen: 20/1

Odds that Princess Charlotte is a flower girl: 1/3

She will be prime flower-girl age come May, and has already had practice at Aunt Pippa’s wedding. That being said, she will also be in prime tantrum-throwing age, and as anyone with a young child can tell you, convincing a three-year-old to do anything they don’t want to do is a near-impossible task.

Odds that Kate is a bridesmaid: 9/1

It is tradition to ask your future sister-in-law to stand beside you on your wedding day, however, Kate is due to have her third child sometime in April, which makes her status as a bridesmaid dubious. With Kate being only a few weeks postpartum, at best, we are more willing to bet that Meghan will ask someone else to accompany her down the aisle.

Odds that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce they’re pregnant by the end of 2018: 9/1

Things have already moved fairly quickly for the two, plus this is Markle’s second marriage and Prince Harry has been heard saying that he hopes they can start a family in the “near future”. Of course, “near” is a relative term.

Odds Meghan Markle is able to hide her first pregnancy for five months: 10/1

Meghan might have some practice keeping big news under wraps, but if there is anything we like more than speculating on royal weddings, it’s speculating on royal baby bumps! The new princess is already being watched like a hawk, and will soon have a litany of public appearances on her schedule. Hiding a pregnancy will take a concentrated effort on all sides.

Odds that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first-born is named Elizabeth: 20/1

Should their first child be a female, will Harry and Meghan honor his grandmother by giving her a namesake? It is possible, as royal children tend to be given family names.

Odds Prince Harry makes a guest appearance on Suits: 50/1

Now that Meghan is no longer acting on the show, these odds are lower than they would have been six months ago. While I don’t think many of us would be too opposed to Harry gracing our screens, no matter how briefly, it is safe to assume that his attention will be focused elsewhere.

Odds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle move to the United States: 50/1

At best, they will have a vacation home here. Expect their permanent residency to be in the United Kingdom.

Odds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child runs for President: 70/1

It is expected that Meghan will become a British citizen once married to Harry, and considering any of their future children will live primarily in England, this is not likely at all.

Odds that the wedding is called off: 100/1

Don’t you dare.

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