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Westworld Season 3 Odds – Who Dies Next? Who’s Charlotte Being Controlled By?

JJ De La Torre

by JJ De La Torre in Entertainment

Updated Mar 23, 2021 · 1:27 PM PDT

Thomas Kretschmann, a cast member in the HBO series "Westworld," poses at the Season 3 premiere of the show at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Thursday, March 5, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
  • Season three of HBO’s Westworld premiered on March 15
  • With fan-favorite character Maeve now in a World War II environment, Westworld seems to be heating up
  • We dig into the odds on which character will meet their (un)timely fate and what Caleb will get up to next

With Coronavirus on the forefront of the mind globally, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to escape into television. Out of the shows presently airing, nothing screams escapism more than Westworld.

Now in its third season, the HBO sci-fi drama has been a go-to for television fans with an acute interest in great storytelling. Dealing with themes of morals, mortality, and class systems, Westworld goes deep.

Judging by episode one of the new season, it seems the show’s producers are ready to take it to the next level –  and judging by the intense drama, it seems Westworld is only getting started.

Odds on What Type of Job Caleb Will Accept Next on the Rico App

Jobs Odds
A To B +200
Babysitting +500
Fireworks Show +500
Smash & Grab +500
Creative Accounting +700
Grand Theft Auto +800
Redistributive Justice +800
Wet Work +900
Red Rum +3000

All odds taken Mar. 17

So far this season, fans seem to be particularly intrigued by the introduction of the character Caleb, played by Aaron Paul. Caleb’s intrigue hangs delicately based on his interactions with an app called Rico.

The app seems to be a taskmaster comms in which Caleb receives job duties. Though Caleb prefers not to do ‘personal’ tasks and keep to menial jobs that don’t harm anyone such as robbing ATMs, it’s likely that distant relationship with Rico won’t last forever.

Like a next century version of the events from The Mandalorian, Rico is a chance for Westworld producers to let characters interact with new technologies and elevate the storytelling with more dials on moral compasses and spins at the wheel of fate.

So where does this leave Caleb? The producers aren’t going to make him leap to an extreme job this early in the season, and since the prop specifically questions what his next task will be, it’s going to be something relatively benign. They’ll work him up to the bigger stuff but keep him in easy territory for now.

Pick: A To B (+200)

Odds on Which Character From Season 2 Charlotte is Being Controlled By

Who is the Host of Charlotte? Odds
Other +130
None (Charlotte is still Charlotte) +160
Teddy +200

The Internet is abuzz with guesses and theories as to who is playing ‘host’ to the character of Charlotte.

For Westworld fans, the debut of season three felt like waiting forever. After all, last season ended with a host version of Charlotte being created with Dolores’ mind occupying it.

When Dolores moved on to a new body, though, Charlotte continued to exist. Fans have beat this question to death wondering exactly who is inside Charlotte’s mind now.

Some are guessing Charlotte is herself, while others believe Teddy Flood (originally played by James Marsden) is in the driver’s seat of Charlotte’s brain now.

Those theories are fine and dandy, but they’re also bordering on fan fiction. Fans want to see Teddy return after his shocking demise in season two.

While we’ll have to wait to see who is in Charlotte’s mind now, it could be any of a dozen other viable options including a character we haven’t even been introduced to yet.

Pick: Other (+130)

Odds on Who Will Die Next

Character Odds
Ash +150
G +150
Liam +350
William +1500
Maeve +2000
Charlotte +2500
Bernard +3000
Dolores +3000
Caleb +4500

They don’t kill the big guns this early. Any TV or movie fan knows that. But then again, this is Westworld and this show is unlike other Hollywood franchises.

Long-standing characters like Maeve, Dolores, and Bernard are institutions on Westworld. They make the show what it is. And although these characters have gone through some major changes in the past, they’ve stayed a part of the show in some iteration or another.

Newer characters are likely to die sooner because they help build the drama, tension, and thicken the plot to the juicy climax that fans crave.

This season’s new star Ash seems like a likely candidate for sure. Yet to debut in the series, Ash (portrayed by Lena Waithe) is set to be involved in heists with Caleb and Giggles and also be involved in Dolores’ revolution (judging by the trailer).

Pick: Ash (+150)

Odds on What Marshawn Lynch’s Character “G” Will Mention First

Outcome Odds
None of the listed selections -200
“Beast Mode” +500
“Boss” +500
“About that action” +700
“Skittles” +1500
“I’m (just) here so I won’t get fined” +3300
“Thanks for Axing / Just Axing” +3300

Hmm. In a sort of bizarre, albeit really cool, casting choice, former NFL star Marshawn Lynch is making his Westworld debut this season.

The Seattle Seahawks RB is set to appear later this season. Will any of his catchphrases make it onto the show?

Lynch has advertised for Skittles before, but does that mean the candy will be referenced this season on Westworld? Hell no. The producers have more tact than that. Similarly, Lynch’s athleisure brand Beast Mode won’t be mentioned. None of the things on this list will!

Anything on this list would ruin the credibility of the show. Westworld has its own thing going on outside of sponsorships.

Pick: None of the listed selections (-200)

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