WWE Crown Jewel Odds & Picks: Humberto Carrillo Favored to Fight AJ Styles for United States Championship

WWE Crown Jewel
The WWE Crown Jewel goes down this Thursday on Halloween on October 31. Photo By @nodqdotcom (Twitter)
  • WWE Crown Jewel will take place at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh on October 31st
  • More matches have been added to the card over the past week
  • How have the odds changed for the night’s biggest bouts since they were originally announced?

With Crown Jewel coming up this Thursday in Saudi Arabia, WWE has announced more matches to complete the card. Among the additions is a United States Championship number one contender’s Battle Royal on the Kickoff show and Mansoor vs. Cesaro.

All of the main matchups have remained the same, but since the opening Crown Jewel odds were released, they have fluctuated a bit for a few of them. Although excitement for the Pay-per-view isn’t exactly at an all-time high, it will be interesting to see how many of these outcomes end up favoring the fans.

Here, we’ll take another look at the updated Crown Jewel odds and how much they may or may have changed in the last week.

WWE Championship Odds: Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez

Wrestler Odds
Brock Lesnar -120
Cain Velasquez -120

*All odds taken October 29

Cain Velasquez took a bigger hit in the betting odds than anyone else since his WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar was made official for Crown Jewel a few weeks back. He was originally favored with -200 to Lesnar’s +150 but is now even in the odds with his archrival going into the event.

The only explanation is that Velasquez has yet to catch on with the WWE audience and therefore they don’t see him as a viable threat to Lesnar’s title reign despite holding a legitimate victory over him from a decade ago. There’s no way Velasquez should be losing clean in his in-ring debut for WWE, but it’d be equally ridiculous for him to walk out the new WWE champion.

Perhaps fans came to the conclusion that a Lesnar win (albeit by disqualification) is more likely. Interference is also a possibility to keep Velasquez looking strong, but based off the little he’s shown us up to this point, him becoming WWE champion at this point in time would be a massive mistake.

Besides, there’s no reason for WWE to blow this rivalry off so soon.

Universal Championship Odds: Seth Rollins vs The Fiend

Wrestler Odds
Seth Rollins -120
The Fiend -120

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt find themselves in a similar spot as Lesnar and Velasquez with their betting odds still being tied, the same as they were a week ago. Although you would think fans would have decided on who they predict to win by now, WWE has done nothing to sway opinions one way or the other in the buildup to this bout.

Wyatt’s exclusivity to SmackDown should automatically rule out any possibility of him coming out on top and taking the title on Thursday, but stranger things have happened. WWE hasn’t explained how that would work it if Wyatt were to beat Rollins for the belt, but best case scenario would see him return to the Raw roster and continue his feud with The Beast Slayer there.

WWE definitely did damage to The Fiend’s momentum by having him fail at Hell in a Cell, but whether they are willing to redeem themselves and put the title on him at Crown Jewel is the question. WWE has already said that their Falls Count Anywhere outing won’t be stopped for any reason, so another draw for the finish seems unlikely.

Wyatt deserves to relieve Rollins as Universal champion, but looking at WWE’s track record of doing the right thing in situations such as this one, the safe bet is Rollins retaining.

Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman

Wrestler Odds
Tyson Fury -600
Braun Strowman +350

Fury vs. Strowman is another match where the betting odds haven’t moved the slightest bit, and rightfully so. Fury is as legitimate as they come, and while nothing should be taken away from Strowman, he just doesn’t measure up to the dominance of the undefeated Gypsy King.

However, that hasn’t stopped WWE from trying to make Strowman look like a believable threat to Fury by having him beat up on Drew Gulak two weeks in a row on SmackDown. Clearly WWE’s efforts haven’t been enough to alter the odds, which still paint Fury has a major favorite over The Monster Among Men.

Fury has never been beaten within the boxing realm and isn’t going to suffer a loss to a professional wrestler, no matter how huge he is. It doesn’t help that Strowman has been a perennial loser for years, so him somehow scoring a victory over Fury would be incredibly comical.

The only other outcome that would be somewhat logical is Strowman vs. Fury ending in a no contest. That would plant the seeds for a future rematch between the two (potentially at WrestleMania), but with Fury’s next fight happening in February, the idea of them revisiting this match any time soon seems a bit far-fetched.

Mansoor vs Cesaro

Wrestler Odds
Mansoor -1000
Cesaro +525

If you thought the odds were lopsided in favor of Fury in his match with Strowman, those are nothing compared to how much of an underdog Cesaro appears to be against Saudi Arabia’s own Mansoor at Crown Jewel. Of course, it’s completely understandable seeing as how much of an afterthought Cesaro has been lately, but he shouldn’t be underestimated whatsoever.

After all, the Swiss Cyborg has many years of experience over Mansoor, who was just signed to a WWE developmental deal a year and a half ago. Mansoor has had a handful of matches on NXT TV in that time and most notably won the biggest Battle Royal in WWE history at Super ShowDown in June but has largely flown under the radar since then.

If nothing else, it should be a very well wrestled match. Cesaro tends to make magic with whoever he shares the ring with, while Mansoor has shown some skills in the short time he’s been with the company. If given time, this could be a real treat on the undercard.

Picking Cesaro shouldn’t be considered a dumb decision, especially since WWE is notorious for having the hometown heroes lose more often than not, but Mansoor is absolutely the best bet here.

United States Championship No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal Odds

Wrestler Odds
Humberto Carrillo +200
Buddy Murphy +300
Cedric Alexander +300
Andrade +600
Erick Rowan +1200
Luke Harper +1600

AJ Styles is easily one of WWE’s most prominent athletes, yet his reign as United States champion hasn’t lived up to fans’ lofty expectations so far. He’s successfully defended the gold against the likes of Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Braun Strowman in recent months but has mainly been spinning his wheels since the WWE Draft.

That said, this week’s Raw may have been a glimpse into his future when Styles welcomed the challenge of newcomer Humberto Carrillo, who pushed him to his limit. Despite an exceptional effort, Carrillo just barely fell short versus The Phenomenal One.

According to the odds, Carrillo is the fan-favorite to win the number one contender’s Battle Royal and earn another match with Styles at Crown Jewel, this time for the star-spangled prize. Trailing behind him is Buddy Murphy, an equally excellent pick. He also arrived on Raw in the Draft and must have championship gold in his sights.

If not either one of those men, Cedric Alexander would make a fine opponent for Styles in Saudi Arabia. All of their other encounters were top-notch and a rematch would be welcomed by the audience in attendance.

Andrade and Erick Rowan aren’t as likely due to their heel status (though they aren’t totally implausible), while SmackDown’s Luke Harper winning would be ridiculous with WWE reinforcing the Brand Split again as of earlier this month.

Team Hogan vs Team Flair

Wrestler Odds
Team Hogan -350
Team Flair +225

With nothing on the line, it’s hard to care about Team Hogan vs. Team Flair at Crown Jewel. It’s bound to be a fun match considering who’s involved, but the casual viewer has zero incentive to invest in the 30-year history between the two Hall of Famers who are rarely on WWE programming.

That said, when looking at the bad blood Hogan and Flair have had with each other dating back to their days in WCW, Hogan has rarely put over Flair. The Hulkster has reigned supreme in almost all of their encounters and based off the above odds, their latest clash at Crown Jewel will be no different.

Furthermore, Crown Jewel is basically a glorified house show, so in the matches that don’t matter as much, expect the good guys (including Team Hogan) to win.

Team Hogan’s captain Roman Reigns should be in line for a major push on SmackDown coming out of this event and thus a big win in Saudi Arabia would make the most sense.

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