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2019 LoL World Championship Quarterfinal Odds and Predictions

Matthew Hempstead

by Matthew Hempstead in eSports

Oct 22, 2019 · 9:50 AM PDT

Rekkles Emotional
Fnatic's Rekkles gets emotional after defeating RNG and advancing to the quarterfinals at Worlds 2019. Photo By @FNATIC (Twitter)
  • The bracket is set as the final eight teams of the League of Legends World Championship move on to the knockout stage
  • SK Telecom T1 are massively favored to advance to the semifinals over Splyce
  • This is the first year in Worlds history that all three European teams advanced out of the group stage

Only eight teams remain as the League of Legends World Championship advances into the quarterfinals. The group stage saw all three European and Korean teams advance into the knockout stage while North America was unable to get a single team through to the quarterfinals.

Griffin vs. Invictus Gaming Odds

Team Odds to Win Total
Team Griffin -169 U 4.5 (-250)
Invictus Gaming +141 O 4.5 (+181)

*All odds taken 10/22/19

The Rise of Griffin

Griffin was a bit of a question mark entering Worlds 2019, but after back-to-back wins over G2 Esports, Griffin looks like a team to be reckoned with. Back in the LCK, Griffin struggled in best-of-fives and ended up finishing second in both spring and summer to SKT. So although Griffin looked great in groups, their real test starts now.

Their opponents are the returning World Champions in Invictus Gaming. Although there was uncertainty as to the level that Rookie could perform, he’s shown that he’s still one of the best mid laners in the World. Invictus went 4-2 in the group with their only two losses coming to the third seed out of Korea, DAMWON Gaming. iG’s aggressiveness might be able to get the better of Griffin, but I think the second seed out of Korea gets some redemption in a best-of-five.

Pick: Griffin (-169), O 4.5 (+181)

FunPlus Phoenix vs. Fnatic Odds

Team Odds to Win Total
FunPlus Phoenix -154 U 4.5 (-196)
Fnatic +128 O 4.5 (+146)

Fnatic in Search of Back-to-Back Finals

FunPlus Phoenix had high hopes entering Worlds 2019. However, some shaky performances make it look like the Chinese team led by Doinb might not be as good as originally thought. FPX appeared nervous in their first time on the Worlds stage and those nerves will not be going anywhere as we move into the quarterfinals.

Fnatic has already pulled off a miracle run to make it into the top 8. They crushed the second seed out of China to snag the second spot in Group C, and now they have a chance to eliminate another team from the LPL.

Fnatic appears to have found what works for them and that’s keeping Rekkles on traditional AD Carries. I expect Fnatic to keep rolling and advance 3-1 over FPX.

Pick: Fnatic (+128), U 4.5 (-196)

SK Telecom T1 vs. Splyce Odds

Team Odds to Win Total
SK Telecom T1 -5000 U 3.5 (-263)
Splyce +1397 O 3.5 (+190)

A Tough Draw for Splyce

Of all the quarterfinals matches, this one is clearly the most one sided. Aside from a single loss to Fnatic, SKT absolutely ran over their group and are now the favorites to win Worlds. Splyce showed a lot of promise in the group stage, but they were in the weakest group of the four, and they dropped games to FPX and J Team.

Betting on Splyce would be ill-advised but there might be value in betting the “Over”. I do expect Splyce to be able to win a single game against SKT despite the top Korean team being so heavily favored.

Pick: SKT (-5000), O 3.5 (+190)

G2 vs. DAMWON Gaming Odds

Team Odds to Win Total
G2 Esports -137 U 4.5 (-238)
DAMWON Gaming +114 O 4.5 (+174)

G2’s Time to Shine

Leading up to the start of Worlds 2019, G2 Esports carried a lot of hype. They won both LEC titles in 2019 and are the reigning MSI champions. A lot of that hype has disappeared after they dropped a couple of games to Griffin. G2 has always excelled in best-of-fives so now’s the time to truly see what they’re made of.

DAMWON Gaming qualified through the play-in stage and after a loss to Lowkey Esports, DAMWON appeared to be weaker than expected. When the group stage started, that was disproven as they beat Invictus Gaming twice to take first in the group.

DAMWON’s solo laners of Nuguri and ShowMaker will make life difficult for G2 Esports, but the European squad should have a sizable bot lane advantage. Jankos has shown a great ability to track the enemy jungler and be in the right place at the right time. Now that the matches aren’t best-of-ones, G2 will be able to show off their creativity and there should be some interesting champions getting picked up. G2 might have ended the group stage on a low note, but I think that they’ll exhibit that they’re still Worlds contenders with a strong win over DAMWON.

Pick: G2 Esports (-137), U 4.5 (-238)

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