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Invictus Gaming Heavily Favored in LoL 2018 Winter Demacia Cup

Zack Bowker

by Zack Bowker in eSports

Dec 17, 2018 · 5:48 PM PST

Invictus Gaming
Invictus Gaming hoisting the 2018 World Championship trophy. Photo by @CORSAIR (Twitter)
  • Winter Demacia Cup taking place December 20-23
  • Will Invictus Gaming come out on top following their World Championship Win?
  • Will Royal Never Give Up once again trounce their rival?

Fresh off of winning the 2018 World Championship, Invictus Gaming looks to continue their winning ways to close out 2018 with the Winter Demacia Cup.

Taking place in China from December 20-23, the tournament showcases the best the LPL and LSPL has to offer.

LoL 2018 Winter Demacia Cup Odds

Teams Odds to Win Demacia Cup
Invictus Gaming +125
Topsports +450
RNG +450
Edward Gaming +700
SN Gaming +700
SinoDragon Gaming +1400
JD Gaming +1600
Rogue Warriors +2000

With Royal Never Give Up claiming the Summer leg of the Demacia Cup, they look to add another to their resume and sweep the year.

But Invictus Gaming look to put a damper on their plans, as they have looked unstoppable as of late, losing only four games in all of the World Championships on their way to hoisting the Summoner’s Cup, and taking home $2.4 million dollars in the process.

IG Ending the Year With a Statement Win?

All year Invictus Gaming has not only been a force in the LPL, but on the international stage as well.

Finishing 18-1 in both the Spring and Summer Splits, they dominated LPL play, seemingly only to fall to RNG in in the finals of each split. They head into the Winter Demacia Cup the favorite at +125 after coming off of their first World Championship win in Incheon, South Korea.

They walked all over their EU counterpart Fnatic, winning the series 3-0 in what ended up being the fastest World Finals in history.

After such a dominant performance it would be expected for them to be the favorites heading into the Demacia Cup, but I see the money being elsewhere as there has been a team that has had IG’s number all year long.

Royal Never Give Up: Invictus’ Kryptonite?

It’s well documented that Invictus seems to struggle to close it out when they play against their LPL rival Royal Never Give Up.

Led by the greatest ADC of all time in Uzi, RNG has been a team that has been great both in LPL play as well as internationally for many years.

RNG defeated Invictus to win LPL Spring Finals, as well as Summer Finals in the 2018 season. They were also able to beat IG 2-1 in the Winners Finals of the Summer Demacia Cup, in which RNG would claim the trophy over their Chinese rival.

Additionally, RNG was been able to add two more international titles this year, winning the Mid-Season International and Rift Rivals.

To put it simply, Royal Never Give Up have Invictus Gaming’s number in 2018. They have outplaced IG at every event other than Worlds, which is admittedly the biggest of the year.

But it does not change the fact that they have been the more consistent team in terms of placings in the 2018 season.

With the way the bracket is lined up, it looks like we are all but guaranteed a final between these two Chinese titans.

Will Invictus Gaming finally be able to beat Royal Never Give Up when it counts? Or will Uzi and his squad once again triumph over IG? My money is on the latter.

Pick: RNG (+450)

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