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The Bachelor Season 23 Updated Odds & Props After Episode 1

Michael Harrison

by Michael Harrison in Entertainment

Updated Jan 10, 2019 · 10:39 AM PST

Colton Underwood Bachelor Season 23
Colton Underwood's journey to find love on The Bachelor Season 23 began Monday night. Photo by @BachelorABC (Twitter)
  • Season 23 of the Bachelor premiered on Monday, January 7th
  • The Bachelor Colton is a virgin – how many times will the v word be said this season?
  • See the odds for each remaining contestant and who could be heading home after Episode 2

Everyone’s favorite virgin returns to our lives with the 23rd installment of the Bachelor, with 30 stunning women vying for the affection of Colton, an ex football player.

This season has been promised to be the most dramatic and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. (Would they ever say it was a boring and predictable season?)

Colton assures us he’s in it for the right reasons as he embarks on his epic journey to find love and he’ll surely let his walls down and be vulnerable.

We’ve got you primed with odds on who will win Colton’s heart, plus a bevy of fun props to enjoy throughout the season.

Odds to Win Season 23 of the Bachelor

Contestant SBD’s Odds to Win
Hannah G. 10/1
Caelynn 12/1
Cassie 15/1
Caitlin 15/1
Katie 17/1
Demi 17/1
Hannah B. 20/1
Tayshia 20/1
Bri 22/1
Kirpa 22/1
Courtney 25/1
Elyse 25/1
Heather 28/1
Angelique 28/1
Onyeka 28/1
Nicole 28/1
Sydney 30/1
Erika 30/1
Annie 30/1
Alex B. 35/1
Nina 35/1
Tracy 35/1
Catherine 50/1

Hannah G. received Colton’s first impression rose and he also spoke glowingly of her when Chris Harrison asked about her at the Bachelor viewing party.

On the other end of the spectrum, Catherine has clearly established herself as the pot-stirrer this season (it’s required that every season has one!), as she alienated herself from everyone and set a new bachelor record for times interrupting another girl’s visit with the Bachelor!

Caelynn (Miss North Carolina) got the first kiss, so she’s a lead contender, while sadly Alex D (aka Sloth) didn’t receive a rose and was sent packing!

Odds to be Eliminated in Episode 2

Contestant SBD’s Odds to be Eliminated
Nina 3/1
Sydney 3/1
Alex B. 3/1
Annie 3/1
Onyeka 5/1
Tracy 5/1
Angelique 5/1
Erika 5/1
Catherine 7/1
Bri 7/1
Tayshia 7/1
Kirpa 7/1
Nicole 9/1
Katie 9/1
Elyse 9/1
Courtney 9/1
Heather 12/1
Hannah B. 12/1
Demi 15/1
Cassie 15/1
Caitlin 18/1
Caelynn 18/1
Hannah G. 20/1

The top four ladies in line to be axed haven’t done much to establish themselves, apart from Sydney who had an orchestra arranged to play for Colton.

Catherine has the longest odds to win, but isn’t a favorite to be kicked off episode two, since the show tends to keep women who create drama for at least the first few weeks.

Colton’s Virginity

The huge storyline of the season is that Colton is a virgin and it was repeated ad nauseam throughout the first episode. He’s mentioned that he’s not saving himself for marriage but rather just wants to be with the right person.

That leads us to wonder, just when will Colton lose his virginity this season?

What episode will Colton lose his virginity?

Prop SBD’s O/U
Episode Colton loses his virginity 9.5

Each season spans ten episodes, with the second last installment focused on the fantasy suites (where extra curricular activities often occur). With that said, it would seem reasonable to suggest he’d either hand that card in during the fantasy suite episode, or he’ll save himself this season.

How many times will virgin be said this season?

Prop SBD’s O/U
How many times will they reference Colton’s virginity this season? 75.5

Initially you’d think that there’s no way something could be beaten like a dead horse this many times – but this is The Bachelor and they always exploit some angle about contestants in order to capitalize on the social media firestorm that follows.

Virginity was said, or alluded to, a whopping 18 times in episode one, so how many times will it be said during the entire ten episode duration?

Spoiler Alert: too many times.

During episode one, it was a major plot point but you’d figure the discussion will die down as the season wears on – at least until the fantasy suite episode, where it’ll surely be said a nauseating amount of times yet again!

How many times will Colton’s ex Tia be mentioned this season?

Prop SBD’s O/U
How many times will Tia be mentioned this season? 25.5


Surely Tia will either make an appearance or be a major focal point in discussions because that’s just the show’s style! Bank on there being a lot of discussion about Colton’s ex this season.

What will the final ten contestants be comprised of?

Contestants SBD’s Over/Under
Californians 3.5
African Americans 2.5
Blondes 4.5
Brunettes 4.5

There are eight contestants from California, five African Americans remaining, ten blondes, and ten brunettes (three women with other hair color – Katie, Elyse, Courtney).

Odds the Winner is…

Contestant Characteristic SBD’s Odds
Blonde 5/4
Brunette 4/3
African American 4/1
Texan 91/9
New York/New Jersey 9/1
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