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The Voice Season 16 Odds: Maelyn Jarmon Listed as Odds-On Favorite

Maelyn Jarmon singing
Maelyn Jarmon is the betting favorite to win Tuesday's Season 16 final of The Voice. Photo: YouTube.com screenshot.
  • Maelyn Jarmon is the betting choice to win as Season 16 of The Voice concludes on Tuesday
  • She’s the only singer among the four finalists coached by John Legend
  • See the updated odds to win Season 16

Throughout Season 16 of The Voice, Maelyn Jarmon has made a habit of standing out in the crowd. That crowd has narrowed to four finalists competing to win the signing competition. Yet when she takes the stage during Tuesday’s final episode, in essence Jarmon remains alone on an island.

She’s the only finalist remaining who isn’t coached by Blake Shelton. John Legend coaches Jarmon. She’s also the only singer among the final four whose genre isn’t country. She’s the lone female contender.

Combining all these unique elements with her talent and popularity among the viewing audience has caused BookMaker to establish Jarmon as the chalk to win The Voice.

Odds to Win Season 16 of The Voice

Performer Season 16 The Voice Odds at BookMaker
Maelyn Jarmon -185
Gyth Rigdon +225
Dexter Roberts +950
Andrew Sevener +1200

*Odds taken May 19

Legend has never coached a winner of The Voice. Shelton has coached six winners, most recently Chloe Kohanski in Season 13. That’s the most of any coach on the show.

Kelly Clarkson coached the last two winners of the competition. None of her singers reached the final four this time around.

Maelyn Romance

The coaches on the show, a group of four singers that also includes Adam Levine, have been steadfast in one opinion. They view Jarmon as the most talented singer among this year’s group.

She’s also won the support of public opinion. Three weeks in a row, Jarmon has captured the Apple Music streaming bonus, meaning she’s sold more downloads of her songs than any of the other performers.

A Rigdon Election?

Gyth Rigdon is the only other remaining artist to win the Apple Music streaming bonus.

He’s definitely won over a solid portion of the female viewing audience with his stylish looks.

Rigdon clearly isn’t in Jarmon’s class when it comes to vocals, however.

Dexter’s Classic Country

With his beard and combination of ballcap or cowboy hat, Dexter Roberts looks the part of a tradtional country crooner. And he sounds just like one, too.

That could ultimately prove his undoing. You listen to his smooth delivery of a country classic and it sounds so much like any other country performer you might hear on a Saturday night trying to scrape out a living in a Nashville honky tonk.

Sevener’s Is the Loneliest Number

Andrew Sevener is only still standing at the end thanks to the Instant Save. It’s a Twitter vote where viewers have five minutes to cast a ballot for a singer in danger of elimination.

No Instant Save survivor has ever won the compeititon.

Maelyn It In

With three country singers in the final round, they may divide public support amongst those who love that style of music.

That should open the door for Jarmon to sing her way the Season 16 title of The Voice.

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