Tony Vlachos Favored to Win Survivor Season 40 – See Updated Odds Here

Survivor Season 40
Tony Vlachos is favored to Win Survivor Season 40. Photo from @qnewshub (Twitter)
  • Survivor: Winners at War is five episodes in with six castaways voted off
  • Odds on who will win have made it to online sportsbooks with some surprising names favored
  • Should you wager money on Tony to end up becoming the sole survivor?

Survivor fans have clamored for a season full of only winners for many years and we’ve finally got our wish for Survivor: Winners at War. Through the first five episodes, there have been six contestants voted off and the action has been exciting with some big name players still in the game.

The grand prize is a reality show record-high $2 million and every contestant still has a shot to win the money, even the first six voted off (Natalie, Amber, Danni, Ethan, Tyson and Boston Rob) who are on the Edge of Extinction looking to find their way back in the contest.

Of those six players, just one of them are listed in the odds to win the season, which may shine a light on who ultimately does return back into play.

We had our unique odds on who would win before the season and after episode four and the massive notable difference is our odds for Tony to win (longest shot), to his current odds as being the favorite.

Odds to Win Survivor: Winners at War

Contestant Odds
Tony +100
Michele +200
Natalie +350
Wendell +700
Nick +700
Kim +700
Sarah +1000
Adam +2000
Ben +2000
Jeremy +2000
Yul +2500
Parvati +2500
Sophie +2500
Denise +5000
Sandra +5000

Odds taken March 16th

Betting on Tony is Fool’s Gold

There should be absolutely no way, shape, or form that Tony is the betting favorite to win this season, because he has a huge personality and massive reputation of being a big time player which will make him a huge target through the duration of the season.

The only plausible explanation as to why he’s got such amazingly low +100 odds to win the season is if in fact the betting book has intel that he does win, because he should still be considered a huge long shot along with Sandra (who is +5000).

To this point Tony has ingratiated himself well with his tribe mates and been a good source of humor, but the party can only last so long with his past reputation of being a loose cannon. The last three episodes have seen players go big game hunting in eliminating Ethan, Tyson and Boston Rob, and Tony will be straight in the crosshairs.

That is precisely why he’s been attempting to keep huge targets in the game to shield himself from people who will gun for him next. The only way you should bet on him at criminally low +100 odds is if you’re convinced production tipped off the betting books he won – otherwise, save your money for someone else.

Survivor: Winners at War  Contestants

Contestant Season Won
Ethan 3 (Africa) – on Edge of Extinction
Sandra 7, 20 (Pearl Islands, Heroes vs Villains)
Amber 8 (All-Stars) – on Edge of Extinction
Danni 11 (Guatemala) – on Edge of Extinction
Yul 13 (Cook Islands)
Parvati 16 (Micronesia)
Boston Rob 22 (Redemption Island) – on Edge of Extinction
Sophie 23 (South Pacific)
Kim 24 (One World)
Denise 25 (Philippines)
Tyson 27 (Blood vs Water) – on Edge of Extinction
Tony 28 (Cagayan)
Natalie 29 (San Juan Del Sur) – on Edge of Extinction
Jeremy 31 (Cambodia)
Michele 32 (Kaoh Rong)
Adam 33 (Millennials vs Gen X)
Sarah 34 (Game Changers)
Ben 35 (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers)
Wendell 36 (Ghost Island)
Nick 37 (David vs Goliath)

Sophie and Denise Offer Great Value

The two players you should consider wagering on is SBD’s pick to win Sophie (+2500), or Denise (+5000), who has a stunningly high betting line given how smooth she is at playing the game and her ability to stay under the radar.

She, along with Tony, have the biggest discrepancies with their odds to win versus our picks.

Both have been playing strong games, not giving in to Boston Rob’s attempts to bully them into revealing idols that they have and are genuinely liked by their fellow contemporaries on the island.

The women have been fantastic thus far this season, collecting idols, amassing fire tokens that can be used as currency later in the game to earn advantages, and in the case of Natalie, who’s on the Edge of Extinction, might be precisely why she ends up back competing for the $2 million dollars for her shockingly low +350 odds to be the sole Survivor.

Given their great start to the season, considering betting on a woman to earn the biggest prize in reality television history.

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